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Splatoon 3 will be held before the release of the Eve Festival! You can also experience the Trikara Battle that competes at the same time at the same time

Nintendo’s information public event Splatoon 3 Direct was held on August 10, 2022. The company has released the latest information on the Nintendo Switch shooter Splatoon 3 .

In this announcement, the Splatoon 3, which allows you to experience Splatoon 3 prior to the release on September 9, will be held from 9:00 to 21:00 on August 28. What you can experience at the eve is a festival match in which all players are divided into three powers and battle.

Since the guide Surimi Union is a trio, the theme to be presented has increased to 3. Votes on one of the three subjects, form a team with four friends of the same power and play against the opponent, and the final result is determined whether the win or loss of all battles will win.

The theme of the eve is Which is the strongest? Goo vs. VS Choki **.

The festival is a two-part system, and in the first six hours in the first half, we will play with the classic Nawabari Battle, but in the six hours in the second half, the new three teams battle at one time Trial Battle may occur. The details will be introduced later, so let’s look forward to it.


The free reservation for Splatoon 3 Mae Festival will start today on August 10, and will be downloaded in order after August 18. The software has been launched since August 25, and voting for tutorials and festivals is possible. It is a good idea to prepare before the actual performance.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included) for the package version, and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version.

Finest Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes

5. One Tap Battle-6031-6088-2046.


8th. 1v1-SHD-8685-4493-3723.

4. Headshot Just Boxing (Ahead) -1239 -8960 -3295.

This is the kind of card you ought to utilize to display your true skills as whatever is one-shot, one-kill. Whatever you obtain hit by, no issue how you obtain hit, you’re one rejected, which can be exceptionally stressful. Especially if you’re a player with a higher skill cap than many, unless you land a few unlucky hits prior to the round is over, this can be the best method to show off your real Fortnite skills.

This is one of the most interesting maps you can find if you’re all set to show off simply exactly how good a shotgun you really are. Especially because the only damages you can inflict on your challenger is a headshot by making use of the Onward Shotgun , you’ll need to see to it you prepare to hop, crouch, and trickshot around this map to lead triumph. Other weapons are not permitted, so ensure to show off your shotgun skills.

Inspect out this card if you desire to show off your skill with any type of tool. Embed in the neon-laden PACMAN arena, you’ll require to show your true may with every weapon as it’s a different One-Shot, One-Kill location. Prepare on your own as you make your method into this level from the tiniest to the most significant tool and remember what obtained you below to begin with: your outstanding skills with all weapons in Fortnite!

If you desire to lead your battle The Block , you ought to check out this map. Considering that it’s in Innovative Setting , you can craft your excellent battleground, allowing for unmatched modification before heading into battle. Specifically considering that the only damage you can inflict on your opponent is a headshot by making use of the Forward Shotgun , you’ll require to make sure you’re ready to hop, crouch, and trickshot around this map to lead triumph. Set in the neon-laden PACMAN sector, you’ll need to show your real may with every tool as it’s a different One-Shot, One-Kill place. If you’re looking for methods to ensure you survive these perilous situations, be certain to check out our Fortnite Guides area , where we provide you ideas and also tricks on the finest controller and also keyboard/mouse setups to utilize You can utilize, as well as the finest means to obtain better at the game.

Finest 1v1 maps in Fortnite.

And there we have them, 10 of the very best 1v1 maps currently offered in Fortnite! If you’re searching for ways to ensure you make it through these dangerous scenarios, make sure to take a look at our Fortnite Guides section , where we give you suggestions and also techniques on the finest controller and also keyboard/mouse setups to utilize You can utilize, as well as the most effective means to improve at the game. If you’re playing the Battle Royale portion of the game then make certain to examine out Exactly how to finish the weekly pursuits and why you should think about the July Staff Pack as there are some brilliant rewards!

9. FPS 200+ | 1v1– 4154-2792-1713 .

Before starting your fight, you can edit this map to your heart’s web content to develop the ideal battleground to solve a problem. If you’re trying to keep things barren, you can do simply that so you can proceed your conquest to become the best Fortnite player and also show off your skills on the ground instead of having to construct to make it through. Good, particularly when you have a very specific beef to resolve.

2. Block Crash-1246-5584-9608.

Fortnite is readily available currently on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Change, iOS, Android and also computer.

An additional basic looking map that you’re pleased to have discovered as the absence of detail enables you to press your PC or console to the limitations of their framerate. You’ll be able to relocate faster than ever currently that everything is going as efficiently as possible due to the lack of details. It’s just you versus the adversary, so as previously, you’ll need to see to it you’re all set to do whatever you need to do to make it through.

If you desire to lead your fight The Block , you ought to inspect out this map. Given that it’s in Creative Mode , you can craft your best battlefield, enabling for extraordinary personalization before heading into battle.

