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The model of Pokemon is Chiba or Yokohama, or Odawara. Official video can confuse the community

Pokemon Co., Ltd. announced on August 22 that the battle world competition World Championships (WCS) for next year’s Pokemon will be held in Yokohama. As the community is excited about the tournament of the tournament, some Pokemon trainers seem to be appalled by the announcement. It is a production that suggests that the model of Kuchiba City is Yokohama.

Pokemon (Pokemon) is a popular RPG series that captures and nurtures Pokemon and aims to become a Pokemon master through battles. The world of this work is divided into regions, and every time a new work is released, it is customary that new regions are the main. For example, the first-generation Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu is set in the Kanto region modeled on the Kanto region of Japan. In subsequent works of generations, regions modeled on domestic geography and culture, such as the Jout region that reflect the Kinki and Chubu regions, and the Hoen region based on Kyushu. After the Pokemon Black White, overseas areas such as the United States and France have become motifs.

When the maps in each region in Pokemon are overlapped with the local maps of the actual model, it can be seen that the area is strongly reflected. In addition, the city that appears in the game has been strongly considered that the name and characteristics of the real place may be reflected. In the Canto region, it is thought that the city, Yamabukiti, which is the center of the region, is conscious of the Tokyo Metropolitan Mental Club.

Map of the actual Kanto region

It is clear that the Canto region models the Kanto region in Japan to some extent. However, there are extremely few official mentions for each city in the game and the real models of landmarks. Therefore, there are various theories in the consideration of fans. As an example, the Kuchiba City in the Can Tho region is located in the area of Chiba Prefecture, which is a real Chiba prefecture, and the Chiba Port model theory is rich in geography. On the other hand, there is an opinion that Yokohama Port is a model based on the setting of an international port town where luxury cruise ships also come. You can also think that the elements of Yokohama Port have been incorporated based on the area around Chiba Port. In any case, the idea that the bass of Kuchiba City is Chiba was also influential among fans.

However, the official side of Pokemon has thrown a stone in this idea, and some fan communities are currently boiling. The trigger was a video at the WCS closing ceremony, a Pokemon battle world competition. The tournament has long been held in overseas regions, mainly in the United States. From WCS 2020, it was held in London, England. At today’s WCS 2022 closing ceremony, it was announced that the next tournament will be Yokohama in Japan. There was a moment of attention in the presentation video.

In this video, the play video of the first generation Pokemon was projected. The protagonist walks is the cityscape of Kuchiba City, which is nothing but the other. When the screen is darkened, the word Vermilion City appears. However, the character was immediately canceled and replaced with the YOKOHAMA letter. The audience responded to this with loud cheers, and Junichi Masuda, an important person to develop the Pokemon series, shared the situation on his Twitter account.

And the announcement was one stone in the Kuchiba City = Chiba Prefecture theory. On the map of Pokemon, Kuchiba City is clearly located around the peninsula modeled on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. Yokohama, on the other hand, is a city located on the opposite bank across the sea. Nevertheless, the production of Yokohama is the name of Yokohama, which is the name of Kuchiba City, and the Yokohama is intended to suggest that Yokohama is Yokohama.

In addition, in the video, a star mark is hit on the map of Japan, indicating the next venue. However, the mark is not in Chiba or Yokohama. It is around the border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures. Speaking of the city, is it around Atami City to Odawara? If you model this, Kuchiba City will become a hot spring town like Houen region. Although it is an attractive location, the luxury cruise ship Santo Anne will not be anchored.

These shocking images have been resonated by fans on SNS. On the domestic Twitter, Kuchiba City is temporarily trended. The search by the word is a suggestion such as Kuchibaitity Chiba and Kuchiba City Yokohama, which seems to show confusion in the community. In addition, some users are scattered around the strangely misaligned star mark, It’s not Chiba or Yokohama, while others say, Odawara is Odawara. It is the birth of a new theory.

