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Monster Development RPG “Coromon” to Nintendo Switch / PC released on March 31st. Domestic release is also scheduled

Publisher’s Freedom Games announced on January 21st, Monster Development RPG “ COROMON ” to be released on March 31st. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. This work supports Japanese language display. When the magazine contacted Publisher Freedom Games, the Nintendo Switch version also plans to develop domestic.

“Coromon” is an RPG that captures monsters called colonomons and developing adventurous while fostering. The stage of this work is the Berua region where many Colomons live. The player belongs to the mysterious tissue rax Solis as a CoromoTrainer of the new US. He is appointed to a special team called Titan Task Force, and it will be a task to investigate six Titan who will look at the name in the Berua region. However, while promoting the survey, a certain crisis is found. It can be seen that the power of the universe brings a mysterious element to the planet and is disturbing the world slowly. The player will collect Titan and Essence and struggle to restore the core of the damaged planet.

There are six types of biomes in the Belle region. We adventure the frozen ice field and dry desert zone, high-tech city or deep forest, and stop the whereabouts of Titan. In order to proceed with the search, the mystery element also appears. Based on the information given from tools and Luxe Solis you got, it seems that various puzzles will be challenged. In the search, we will fight with wild colonomics and trainers. Scrip the enemy’s stamina, make a condition abnormality, damage with various techniques and aim for victory.

This work can choose difficulty from easy, normal, hard, and berry hard options. Also, in addition to four different difficulty levels, you can use a randomizer to create your own gameplay. This work is also equipped with an online battle, and it is possible to fight friends and colonom. It seems that there is an element that aims for the rank of the world’s best CoromoTrainer. There are 120 types of colonomics that appear, and there will be a way of enjoying as a collection element. In addition to customizing your own trainer, you can allocate a specific status freely to customize Colomon.

Working with “Coromon” developers based in the Netherlands TRAGSOFT. This work has been developed since 2014, and it seems that “Pocket Monster” is affected by “Golden Sun” and “Zelda Legend”. In addition to collecting and fostering Colomons, it will be focused on search elements.

“Coromon” will be released on March 31 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. It is planned to be released in Japan for Japanese language. In the future, it seems to be released on mobile platforms.

Elder Scrolls Online: All station locations of Clockwork City

The Elder Scrolls Online has been released for many years and players have sued themselves back to one of the former DLC publications for the experience known as the Clockwork City. There is a specific element to which players flow again, and these are the Set Stations. These stations enable the players to produce unique items and sets (weapons and armor) and ultimately use the different craft materials that they have collected during the game. Within the Elder Scrolls Online, there are numerous set stations and in this guide article you will find details about all set station locations of Clockwork City, to which you can get on the way. Each card image in this article was taken from using the interactive ESP card that can be used here. That way, you can follow the article and the places will be clear to which you can travel.

Limited location of the Brass works set station – in the city of the movements

The first fixed station location is located in the Brass City itself. As can be seen in the picture above, Restricted Brass works is the name of the set station, and you can manufacture the respective Fortified Brass set from this particular station. To achieve the place, just go to Brass City and the entrance from the entrance along the tavern, turn left at the intersection and follow the path to the next section of Brass City.

From there, turn left after the first section on the left, and you are located at the location of this particular set station. You can use it now and make the armor, items and weapons you want.

Station site of the pavilion of craftsmanship

The next fixed station you want to find is the Pavilion of Artifice. This special set station allows you to establish armor, items and weapons in the Mechanical Acuity set. It is located near the center of the map of Clockwork City and can be easily controlled by traveling to the move from Clockwork Crossroads from which you can go south, and you will find the set station as shown in the picture.


Whether you are preparing for the fight against advertising or just planning a journey through Tamil, this set will help you with the other enormously.

Location of Refurbishing Yard Set Station

The next set station is northeast of the previous routine and is particularly close to the Welshman of Mire Mechanical, where the player can easily go to the left side of the moving scribe to find it as shown in the picture.

At this set station you can create weapons, items and armor from the Set Innate Axiom. There are several builds that you can use throughout the experience.

Will you use the set stations in the city of the movements this month?

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac and PC.

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