You’ll desire to understand the ideal area to take your problems if you’re looking to resolve some beef or challenge a friend to a duel Forteen Days . Because you might not obtain the ideal opportunity of defeating your challenger when playing in a typical battle royale match, you must obtain your hands on the very best 1v1 cards currently readily available in the video game, ie allow’s obtain directly to meat and potatoes and provide you 10 of the finest 1v1 maps in Fortnite .

10. 1v1 Buildfights (Water) 1866-3363-1471.

3. PACMAN Field Round GG– 6709-9814-5205.

Leave every little thing at the door when obtaining into this match type due to the fact that you’ll have a crowd watching your every step. You can construct, create and make this map your own while being under the stress of observers watching your every move. If you wish to show off your skills to your close friends, you should provide this map a shot as they can all see as you get or eliminate eliminated against your greatest opponent.

1. Perfect 1v1 Card (900 Mats & Spectators) -1085 -5924 -4814.

6. Best 1v1 card in Creative-8099-9117-2653.

While this might be a stealthily simple looking map, there’s no place you or your opponent can conceal as well as run. You require to build to make it through, so not only can you display your gunplay skills, but if you’re a gifted home builder you can brag that little bit extra and build the most effective tower feasible prior to obliterating your opponent on the front of the map. You have to do your finest to endure right here.

If you want to demonstrate how well you recognize the settings in Fortnite, this is something else. Instead than going head-to-head, you must strategize and also figure out the very best way to ruin the ground underneath your challenger’s feet and also send them tumbling down right into the lava pit that exists under them. Ensure you prepare to get your hands on some big weapons before leaping into this suit and also await some sweaty activity.

7. 1v1 Zonewars– 9595-3601-6347.

If you think you need a little back-up, you can bring your finest teammates to assist you in this battle. Be prepared to take on any person and also anything as you hop right into this map that is regularly updated and also moved right into different codes.

Kim Tae-jin Global Game Leap … Be sure to confirm the potential of Mr.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] “Yoon’s top goal is a more firm leap to a global game company. To this end, we will confirm the potential of EN in the world through a variety of new ones developed in a new way such as” Open R & D “. “

Kim Tae-jin said, on the 30th,

You've heard of Wordle, try Globle #shorts (Guess the country)

Kim said, “He is creating an open R & D key to actively accept and reflects global customer needs from the early stages of development.” Opening R & D is a way that NCsoft offers a synergy through an external network, such as an external network, such as a user, expert,

Previously, the company has noticed that since last year, we recognize the crisis sensitively to strengthen the crisis and strengthen the market leadership through technology innovation.

The new ones under development in accordance with the open-formed R & D direction are also present in the market. In particular, ‘Tsuron Anti Bati (TL)’, aimed at global launch in the second half of this year, will be a leader. TL is a full 3D graphics-based massive multi-neoprocessing role that can play in PC and console as a game (MMORPG). In addition, “Lineage W”, who won the domestic and Asian markets, is expected to release in North America.

Recently, multiple projects released through teaser images are also globally directed. Previously, NCsoft introduced a video such as “Project E”, which had the same oriental color that TL and the world view. Unlike the previous part of the development of development, it is a strategy to show relevant information from the beginning of the development depending on the open type R & D keynote.

Kim Tae-jin said, “It is the development of various genres such as Action Battle Royal, Collecting RPG, and Interactive Movie, as well as” KRW Battle Royal, Cathering RPG, Interactive Movie, “said, I would like to make a big and spacious world. “

NCsoft emphasized that efforts have been continuing for the dominant structure transparency and shareholder value improvement. The company was the first ‘ESG Management Committee’ for the first time in the domestic game company in 2021. In addition, we also earned the most excellent evaluation rating from the global ESG evaluation agency.

The dividend tendency is maintaining more than 30% since 2014, and we plan to share 30% of net profit of net profit by 2024. The total amount of dividend this year is 121 billion won (5,860 won per share). In addition, it is not so separately from dividends, emphasized that he is also going to acquire his stock every time.

NCsoft also conducted a large-scale magnetic stock in Last year, and the total amount of 2021 dividend amounts and the amount of self-stock acquisition amount was about W300bn. This is the company’s lateral explanation of the highest level of shareholder reduction in the domestic and overseas homes and policies.

Kim Tae-jin said, “We will listen to the opinions of shareholders, customers, and organizational members, and will try to improve corporate value,” he said, “We will have a strong challenge and continue to be a more powerful challenge.” said.

On the other hand, at the general meeting of the shareholder, the commissioning of financial statements ▲ An approval of the financial statements ▲ Senior Non-Business Director ▲ Auditor’s election ▲ In addition, the number of five consecutive agendas is a total of five agendas.

Nintendo Switch (TM) Card Battle RPG “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” New Edition “Legendary Edition” will be released from March 24 (Thu) today!