However, it seems that many fans will calmly accept this announcement video. The similarity between Kuchiba City and Yokohama has been found before, and some people are convinced that Yokohama is the base of Kuchiba City. In addition, it would be quick to use this announcement video to say only Yokohama models in Yokohama. In the first place, Kuchiba City is a fictional city of the Pokemon created by the development team. There is no contradiction even if it is a city that was created by combined techniques, such as Geography is Chiba, culture is Yokohama.

This time, it was a video mainly based on the announcement of the venue of the tournament. However, a small production that excites the announcement has led to the hearts of Pokemon fans. The cause may be the background of the Pokemon official side that the official side of the Pokemon has ever avoided the statement of the real model. However, it may be a gentle consideration to prevent the image of a fictional world from breaking. The Pokemon Battle World Tournament WCS 2023 will be held in Yokohama.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice upon A Time will arrive at theaters in Mexico

A year ago, the most recent Neon Genesis Evangelion tapes premiered on streaming platforms, and still fans felt that a memorable way of watching the movie was needed. For that reason, it is confirmed that Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice upon a Time will be screened in film complexes in Mexico thanks to Cinépolis .

But of course, the main responsible behind the event is Konnichiwa Festival , an association that has been responsible for bringing anime films for the enjoyment of different fans in the country. Previously they made it possible for the Demon Slayer to be distributed, as well as the Digimon Last Evolution Kizuna that pleased the public so much.

The data was announced by the official podcast of Cinépolis :

It is worth mentioning that the premiere of it is next September 29 in different complexes of the brand, this covers not only Mexico City, but to the whole country. Nothing has been commented on in relation to the presale of the tickets, and apparently the functions will be somewhat limited as it has already been made with other films of this style.

Remember that many Neon Genesis Evangelion movies are available at Amazon Prime Video .

Shooting game Feast “Shoe Grand Festival 2022” Large Looking back. Delivered a total of 18 offices of a total of 18 companies

Manufacturers who send shooting games to users in the form of “transplant / reprint” and “new work” meet together, and the distribution event “Shoe Festival 2022” will be available on the latest information and gameplay. It was held jointly by City Connection and Ge Senmicad (INH) for two days on the 3rd (Sun). In addition to City Connection, Cave, BEEP, Success, EXA-ARCADIA, G-MODE, Granzera, MOSS, major manufacturers such as Hamsters and M-Two, transplanted male, and Platinum Games and Sega Toys, and more power-ups than last time. It was the content.

·First day

·the 2nd day

Regarding the last shoe festival, Mr. Nobuhiro Yoshikawa, CEO of City Connection, said, “If you invited another manufacturer in a situation that was not perfect, you could not take responsibility for anything. Commented with the concept of “Let’s do it once with a close member”. He said he would like to take the second time to prepare and spend time to cooperate with each company, but this time he has successfully invited a total of 18 companies (titles). He said this reason:

Mr. Yoshikawa:
The last time (1st) was about 0.5 times rather than the first time. However, Mr. Atobe of Sega Toys was actively attracting the title of “Astrocity Mini V”, so there was a part that was inspired by calling various companies without losing. I was thinking of planning and proceeding since last year, but I was able to solve issues and worries such as technical, feelings, timing, etc. in ourselves.

Mr. Ikedamino Rock, the store manager of Ge Senmikado, said, “In the past year, I was able to get acquainted with Sega toy’s Atobe, Platinum Games, and Bushiroad, so the luck of increasing the number of friends involved. I think it was there. ” It seems that the organizer was also a fulfilling event.

From here, let’s introduce the announcements of each company. First of all, Citi Connection is the launch of a new team “TAKE x OFF”, a new team specializing in shooting games by Zero Div Fukushima Factory, and the “Death Smile II II II” released last year. ] Was announced that it will release “Red Sword” later this year as a transplant of a cave title. The main menu was also lined with the logo of the upper version of the “Red Sword” and “Red Toshin”, which was added to the HD conversion of the screen and the addition of the stage, but the mode and additional elements included. Will be notified from time to time.

