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2023 LCS Spring: Kim Berserker Min-cheol is the Only Player with Double-Digit KDA

After almost 2 months, the 2023 LCS Spring regular season is closing this coming weekend. There have actually been lots of standout entertainers throughout the split, but just one player has kept an excellent double-digit DA over the last 15 games: Clouds superstar advertisement lug Kim Berserker Mitchell.

Although he doesn’t have one of the most kills or the highest damage numbers in his course, his impregnable uniformity has actually allowed C9 to try out the schedule. The teams brand-new newbie Gang MENES Minor, for example, has taken over the mid-lane duty as well as has actually discovered family member success in the brief time that he’s remained in the organization.

The 19-year-old professional has been one of the fastest-rising gamers in the organization since he made his LCS launching in 2014, leading his function in numerous categories and pushing his group to new heights, consisting of a large victory at the 2022 LCS Championship.


This period, he has actually remained to wow fans as well as experts alike with his fearless gameplay, collecting a whopping 13.7 DA with 64 kills, 87 aids, and only 11 deaths, according to affordable League stats accumulated Oracles Potion. He also flaunts a 29.5 percent share of his teams complete kills with a diverse swimming pool of champ picks like Zero, Caitlyn, Lucian, as well as Ashe.

Looking in advance, Berserker has a difficult difficulty ahead in the type of Frequent, and also their superstar marksman Lee Prince Chauhan. The 22-year-old MVP front runner has been probably the most effective gamer in the LCS over the training course of the 2023 Spring Split, leading the organization with 88 kills over 15 video games.

Berserker and also Royal prince will collide following week when Frequent as well as C9 begin the last super week of the season on Wednesday, March 15.

The school escape puzzle game ESCAPE ACADEMY has exceeded 1 million players. Achieved a high reputation and achieved a large stand in about 4 months since its release

Developer COIN CREW GAMES announced on November 4 that the number of players in the escape games ESCAPE ACADEMY has exceeded 1 million. This work was released in July this year for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. After that, it was about four months.

ESCAPE ACADEMY is an escape puzzle game set in a school that trains escape games. Supports two-player cooperative play in solo play and local online. In this work, the player will be a new student in this school and aim to become the ultimate master of the escape game. The challenge of escaping from more than 12 kinds of rooms, designed by experts who handle actual escape games.

In each room, a wide variety of puzzles that twist their heads appear. Based on the surrounding hints, you can collaborate alone or in cooperation with your friends. In the school campus, there are unique teachers who are specialists in escape school, and there are some elements that allow them to deepen their friendship with them. Some teachers have a secret that no one knows.

This work has a stable evaluation of 79 (PC version) at metal score at Metacritic, a review accumulation site. Also, in Steam’s user review, 89%now has a very popular very popular status. While recording a lot of deep puzzles, gamers of all ages can be enjoyed at moderate difficulty, the abundance of the stage environment, the world full of humor, and the existence of characters. Such a high reputation may have led to the achievement of this total of 1 million players.

On the other hand, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players in the Steam version, about 300 people were recorded immediately after the launch, and it has been in the 1-2 digits (Steam db). It is the number of the person who played the Steam version at the same time, but it does not seem to be prosperous. On the Steam bulletin board, there are also writings for recruitment of cooperative play partners.

Nevertheless, the background of being played more than one million may be that this work is also provided for Xbox Game Pass. The numbers in this work are not published, but in Torn Banner Studios’s medieval battlefield action game CHIVALRY 2, more than 500,000 new players have won more than 500,000 players in just three days since they were provided to Xbox Game Pass. In the Spring loaded zoo-operated sim, Let’s Build A Zoo, more than 250,000 people have played through Xbox Game Pass in a week since the distribution. Of course, the situation will vary depending on the title, but it is not unusual for the Xbox Game Pass to call hundreds of thousands of players in a short period of time.

ESCAPE ACADEMY is distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox/PC Game Pass.

And on November 11, Japan time, the first DLC ESCAPE from Anti-Escape Island will be distributed. The DLC has added five new escape rooms set in tropical countries with the theme of summer vacation. It is said that further mysteries will be prepared in the world view of this work.

Smilegate, D & I room new… Minjung Baek appointed CDIO

[ Moon Byung-soo] Smile gate Group announced on the 20th that it has established the ‘Diversity & Inclusion (D & I)’ and appointed Back mid-Jun IP business manager as CIO (Chief diversity inclusion officer).

The company explained the background of the new D & I room, The desire to enjoy good content is not limited to borders, age, disability, and gender, and we want to respect the cultural diversity of countries around the world. In addition, IP and content that reflects D & I value will spread joy and hope, and realize Smile gate’s own Corporate Shared Value (CSV).


Back mid-Jun, who was appointed as a CIO, has been in charge of IP business and has led the IP diversification of Smile gate Group. He also served as the head of the ‘Future Lab’ center, which creates the ‘talent culture room’ in the group and the creative environment of future generations. Smile gate expects that Back’s appointment of CIO will be able to conceive the value of diversity and inclusion in the group culture and reflect it in the group IP.

Smile gate has recruited Lee Kyung-jin, an expert in D & I, to realize the D & I value and enhance competitiveness of Smile gate through D & I. Lee has served as ‘APAC Region D & I Leader’ in the global company EY, and formed a DIN (Korea Diversity and Inclusiveness Network) for the purpose of spreading D & I value that linked industry-academia, and focuses on co-founding members with co-founding members every month. It is in progress.

As a result, Smile gate became the first company to establish a separate D & I room in the Korean game industry and appoint a C-level organization. As the value of diversity and inclusion becomes more important in the world, global entertainment and game companies are systematically operating D & I-related organizations.

Back mid-Jun, Smile gate Group CIO, said, In many research results and actual work experience, inclusive environments and diversity play an important role in creating creative results. I want to be a smile gate that conveys pleasure to more people.

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