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Is Vinland Saga Real? Exploring an Epic Viking Saga of War & Peace

Beyond a Viking etching of hack-y-slash, Vinland Saga is, in essence, a story about how to find peace at a time when the war queen supreme war.


Leif’s stories about a land that has not been touched by man’s disputes, a Valhalla on Earth, give Thor’s and Throwing the hope of new beginnings after their revelations against violence, but also have many questions: ¿
Is real Vinland in Vinland Saga?
We sail the seas in search of the answer so that you do not have to do it.

The truth about Vinland, explained

The idyllic and Vinland utopia described by Leif is very real., But as everything in life, it comes with its own complications and warnings.
Vinland is a treacherous oceanic trip of weeks in a land without established resources, a world of distance in an unexplored territory with its own dangers.
In his now legendary explorations, Leif ran into a giant earth mass full of ripe fruits and wavy plains.
Here, he built a cabin for himself and discovered that he was not completely intact, but was home to the native tribes known as the NU.
Leif, being the diplomatic traveler who is, became friends with the inhabitants and returned to Greenland with stories and goods as proof of his expedition.
Vinland itself is what we know today as Terra nova and Labrador de Canada, the most northeastern province in the country and the first natural landing point for any traveler who sailed from Greenland, as did the Nordic explorer of real life Leif Erikson around
year 1000.
More than a chimera, after meeting with Leif, the search to establish a new life in Vinland becomes the driving motivation of Throwing and his partner in the last parts of the manga and opens a completely new chapter of redemption for the once Fer oz Guerrero
as struggle to accept his violent past and his Pacific future.

That is the answer to whether Vinland is real or not in Vinland Saga.
As season 2 continues to develop, be sure to see more about this anime in the links below.
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Kirby and also the neglected land continues to brushed up in Japan with Nintendo Switch controling the top of sales

If you would like to know more regarding the last experience of the Hal Laboratory saga, remember that in 3D games you have offered our Kirby analysis and the neglected land, a 3D system evolution that is provided as one of the very best videogames of the franchise .

25 AMAZING Secrets ???? Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo Switch)

As for the gaming consoles, we participated in a couple of uniqueness, Nintendo Switch OLED stays the most effective model, with even more than 34,000 systems sold in the recently, followed by the initial version, which includes others 16,000 gaming consoles * *. PS5 manages to be made with the third location and greater than 10,000 units , complied with carefully by the Kyoto laptop, which brushes 10,000 Nintendo Switch Lite marketed. The family xbox series SUMA 4,000 gaming consoles **, being practically mainly, Xbox Series S.

Kirby is unstoppable! Our beloved pink round is not just sweeping all the objects with which you can soak up in Kirby as well as the failed to remember land, neither is it tasting to a japanese sales leading dominated by Nintendo Switch, with Elden Ring as the only note that moves far from the red color. With the exception of the title of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the Top 10 is comprised of those that have currently come to be the common among these listings, with The Tale of Zelda: Breath of the Wild really near to overcoming the 2 million units ** offered in Japan.

The rest of the top 10 of this previous week, released by Famitsu and also shared by Gematsu, which is entirely finished by Nintendo Switch as the incombustible Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Pet Crossing: New Horizons, which proceeds to stay after greater than 7 million units Sold , In enhancement to Minecraft, this yes, multiplatform, which has actually made Nintendo Switch its bastion in Japan with even more than 2 and also a half million units sold.