In addition, it has been announced that it will actively develop Taito works that were once transplanted to Sega Saturn as the Sega Saturn as the Sega Saturn’s second Sega Saturn. Surprise was released on April 28, the first installment of “Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute”, and a trial version for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 was distributed at 0:00 the following day. Since then, in the same series, in addition to “Metal Black” and “Elevator Action Returns”, “Puzzle Bobble 2X & 3” and “Cleopatra Fortune” are also planned. In the corner, Katsuhisa Ishikawa, the “Babi” of the Taito sound team “ZUNTATA”, appeared, and about the sound chip used on successive Taito Arcade boards, such as F2 boards (YM2610) and F3 boards (OTIS+ESP). We had a talk.

Claris Disk, a game music label in City Connection, has announced the release of a shooting soundtrack. The first point is “Nichibutsu Shooting Sound Box”, which has finally been released after nine years after the first report. It contains a total of 18 sound sources, including the improvement of sound quality using digital recording technology, and a total of 18 titles, including arcades and home titles, but there are still hidden balls.

In this corner, HALLY, a game music and game historical researcher, and two of them who talked about Nichibzu sound. Interview with the sound composer, Kenshi Yoshida, who belonged to Nichibutsu, introduced the chronology of the sound he was working on in a slide format. The entire interview can be read in the booklet attached to the sound box. The release date has been decided on June 29, but since it is limited production, if you want to obtain it, please make a reservation at the claris shop on the direct sales site.

The second point features Kenichi Arakawa, who was in charge of composing the “Cotton Rock and Roll” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Arcade), and Kazusashi Tsurukubo, who created the sound effects. It announced that it will be released on April 27, a two -piece CD, “Cotton Rock and Roll Complete Soundtrack”, which contains original songs and arrangements. The arrangement composers include Hiroyuki Kawada, Yonaokei, Go Sato, Technouchi (feat. Saki Hayashi), and Hagane, and I would like to hold down the shooting game fans. In addition, as a notice of the game itself, the “All.net P-RAS Multi version 3” version operated at the game center nationwide will be updated to add a stage and character, and this fall Steam version. It was also announced that the distribution was decided.

“Cotton reboot! From beep, which is on sale (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam), producer RF Maruyama and Daisuke Matsumoto, who participated as an arrangement composer, appeared, and an episode talk at the time of production was held. 。 In addition, the actual X68000 XVI machine is brought to the venue, introducing the doujin software “Blue Wings” and “Blue Knights” on sale at the company, and as a news from the BEEP Game Production Office, “Cotton Rubet! ] Was announced that the second title will be developed. What was revealed as a hint was the shooting title released on the Sega system board, NAOMI, and I would like to expect a follow -up report while thinking about it.

EXA-ARCADIA, an arcade game substrate, which is developing all over the world, has been used up all over the 50 minutes. Currently, the “Angry Bee Most Bees EXA Label”, which is currently being sold and operating, has reduced the input delay (achieving one frame from the substrate 2 frames), improving the processing of the Original mode, improving the sound, and reducing load time. Announced that the update will be made for free. Next, “P-47 ACES Kai”, which was first unveiled at the last shoe festival, was omitted during the development of the original version “P-47 ACES”, which was re-adjusted the game balance, added some of the enemies and some stage roads. It has been revealed that the hyper system ( * the shots of the machine will be enhanced for a certain period of time) will be revived. In this corner, Namiki Namiki, who once belonged to NMK and worked on the original version of the sound, appeared, along with the announcement in charge of all the songs, the arrangement song of stage 6 was performed in advance. Producer James said, “I want to release it this year.”