Cygames Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Segemes, Headquarters: Headquartered, Representative Director), Cygames, Inc. In the title “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”, we will notify you that the new edition “Legendary Edition” has started sales from March 24 (Thursday).

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition”

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is a set of “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” Game, and DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legend Card” is a set, and sales price 2,530 yen (tax included) and easy to seek It is a product.

  • Name: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition

  • Planned price: 2,530 yen (tax included)

  • Release Date: March 24, 2012 (Thu)
  • Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM
  • Contents of recording
    · “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” game main story
    · DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Card”

※ This story is the same as “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” released November 5, 2020.
※ This product does not come with “ShadowVerse” bonus serial code “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Set”.
※ Premium rare card (first time bonus limited specification) “Dark Dragoon Forte” is not included in this product.
※ Use of online play requires subscription to “Nintendo Switch Online” (for a fee).
※ With the launch of the Legendary Edition, the production of the normal version of the package version and the sale of the download version have ended.

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”

“- Now, the battle of you evolves!”
“Shadow Birth Champions Battle” is a Card Battle RPG on the world of TV anime “Shadow Bath”. The player will be the main character, and we will carry out the original story set in Teno Gakuen with the characters familiar with TV animation. It is full of elements that can enjoy hot battle with rivals and friends with friends, such as special summoning production and original cards.

# DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legend Card”

“Premium Path” is an item that can be used in the “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” network battle, and rewards that can be acquired at each season level of battle path are added and luxurious.
“Premium Pass Legendary Card + 10 Level” included in this product is a powerful “legendary card” when the points needed to raise the season level are pre-granted and raising the season level. It is a DLC that can earn luxurious rewards.

[Legendary card that can be acquired]

Shining Valkly
Class: Elf

Legend Sword Commander
Class: Royal

Seven’s Force Sorcerer
Class: Witch

Infinite Flame Dragon
Class: Dragon

Dead Soul Taker
Class: Necromancer

Abyssdem Road
Class: Vampire

Imperial Saint
Class: Bishop

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” Product Information

Title: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition From: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Main Edition / Premium Path + 10 Level Legendary Card Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM Genre: Card Battle RPG Play Number of People: One Person (2 People: 2) Packages Version Hopes Retail Price: 2,530 yen (tax included) Download Sales price: 2,530 yen (tax included) Release date: March 24, 2022 (Thu) CERO: B Development: Cygames Co., Ltd. official site: httpsbattle.jp / rights notation: (C) Cygames, Inc.

Nintendo Switch “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” released. High rating games are cheap and DLC set

Cygames launched “ Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition ” on March 24th. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch. The price is the package version and the download version including tax included 2530 yen. The same work is the inexpensive version of “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”.

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle” is a game based on the anime “Shadow Bath”. An original story set up in Teno Gakuen with the familiar characters in TV animation will be unfolded. The original animation version is a content that can also enjoy the boy and girl, and the story is also simple. On the other hand, the effect and the game play surface inherit the attractiveness of the smartphone version. The operating surface is optimized for Nintendo Switch, and the game tempo is also light. There are both flashy and comfort. The same work has been released from Xseed Games, but the alpine version of the review integrated site Metacritic Metascore is 82. The user score is 8.4 and high levels, and the game content is highly evaluated at home and abroad.

The “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” released this time is the game content is the same as “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”. However, the price is set cheaply, and the “premium path + 10 level legendary card” of DLC is included. The same DLC is an item that can be used in the network battle, and a reward that can be acquired at each season level of the battle path is added.

25 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games to Look Forward to in 2022

When the points needed to raise the season level are pre-granted, it is possible to raise the season level to earn luxurious rewards including powerful legendary cards. It is a so-called battle path. The same DLC is sold for a single item for 3000 yen. “Shadow Bath His Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is a fairly bargain because of 2530 yen. If you are concerned about this work, you will be good to consider purchasing.

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is on sale from March 24 to Nintendo Switch.

How to finance armored combat bus in Fortnite

One of the recently added features to the main game Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is the armored battle bus. Unlike other game items, the armored combat bus will be available to players only after receiving a sufficient amount of funds with the help of gold ingots from the community. To finance the armored battle bus, you need to jump on one of the financing stations and pay a commission in the amount of Gold ingots .

Where is the Financing Station in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

There are several replenishment stations on the current map. We recommend that you jump in Station Sinaps For ease of location, as right outside the main building.

We will update the image with all the financing places in the course of the season.

Financing of the armored combat bus in Fortnite

Before finance a bus at the financing station, you will need to collect many gold ingots in your environment. You can accumulate gold bars from any famous Poi , Lutboxes and even from dead enemies . After gathering, interact with the financing station and donate as much as you want, in Package from 50 .

Once funding reaches 100% You can find and manage an armored combat bus from POI, occupied by resistance .

To learn more about Fortnite, see Where to find Omni chips in Fortnite or How to manage Tank in Fortnite in Pro Game Guides.

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