Batman Arkham Asylum: An Incredible HD Textures Pack Transform Gotham and Inhabitants

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a key superhero video games, and even if the title of Rocksteady Studios starts to date, we strongly advise you to lean. Especially since there is now a Pack of HD textures to put it back on the basis!


an unforgettable adventure that has (almost) not taken a ride

Out of almost 13 years ago, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, the first part of the Saga Batman: Arkham, marked a real turning point in the world of video game . Shortly after its launch, Batman: Arkham Asylum enters the story by offering a place in the Guinness Book of Records as “ Top-rated superhero game of all time by the specialized press “. The title of Rocksteady Studios and Eidos Interactive is rented by the press and by the players on all aspects, whether it’s gameplay, narration, and even dubbing work. It is considered not like the best Batman video game, but like the best video game of superhéros, and for cause:

The oppressive atmosphere of the island of Arkham, one of the most dangerous places of Gotham, is palpable throughout the adventure , especially since the card is limited to this place, making the asylum and its nearly claustrophobic surroundings. This is one of the elements that facilitates the storytelling of this opus, since the players are regularly rewarded by of the lore elements scattered around the four corners of the psychiatric hospital . In addition, the diversity of enemies is welcome, and we will particularly welcome the sequence of Survival Horror in the sewers where Killer Croc can arise at any time to crunch Batman . Even today, Batman: Arkham Asylum stands pretty well, but it is true that in a world where the technologies are in perpetual evolution, the graphics begin to get old. Fortunately, fans particularly attached to this title have thought of everything: **

Batman gets a new look with Asylum Reborn

Many players still hold in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and this is the case of Gpunity, the genius behind the ASYLUM REBORN HD textures pack. Help with a handful of collaborators, Gpunity shot down a titanic job of retouching a hundred textures to restore a young shot at the first opus of the Saga Batman: Arkham. Landscapes to the skin grain of the characters, the team has made a crazy trouble to improve the aspect of the game, including detailing the appearance of clothes. But that’s not all: In addition to this texture pack, The mod is accompanied by a Launcher allowing to unlock advanced graphics settings not accessible in the initial game . Between the depth of the field, the resolution of the shadows, and the filters, Batman: Arkham Asylum finds all his splendor, as you can see in the demonstrative video below:

If this HD texture pack makes your eye, Know that you can get it, as well as a complementary reshade to change the lighting, at this address and that it is suitable for STEAM versions, EPIC Games Store, and Game of the Year of the game. Choose the files that interest you among those offered, download them, and follow the instructions below to install it:

  • HD Textures Pack: Extract the files in the game folder. Remember to copy the folder “ COOKEDPC ” before installing the pack, which you can launch by clicking on The file “ Install HD Textures.bat “.
  • Launcher: Extract the files in the download folder. On Steam, right click on the game, go to the , then local files , and finally browse . In the file that will open, go to “ binaries “. Remember to make a copy of “ bmlauncher.exe ” before transferring downloaded files to the folder and replace ** those requested.

Once the Launcher installed, you can start the game from Steam and it will automatically pass by the new launcher. This is where you can select the option “ APPLY PACK FIX ” for Finalize the installation of the textures pack, and you will only have to start the game to admire the work of GPunity!


__Comforter Batman Arkham Asylum



7.88 €



3.00 €



14.08 €

All offers


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Dissea 6 announced for PC, PS5 and PS4 in a complete version with their DLC; Trailer and also details of the launch

At the minute the precise date for its best has not been commented, although on June 29 it will be a year from its original premiere in Nintendo Switch. The videogame included varied objection although mostly positive in between the specialized press. Likewise edited by Nis America will reach the end of the month, on February 22, Monark.

The sixth video game of the Veteran Japanese Saga unifies a mournful yet moving story with an insane tactical fight, while offering components never before seen in previous shipments of the franchise. “Because of this, both new as well as return gamers can develop a genuinely remarkable as well as special trip with Netherworld,” they market from Nis America in Steam.

Dissea 6: Defiance of Destiny will end its scoop with Nintendo Switch this next summertime. It will do it as Dissea 6 Complete , which as its name shows will certainly enable computer gamers, PS5 and also PS4 to enjoy the sixth shipment of the role saga in the firm of their downloadable web content launched during these months.

Disgaea 6 Complete - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

“Bends the wager and also obtain ready to delight in the unwrapped activity of the abyss with this calculated duty game of the geniuses of Nippon Ichi Software! This variation includes all the personalities as well as aesthetic components that were launched as downloadable material after the original best of the video game.

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