In addition, “Astria Ninja Man EXA” by manga artist Riki, a manga artist Illustrator Riki, who participated as a composer, and 60 bosses (including different colors), “Cambria Sword AC”. We announced that “Noise Arc Coda”, which incorporates the elements of music games, will be operating within this year. In addition, as a new game of the barrage genre that was decided, the horizontal shooting “Jam Jam Jerry Extrand” and the vertical shooting “Shinorby Pink Label” were announced at once. In an interview comment after the corner, Eric declared that “new commercial titles are decreasing, but we will continue to support game centers around the world.”

Mr. Namiki also appeared in the Sega Toys’s “Astrocity Mini V” corner, which was decided on Thursday, July 28. In transplanting the recorded title “Armed Police Batriders”, we announced that we have worked on two boss battles, because we want to deliver it in a new form. He said that the tempo and melody of the original song did not change significantly, and the concept of a guitarist who loves hard rock and the concept of a music college graduate and unknown female keyboardist jumped into the band. A new song was also performed along with the actual demo play, so please check it out at the archive. In addition, in addition to the first release of the menu screen, the DIP switch setting that can change the number and difficulty of the remaining aircraft, the explanation of the simple save road function, Mikado’s Ikeda’s Demo Play was also performed.

Cave opened an online shop commemorating the Shoe Festival for a limited time (March 30 -April 10). The magnification chip that appears as a scoring item in “Ketsui -Kizuna Hell-“, the “fluffy cushion”, which is greatly printed by Colonel Gott Veien Rongena, which appears in “Angry Bee Resurrection”, and a commercial board. We sell “pillowcases” such as instrumental instructions and instructions. In addition, along with the announcement of the in -game event of the smartphone app “Gothic is a magical maiden”, which celebrated the 7th anniversary of the distribution on April 1, the score battle by Mr. Calen’s voice actor and Citonnection, Cancitake. Holds. At the last shoe festival, Mr. Ceca won and had the nickname of “Voice Actor Crying”, but in this game, Mr. Tanaka achieved revenge, and the YouTube chat column was greatly boiled.

In the LIVE WIRE corner that has been transplanted (developed) and released the cave title to Nintendo Switch, following “Espugaruda II” and “Insect Princess”, “Angry Bee Revival on November 25, 2021” ] To the main. This work contains two titles of “Angry Bee Territory Resurrection” and “Angry Bee University Resurrection Black Label” at the same time, and the distribution is the charm of this work seen from the eight game modes including arrangements and the game system. He talked about the degree of transplantation.

In the corner, elementary school students who have never played the shooting game itself played the video actually played, and appealed that this title is a game that can be enjoyed not only for beginners but also for children. This video has been uploaded to the Live Wire official YouTube channel, which includes parts that could not be published for time. In addition, the first announcement at the Shoe Festival was revealed that the transplant and development of “super legendary shooting” were decided. I would like to announce the title of the worrisome title from this summer to autumn, so I look forward to receiving a follow -up report.

The pyramid 3D shooter game “Alice Gear Aigis” (PC / Smartphone) from the Pyramid 3D Shooter (PC / Smartphone), which is also a topic, and the Main Story Victoring Hen (PC / Smartphone) this year’s Golden Week It was revealed from Mr. Yoichi Imamura and Script Director, who is planning to release it in the Development Director. In addition, the demo play of the mini game “Galactic Destruction” that can be played in limited time (April 1-11) as a new mode of the Schu Daisu Festival special project and the planning for April Fool’s Day (April 1-11) Each showed off. In addition, as the specifications and plans of “Galactic Destruction” are released within the official site of “Alice Gear Aigis”, I would like you to look through it.

Next, Mr. Namura, the pyramid, appears at the demonstration player of “Maid Lagon of Kobayashi !! Choito Gon Bless” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch), and demonstrates the Books of Scorer and Kinno. In the way that he has a vigorous attack on the road, the beauty Wakana, who served as a voice actor of Scarlet Orsen and YA-121 TypeC type, is also surprised that “Avoid!”. In the boss game, I showed a gacho-like capture play, and Mr. Hoshino of Kaminari Games, which was in charge of development, also does not think that “I will try to take measures against the update,” also leaks words.

