Nintendo announced on August 16 that it will add Wa Blace 64 to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. The scheduled additional date is August 19th.

Way Brace 64 is a jet ski game released for Nintendo 64 in 1996. Aim to overtake jet skiing and won the race on the waves. At that time, the racing on the water was drawn in the state-of-the-art graphics, including the expression of water. Later, a vibration pack compatible version was released, and the version has a ghost function.

As a development staff, Katsuya Eguchi, who has been involved in the Animal Crossing Series, is the director, and Mr. Kazuo Totaka, who is also composed by the Animal Crossing, is also in charge of music. Shinya Takahashi, who is currently the director of planning and production at Nintendo, is also in charge of the director of the work.

By the way, Wa Blace 64 is the first title released in Japan, but it is the second in the series worldwide. The first work was WAVE RACE in Game Boy in 1992 for Europe and the United States. In this work, a water boat race was drawn in 2D. The work may also be reprinted.


Nintendo’s official topic introduces articles and capture techniques published in the game magazine 64DREAM at the time. If you are worried, check the topic page. Way Brace 64 will be distributed on August 19 to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online.