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WhatsApp Offers Huge Update with Vacation Mode Now Available

WhatsApp turned out a mega upgrade once more.
Individuals can eagerly anticipate the vacation mode and also various other new functions.
Dortmund-To usage video clips, images as well as messages, WhatsApp is a popular carrier application.

In order for it to stay in this way, the firm coming from meta always provides brand-new features through updates.


Now there are changes in the app again.
A large update is turned out at WhatsApp-with an advancement that users have actually been awaiting a long period of time.

WhatsApp launched brand-new upgrade: Practical operates for vacation triggered

The so-called vacation setting brings 2 brand-new functions for the customers.
An advancement worries the sending out of photos at WhatsApp in exclusive chats.
Up until now, customers have had the ability to send a maximum of 30 pictures at the same time.
Particularly vacationing you might intend to send out even extra recordings.
This ought to currently be feasible with the new update at WhatsApp, as the Within Digital innovation site explains.
Rather than 30 video clips and images, you can now send out up to 100 images in a message to the various other individual in WhatsApp chat.
The negative aspect needs to be felt with a little storage room.
Since more images generally additionally need even more area on the gadget.

Conversation archive or mute at whatsapp-big difference in between the features

As an alternative, the web version can be used on the computer by means of the web browser as well as the images can consequently be saved straight on the hard drive.
There is also a method to send out images of the unique view of WhatsApp (more news on electronic subjects at ).
With the new update, the world-famous US business has actually also modified and also adjusted the alternative to archive chats.
If you desire to place your cell phone apart vacationing and do not desire to be interrupted by messages, you can move the conversation.
The choice Talks in the Archive option banishes the entertainment on the homepage completely.
To archive a chat, you as a user need to hold your finger on the start web page for a number of secs throughout the proper discussion and afterwards click the now understood sign of a box as well as an arrow down, which appears in the top edge.
A different offers the mute of chats or teams in WhatsApp-but with a decisive distinction.

New function at WhatsApp: Take care when sending documents

While the new messages still appear when switching, you can just see the message by moving if you click in the folder with the archived discussions.
On top of that, the conversation over the archive is completely removed from the homepage and not just for a specified time, as holds true when changing.
Entirely brand-new because of the brand-new WhatsApp upgrade is the possibility to classify files before sending, clarifies HNA.de.
This directly ensures even more order on the mobile phone and also the recipient knows which document it is.
Users need to be careful when it comes to sending personal documents.
Time and again offenders utilize the Carrier WhatsApp for perfidious scams stitches, for instance by wishing to obtain personal data making use of uncertain messages.
For that reason, care is still advised when sending papers as well as other files.

Protect Yourself from Consistent WhatsApp Fraud: How Hackers & Criminals Are Targeting Users

Hackers and fraudsters are developing more and more sophisticated stitches to attack WhatsApp users.

So also with this latest technology.
Munich-WhatsApp uses almost everyone-in Germany and in many other countries.
For millions of users, it is obvious that many criminals and fraudsters also strive to get users’ data from the Messenger, which belongs to the Facebook company Meta.
A new fraud stitch is particularly tough-it attacks the users in their sleep, reports Merkur.de.

Anger WhatsApp fraud-criminal hacking user account while sleeping

UK Abraham clarifies on Twitter about the new tactics of fraudsters.
He is a security expert and co-founder of the smartphone security company Cops.
He writes: The last takeovers of WhatsApp accounts are simple and ingenious at the same time. The victim usually sleeps when the perpetrators strike.
And this is how the trick works: The hacker starts trying to log into the Consumer’s WhatsApp account with the mobile phone number.
This triggers the two-step authentication.
You get an SMS with a safety key.
Because the victim sleeps, nothing happens to it (more digital news at ).
But the hacker has a different plan anyway: he clicks on the Received call option.
Just like the SMS, the call does not reach the WhatsApp user, but only the mailbox.


Abraham: At night only the mailbox goes, the code is still talking on the tape.

WhatsApp account in danger: victims must take measures immediately

The hacker tries to listen to the mailbox to get to the code.
Unfortunately, most of the mailboxes are poorly secured, for example, as a code, have the last four digits of their own telephone number, which the fraudsters already have.
As soon as you are in the WhatsApp account, you will set up a new two-step authentication.
Now follows the last step of the plan: The hacker can load a virus onto the smartphone or blackmail money from the mobile phone user.
And what can you do about it?
Abraham advises setting an individual pin code at the Mailbox and set a pin code for the two-factor authentication of WhatsApp.
There is also good news from WhatsApp, because the messenger refines its functions: in the future, chats can be searched in a very specific way, for example.
Rubric list picture: © Photo/Imago

D.G.L. – Got WhatsApp Message with Number Code 1437


Was yesterday, now we write in 1437. Anyone who has sent this number code at WhatsApp can be happy.
We reveal the meaning.
Dortmund-News in Messenger and keep changing.
Sometimes it is the emoji overload that is announced at WhatsApp, sometimes restraint is offered, sometimes old relics are excavated, which consist only of colon points and brackets.
And now there are numbers codes that are sent in meaning.
But what is behind it?

1437 in a WhatsApp message: The meaning of the number code is romantic

The times of H.D.G.D.L.
are long over.
But that does not mean that messages we receive from WhatsApp are less cryptic.
These days, users of the messenger service could be surprised by messages in the number format.
The content is then only: 1437.

Every number stands for the number of letters of a word behind it, explains Future zone.
This information alone will probably help users, because the possibilities that words are now behind the digits are still varied.
The resolution:

Numbers on WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok: I love you forever simply encrypted

So if you only get a WhatsApp message with the code 1437, you have a reason to be happy.
The chat partner wants to express: I love you forever so I love you forever.
According to the Future zone, this way of expressing its feelings has established itself primarily in social networks such as TikTok and Instagram.
In order to express his feelings without words, there are other numbers codes that WhatsApp users should know (more digital news at ).