From the pixel that works on the event of game development and retro game events, along with Mr. Yoshikawa of the City Connection, Mr. Sasaki, Sasaki, the representative director appeared. He made an announcement of “Hogi Hugh WITH (AND) Friends” delivered with the exhibition to the Shoe Daisu festival and the “Hogi Hugh WITH (AND) Friends” distributed with Nintendo Switch. Also, as a new work, Shuzilow.ha, music “Kawagen”, “Kawagen”, “Kawagen”, and a guest designer, and the staff who worked on the older masterpiece, the game “Asteria wing” The trailer of “revealed to be released within 2022. In addition, we announced that follow-up report on shooting games “Anchorian Rigar” that is neither horizontal.

Why You Never Mess With A Guard Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier... (BIG MISTAKE)

Next Grandera appeared. At the last Shoe Daisu festival, “R-type final 2” (R-Type Final 2) that was the title title (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / Xbox Series X · S / STeam / PC). Major Update “R-Type Final 2” (Ver 2.0.0) Implementation The preparation for “R-type FINAL 3” is in progress, and part of the content scheduled to be implemented was introduced. It is the owner of the “Seabed Oar War” released in 1993, and “Gran Via F” that appeared in “R-type Tactics II” can be used as a new player aircraft, and the underground stage where the submarine enemy machine appears It was announced that the series fan is greatly pleased. Besides that, it is a new mode, and as a new mode, a long-stage player and the last one player with a longest stage, as a new mode, an extension of the “R’s Museum” that can be viewed on the platform and the Collectional aircraft. It will continue to update to play for a long time, such as the implementation of “competition play (provisional name)” to survive.

He also appeared in Platinum Gamado Kamiya. Platinum Games Neo-Classic Arcade Series “Sol Cruncher” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam), who has surprised the video as an April Fool’s Day of 2020 and actually started the project. Some Gamiyuki Kamiyuki, who has been a general director, is also aimed to be a shooting game that makes the know-how of the scenario created by “Beautiful Joe” and “Bayonetta”, and the Download Content ‘Dramatic Mode’ will generate a character of the character across the entire full film. It has become a thick story that will come back.

In making the story of “Sorcrsta”, “Mandler Forces” in “Terracsta” picks up the settings such as the “Mandolian Base formed by the Mandler Base”, and in the “Moon Cloth”, which corresponds to the previous work It was a launch organization of the moon, and it failed to recapture, so it is interpreted that the earth was also robbed. Finally, Hakuya said, while humanity who failed to recapture the earth as a drama that failed to take the sun as a drama. In addition, as a game system such as a formation attack, such as a formation attack, which forms a heading to a specific shape, it is also aware that the players do not force their use, even though they are incorporated into the game.

A hamster developed “Arcade Archives” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One) exhibited Namco’s masterpiece shooting game “Dragon Spirit” delivered on March 3. In addition to Mr. IMO, who was convinced as a test player who is familiar with the own delivery program “Arcade Archiver”, and Mr. IMO, who is a common scorer companion, Mr. Sakai, who is a common scorer companion, and Mr. Sagiji, who is a common scorer companion, and Mr. Sakai. Through the actual play, while explaining the difference between the OLD and New versions of the player character-blue dragon, the difference between the OLD and NEW versions with different judgment, the enemy “Rock Face” is buried in the ground (Glacier), We introduced the point and technique of capture, such as the last stage (Maima) wall-mounted and splashing.

Emthu is entitled “M2STG live broadcasting in Shoe Grand Festival”, and it is released on April 28th! shark! shark! An announcement about “PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo Switch”. From custom modes where you can set the degree of difficulty and the number of remaining machines, etc. shark! shark! The viewer was stunned by the enemy bullets released at an unusual speed and released at an uneven speed. First time bonus booklet “BEEP! Shark Flaking” Developer interview and capture articles, and the special 4 frames by Ogawa Bukubu are introduced in slide form. Mr. Horii also “Thank you for checking me!”, “Thank you for checking!”

