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The school escape puzzle game ESCAPE ACADEMY has exceeded 1 million players. Achieved a high reputation and achieved a large stand in about 4 months since its release

Developer COIN CREW GAMES announced on November 4 that the number of players in the escape games ESCAPE ACADEMY has exceeded 1 million. This work was released in July this year for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. After that, it was about four months.

ESCAPE ACADEMY is an escape puzzle game set in a school that trains escape games. Supports two-player cooperative play in solo play and local online. In this work, the player will be a new student in this school and aim to become the ultimate master of the escape game. The challenge of escaping from more than 12 kinds of rooms, designed by experts who handle actual escape games.

In each room, a wide variety of puzzles that twist their heads appear. Based on the surrounding hints, you can collaborate alone or in cooperation with your friends. In the school campus, there are unique teachers who are specialists in escape school, and there are some elements that allow them to deepen their friendship with them. Some teachers have a secret that no one knows.

This work has a stable evaluation of 79 (PC version) at metal score at Metacritic, a review accumulation site. Also, in Steam’s user review, 89%now has a very popular very popular status. While recording a lot of deep puzzles, gamers of all ages can be enjoyed at moderate difficulty, the abundance of the stage environment, the world full of humor, and the existence of characters. Such a high reputation may have led to the achievement of this total of 1 million players.

On the other hand, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players in the Steam version, about 300 people were recorded immediately after the launch, and it has been in the 1-2 digits (Steam db). It is the number of the person who played the Steam version at the same time, but it does not seem to be prosperous. On the Steam bulletin board, there are also writings for recruitment of cooperative play partners.

Nevertheless, the background of being played more than one million may be that this work is also provided for Xbox Game Pass. The numbers in this work are not published, but in Torn Banner Studios’s medieval battlefield action game CHIVALRY 2, more than 500,000 new players have won more than 500,000 players in just three days since they were provided to Xbox Game Pass. In the Spring loaded zoo-operated sim, Let’s Build A Zoo, more than 250,000 people have played through Xbox Game Pass in a week since the distribution. Of course, the situation will vary depending on the title, but it is not unusual for the Xbox Game Pass to call hundreds of thousands of players in a short period of time.

ESCAPE ACADEMY is distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox/PC Game Pass.

And on November 11, Japan time, the first DLC ESCAPE from Anti-Escape Island will be distributed. The DLC has added five new escape rooms set in tropical countries with the theme of summer vacation. It is said that further mysteries will be prepared in the world view of this work.

The cycle: Frontier in the test: competitors for getaway from Tarkov?

We did not meet any cheaters in the test, yet you read the corresponding reports from influenced players on Reddit. Nothing has changed in the standard gameplay considering that the beta (right here you read our sneak peek), The Cycle: Frontier is still a getaway shooter in the design of escape from Tarkov in area. According to Yager, every season is performed a clean in which the inventory of all players is completely cleared. This need to ensure that there is always something to do.


The PVPVE shooter The Cycle: Frontier has been readily available on Vapor as well as Epic since June 8, 2022, developed by Yager, the developers of Spec Ops: The Line. The beta of the video game was well obtained, even if it sometimes ran rough. And what did the pre-season of the game appear like? It was more of an open beta, the Aesthetic Shop has now been opened up, however the Season Pass was not yet offered. Some bugs as well as web server problems from the beta still existed, wherein we particularly discovered Lagspikes. If this pre-season existed to test the security of the game before the initial season begins, all of this looks as.

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1. 1.1.1 to Fortuna III
2 1.2 Just how do I make it through the journey to Fortuna III?
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1. 2.1 où est jeff?

2. 2.2 The future of The Cycle: Frontier
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1. 3.1 Trug Steam Reviews
2. 3.2 is truly Pay 2 Win?
3. 3.3 The appeal of the video game
4. 3.4 fazit.
4. Page 4bildergalerie for The cycle: Tarkov in space? The shooter of Yager in the examination.

  1. Open.

As a prospector, obviously, you do not have the safest task, storms and beasts are still our smallest problem. Due to the fact that: As quickly as you get on Fortuna listed below, the regulation everybody uses. Various other miners attempt to shed our target with a great deal of weapon violence. As well as if you don’t provide products, you will not be paid.

In order to make our soldier, we need to go to the supposed Evac Details, which are significant red on the map. There we request the collection by spaceship that brings us to the station, which is referred to as the Possibility Terminal.

By the method: Our entry-level tips for The Cycle: Frontier will certainly help you begin the shooter perfectly! .

back to Fortuna III.

Exactly how do I endure the journey to Fortuna III?

To the gallery to the homepage.

The PVPVE shooter The Cycle: Frontier has actually been offered on Heavy steam and also Epic since June 8, 2022, created by Yager, the designers of Spec Ops: The Line. All of this looks as if this pre-season existed to check the stability of the game before the first season starts.

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Page 4bildergalerie for The Cycle: Tarkov precede? Yager’s shooter in the test.

Nothing has changed in the fundamental gameplay because the beta (here you review our sneak peek), The Cycle: Frontier is still a retreat shooter in the design of retreat from Tarkov in space. Page 4bildergalerie for The cycle: Tarkov in room? The vivid design of the game is misleading, because The Cycle: Frontier is pitiless.

Page 2 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 2.

The vibrant style of the video game is deceptive, since The Cycle: Frontier is unflinching. All monsters cause massive damage, as opposed to our newbie tools. The maroders, the most effective aliens that we strike under normal problems, are especially strong.

To endure, we have to consider a whole lot and also very first see that The Cycle is not a shooter like any type of various other. We need to just shoot when it is truly essential, because shots can be become aware of a large range and also players who get on the target of others are guaranteed to be attracted.

Page 3 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 3.

Page 1 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 1.

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