Send number codes at WhatsApp: 637 and 14344 should express love

The code 637 works according to the same principle and stands for Always and Forever.
I love you very much (I love you very much) can be expressed at 14344.
According to another principle, but no less romantic, the number code 381 is broken down.
He stands for I love you (I love you).
Unlike before, the digits are not in the words for the number of letters.
The numbers stand for three words, eight letters and one meaning.
Rubric list picture: © Imago/Wolfgang Maria Weber;

WhatsApp Unveils New Photo Feature to Solve Specific Problem

The Messenger WhatsApp announces a new function for photos.
This feature should finally solve a very specific problem.
Dortmund-whether after a family celebration or after the vacation-mostly, you have recorded countless memories in cell phone photos.
The sending of the many memories of his contacts can take a little longer.
WhatsApp now has a solution ready.

WhatsApp gets a new photo function: Problem when sending photos should be solved

Again and again the free Messenger WhatsApp smartphone owner is surprised with new features, which should ensure improved use of the app.
Finally, the function of self-extinguishing photos was added.
Now a problem is to be solved when sending a variety of photos.
Because so far it is only possible to send up to 30 photos via WhatsApp at the same time.
If you want to share more pictures, a new swing must be selected to pictures.
But often you quickly lose track of which photos have already been sent.

So you send pictures and videos twice and triple.
In the future, WhatsApp wants to avoid this problem with a new function (more about digital at ).

New photo function enables users send up to 100 pictures and videos at the same time

Because soon WhatsApp users should be able to send significantly more photos and videos on a train.
As Inide-digital.de reports, entire photo albums can be sent to other users with the new feature.
Up to 100 photos and videos can then be selected at once and sending within a message at the same time.
This will particularly look forward to vacationers and hobby photographers.
It is not yet clear when the update will be available for all messenger users.
So it is worth keeping your eyes open to possible app updates.
Another problem is fake accounts on WhatsApp that pretend to be a company.


To remedy this consumer deception, WhatsApp introduced a green hook, as Merger explains.
Rubric list picture: © yay images/imago

E3 2022 officially canceled completely canceled

After the E3 was completely failed in 2020, the organizer ESA had set at least a digital variant on the next year, which did not arrive as badly at the audience. Who was looking forward to a repetition of the event this year, we have to disappoint now. Because as already evidenced in rumors, there will be no E3 2022. This was confirmed by the organizer now against the media.

The second complete loss within three years should not mean death shock for the struck fair. But on the contrary. The organizer now wools all available and free resources to concentrate on the year 2023 and then connect the digital with the physical form. So the visitors should come full on their costs and at the same time the viewers should be able to participate in a digital form.

Official statements about E3 cancellation

For the cancellation, the Testainment Software Association has written an official statement.

E3 wants return in 2023 with a reinvigorated showcase that Celebates New and Exciting Video Games and Industry Innovations.

We Previously Announced That E3 Would not be hero in person in 2022 Due to the Ongo Health Risks Surrounding Covid-19. TODAY, WE ANNOUNCE THAT THERE WILL BE NO DIGITAL E3 ShowCase in 2022.

INSTEAD, We Will Devote All OUR Energy and Resources to Delivering A Revitalized Physical and Digital E3 Experience Next Summer. Whether Enjoyed From The Show Floor Or Your Favorite Devices, The 2023 Showcase Will Bring the Community, Media, And Industry Back Together to All-New Format and Interactive Experience.

We Look Forward to Presenting E3 to Fans Around The World Live FROM LOS ANGELES IN 2023.

In German:
The E3 will return in 2023 with a redesigned trade fair that celebrates new and exciting video games and industry innovation.

E3 2022 is Officially CANCELLED!! Here's Why...
We have already announced that the E3 in 2022 will not personally take place in 2022 in connection with Covid-19 health risks. Today we announce that there will be no digital E3 fair in 2022.

Instead, we will use all our energy and resources to offer a new physical and digital E3 experience next summer. Whether you enjoy the E3 on the live on-site or on your favorite equipment from home, the E3 2023 will bring the community, the media and industry in a completely new format and interactive experience.
We look forward to presenting the fans around the world the E3 in 2023 live from Los Angeles.

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Shadow Warrior 3 Finally Date Your launch: Take the first 2 games of the saga if you reserve it

After expecting patiently since its delay, the next title published by Return Digital, Shadow Warrior 3, finally has an official launch date. The next March 1 , we can go to the savage and bloody world of this delivery, with a pre-sale offer perfect for all the firsts to the world of Shadow Warrior.

You will receive an aspect for your Katina if you reserve the game The confirmation of the date was courtesy of the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores, themselves that reveals information about some rewards when booking the game. According to official descriptions, the Pre-sale Bundle will give you Shadow Warrior 1, Shadow Warrior 2, and a limited edition look for your Katina in Shadow Warrior 3.


It is worth mentioning, that Steam did not reveal the same information present in Sony and Microsoft stores, so we still can not rule out the possibility that the title reaches PC on a different day, or that it will not offer The same pre-sale rewards.

For those who do not know the title, Shadow Warrior 3 is an FPS that puts us in the shoes of Wang , who has the mission of facing a dragon that he liberated from his prison. To achieve this, we will visit several locations around the world, and we will be accompanied by Gore, surrealist weapons, and a lot of action.

In addition to many weapons , Shadow Warrior 3 will present many varied enemies, and we will have to sacking them (literally), if we want to advance through history, which will last approximately 8 hours, according to the words of return digital.

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