In the second half of the corner, Mr. G Darious HD (PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo Switch / STeam) added to Mr. Taitishima and Taito’s producer and Mr. Oyama appeared on March 31, the additional content of “G Dalias HD” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam) I was announced again. Additional recording of “G Dalias Ver.2” (and HD Version) and “~ for Consumer”, a training mode that can customize the power-up state of the start zone and its own machine, an environment that imaged the game center HEY in Akihabara A volume that can not be played back during the game play, such as a set of free volumes.

As a title related to Eastern Plan, the “Snow Brothers Special” (Nintendo Switch) launched on May 19 was exhibited from the Happinet. A fixed screen action game “Snow Brothers” running in 1990 is remake, new 30 stages have been added, and a monster challenge that can use enemy characters and time attack mode that competes to clear time Is installed. Gesen Micado, a guest player, who is responsible for the demonstration delivery of “Snow Brothers”, has launched “the original version of the pattern, which can be enjoyed as a new work.”

A scho feast festival that supports arcade, home, PC, smartphone and all directions, and has always been recognized that the genre of shooting games is always familiar. There are three things that have become a major announcement, and there are three things that have a two-dimensional scale and a cloth, and it is a place to be held next year. After the event Final show, Mr. Matsumoto, Mr. Yoshikawa, Mr. Ikeda, and the outlook, and the prospects from now on.

The last time, “I can do it next time” with the loneliness after the festival, said Mr. Matsumoto said, but this time, it is said that it is a good response and confidence and expectation.

When the last shoe festival is over, there was a subtle part that there was a good idea to “I can do it again”, but this time “it was fun, it seems to do next,” wins I’m sorry. It was thankful that many companies cooperated with many companies, and the excitement of Twitter and YouTube chat was connected to confidence. I think that the shooter game fan is a fan of the shooter game fans who can not deliver the information that “transplantation comes out,” It was not possible without the presence of the people who played. If you are not known, the information is zero, so you’re really thankful to you. If you borrow the word of the Ikeda store manager, it’s because the game you do not know is new.

The number of exhibitors increased, and the user has become a highly attention event, but in the manufacturer, Mr. Yoshikawa was also a place for interchange that worries to know that it is in the same position, not just a place of presentation. Speak.

Mr. Yoshikawa:
As the event of Mikado and other companies have increased as the front stage of the Schu Daisu festival, even if only that company is gathered, “Nice to meet you” in the air room, “I’m going to be a long time,” How is it? It seems that a considerable frustration is accumulated in this 1 or 2 years, and if it is here, the trouble and hardship is there, and there are many people who understand. If you spit the real note, you’re a place to return to anything, so I think it was good to hold it in the sense that I was able to make a place for communication. If a company that is created a shooting game at the same timing is gathered, I want to do it again next year.

“I want to grow Mikado as a place of collaboration with manufacturer and promotion activities” and talk about the prospects, “Lightning IV × Mikado Remix” “Solksta” “Astrocity Mini V”, and the promotion project steadily increases Mr. Ikeda, who is increasing the circle that involves his friends. The goal of holding the next time, and I mentioned a notice in promotional activities.

Mr. Ikeda:
As the current game center is bad, there is a place where sales are bad and there is a place where there is no longer a company in tomorrow, so I was able to make a production of business with collaboration and sales promotion by collaboration and promotion, so the ruins and Yoshikawa I really do not go up my head. I want to do it again on a similar scale, and it is important to have a goal of working hard to work hard. I think that it will continue to say if it will be a shooting game forever, so I want to say forever. Anything is the news, but I can not notice what happened if there was no noise. Because it is only a reason to be aware of “Oh, shooting games” finally in the fuss. Since they were experiencing such an experience in the promotion of “Leiden Fighters Ashiz”, they looked at that time, so they were reminded by that time (laughs)

A posture of a shooting game fan watched with the thought of a circle due to the exchange of manufacturers across the fence, and “I want to enjoy purely”. The maker and the user did not communicate one-sided, but I was able to feel the feeling of live and the warmth of the people who are excited by the call and response. Those who have reconfirmed that the idea that the genre of shooting games was good and good to be good and good throughout these two days should be less. A fun festival that gives these joys and surprises will be welcome to be held safely next year.

· Shoe Grand Festival 2022 Special Site

Gigapocalypse: Soon you can lay cities in debris and ashes

Headup Games & Goody Gameworks are pleased to announce that the retro-inspired side-scrolling City Smasher Gigapocalypse will appear on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by Kaiju monster films such as Godzilla and King Kong and playing classics such as Rampage, Gigapocalypse games players a series of monsters, or “Giga’s”, to choose from to the sounds of a pulsating heavy-metal soundtracks cities in rubble and ashes Let’s create your own monster apocalypse!

Gigapocalypse - Official Early Access Release Trailer
With each run you take to achieve the end opponent of a place, your GIGA becomes stronger and receives mutation points. Uses these points to equip your GIGA with new mutations, skills, skins and even up to five tiny pets that accompany you on your stalks through the city. Take care of your Giga in Mini Games in Tamagotchi style and decorates the house of your Giga with cool objects that improve your GIGA and make you even more threatening.

Gigapocalypse offers nine monsters to choose from – three “old gods”, three prehistoric monstrosities and three terrors from the universe. You can send these beasts of destruction into a number of funny cities from different time levels, from the Wild West to the present time.

“It was great to see the positive reactions on Gigapocalypse, as we have added more and more during the time the game in the Early Access on the PC,” said developer Goody Pundit. “With the many updates and improvements we made, the game is better than ever before and I hope the console players are looking forward to choosing a Giga and putting everything in rubble and ash!”

“PS NOW” April Loop ADV “OUTER WILDS” appeared! Meanwhile, “GTA: VC: Detectioned Edition” is not shortly distributed

Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a 4 month lineup of cloud game subscro “ PlayStation Now “.

This month is a space time loop ADV “OUTER WILDS” selected as a game of the appliance candidate in Eurogamer, The Guardian, etc. in 2019, is added to PS4. On the other hand, “Grand-Theft Auto: Vice City Decision Edition” should be completed on July 4, as “Shadow Warrior 3” started to deliver last month on May 2nd.

# ■ New Additional Title


· Sold by: AnnapURNA Interactive

Format: PS4

Genre: Adventure

· Delivery start date: April 5, 202 (Tuesday)

A mysterious star system……

Starstic system The end of the terminant space search adventure approaching the mystery of the time loop that repeats his 20 minutes. Who was built an alien ruins? Can I stop infinite time loops? Let’s make sure that you have anything else in the vast universe.

■ Limited time for the end of delivery

# # “Grand Ceft Auto: Vice City Decision Edition”

· Sainter source: Rock Star Games

Format: PS4

Genre: Action

· Delivery period: From May 2 (Mon), 2022

  • Tomy Vertheti’s story of betrayal and revenge

A single man will be drawn to him who climbs the vertices of the back society on the stage of the time of colored hairstyle and pastel suit. Neon’s dazzling Normal summer town is full of possibilities. In this work, a familiar world due to operability and aiming with a newly added lighting, environmental upgrade, high resolution texture, drawing distance, and “Grand Saffle V” style. Is depicted with a new dimensional piece.

# # “Shadow Warrior 3”

· Sainter source: Devolver Digital

Format: PS4

Genre: Action

· Delivery period: From July 4 (Mon)

Make Katana with a gun shot

“Shadow Warrior 3” is a high-speed gun attack, sharp broken flour running system that has been a high-speed gun shot, sharp brilliant free running system, respectively. General of the collapsed company “Low One” and the former employer “Orochi Gira”, which was the enemy, became a buddy, and is unbelievable to take back the ancient dragon released from the permanent prison. His challenge both.

PlayStation Now is on sale for PS4 / PS5 / PC (Windows), and only one month ticket is being sold for 1,180 yen. There is also a 7-day free trial service for unrescripts. In addition, this service is integrated with “PlayStation Plus” in June, and the currently subscribed user is automatically migrated to “PlayStation Plus Premium”.

Urban New Life Sim “Moonlight in Garland” 2022 Q4 to release. Near neighborhood story with friendship and love

Indie Leveloper Winters Group Estate officially announced his life shim “ Moonlight in Garland ” on March 15th. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and the 2022 Q4 release scheduled.

“Moonlight in Garland” is a life simulation game that enjoys new life. The stage of this work is a big city Garland where various people live. As a protagonist, the player will decide free clothes, etc. and will be a new resident of the city and send a new life. In addition to the exchange of local residents NPCs and participation in regional events and plans, it seems that you can taste the connection with people through various events that occur in daily activities. There is also an element that produces the desired living space by gardening and building upgrades.

Interaction with people seems to be a gameplay axis of this work. In addition to conversations, players will deepen their relationships with neighborhood and residents of the city through regional contributions such as a little help and cleaning doodle. If you can get along as a friend, sometimes it will be developed to a love club. Also, there are several available apartments, and it is likely to have unique challenges and events in each apartment. There are events that occur if the connection with people deepens, etc.

There is also an element that explores the big city Garland. Side quests are also scattered in the city, and you can shoot photos of animals. Sometimes it may be possible to handle serious events such as “demolition of historical buildings” and “thieves to steal mail”. And in this work, a system has been introduced in the game, and the main character must be cared for the mental and physical energy of the main character. It will spin the story in the choice of what new life.

Winters Group Estate, which works on “Moonlight in Garland”, is a personal studio by Violet Lebeaux. She is based in Australia and is developing development as a solo project for this work. Looking at the YouTube channel of him, many videos have been posted to be a cute one, such as handicraft and beauty. The colorful and cute pixel graphics of this work may also be a result of Lebeaux’s world view.

“Moonlight in Garland” is scheduled for 2022 Q4 release for PC (STeam).

Joker was going to have an extended scene in The Batman

Now that the fans had the opportunity to see The Batman, Your Director has been revealing several interesting details about this feature film. Last week he confirmed the identity of a certain character that appears at the end of the film, and now he has revealed that the same character was going to have more time on screen but ultimately they had to eliminate that scene.

Matt Reeves explained that, during the filming of The Batman , there was a scene where the watchman talked with Joker when he visits the ARKHAM asylum to question . Reeves mentioned that this would help the audience could understand a little more about the story of batman with Gothic city ** and its Villanos Gallery.

THE BATMAN: JOKER Deleted Scene and Cameo Explained: Is He in the Next Movie?

“Well, you know, the invisible prisoner is one of the characters he would have faced in one year, and that’s how he ended up there. So they have a relationship. One of the lines of the scene that is not, that invisible prisoner says ‘is almost our anniversary, right?’ And you realize that they have a relationship that exists from before. […] He has not yet declared himself as’ that character, but they have a relationship that begins very, very early and… they are intertwined with each other in a very specific way. “

In The Batman , Joker is played by Barry Keoghan , but not even Reeves is completely sure that he is going to be the main villain for the sequel. In fact, there is a possibility that we do not see this Joker again until the third bat film since Reeves said he wanted to explore other antagonists that exist within Gothic city.

Editor’s note: Joker’s screen time in The Batman was not beyond two minutes, but I think the version performed by Keoghan is certainly interesting. There will be one to see more about it in the future projects of the hero, as well as the other villains that may may appear in these productions.

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