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[Interview] Cult of the Lam, the reason why the lamb became a bridge

A grotesque denomination led by a cute lamb. ‘Cult of the Lam’ is a game that has attracted quite a lot of attention with the combination of cute occult elements, cute graphics, and the combination of log-on genre and collonie simulation. The unique trailers and trial boards led to a good response, and the Lamb’s denomination has achieved good results with more than 1 million sales since its launch. Massive Monster also developed Cult of the Lam and paid great attention to the fusion of lock-like-collonie simulation, and he was devoted to the occult element and the ‘believers’ with emotions.

■ Cult of the Lam, ‘Lamb’ is the main character

Q. For users who are not familiar with ‘Cult of the Lam’ and Massive Monsters, please briefly introduce the game and developers.

Massive Monster is an independent game development studio based in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to create an explosive game with the focus of creativity and personality. We are trying to squeeze out all the monster-like works we created to the last drop of all fun and originality.

Cult of the Lam is a game that plays the amount of sacrifice to the ‘waiting person’, and it draws a journey that repays the debt to him by creating a denomination and developing strength to solve him in a heavenly prison. This game is a mix of loglike and colony simulators. Players must adventure the world, fight monsters, gather resources, and find new followers to inject religion. It is a process of creating a community, building a new building for followers, performing dark consciousness, and preaching to loyal followers.

Q. Cult of Ram has a unique material with the theme and concept, and there is a reason or reason for making games with this concept and material. Please introduce this.

= We wanted a combat-based rogue with a long flow of the colony simulator. We also love dungeons that are randomly generated in the Log Lake genre. However, in these games, there are often no progress in the long run. When the player dies, he loses everything, which is also the core of these logiciki games.

But we expected to play like Loglike and feel something progressing. So he returned with new resources so that the player could clean the foundation.

** Q. I wonder where the religious views in the unique game and the settings of the sealed gods were produced and designed with motifs. The bishops also appear to have been the motif of four articles of Apocalypse.

Many religious symbols, OCCULTISM, non-Christian beliefs and the myths of Wicka. We wanted the world in the game to feel like the world of cult. Although factions and locations seem different from reality, they expected to be intimately intimately reflecting the images in reality. So, while borrowing and repeating different motifs, it helped to create a cohesive world full of other religious denominations and religious views.

Q. Lamb is also a religious ultimate sacrifice and sacrifice. Why did you catch the main character as a lamb?

= We wanted the game to start by making animals as the main character, and the protagonist was sacrificed and resurrected. Lamb often appears as a religious animal, so I think it is a perfect choice for the game in that it causes its own denomination. Like the lamb of God in the Bible, the victims of the lambs have been resurrected to start religion.

Q. It is impressive that the characters of their cute designs are quite cruel and terrible. I would also like to hear the design and design of this consciousness and doctrine.

= I wanted to mix dark and scary themes and colorful and cute cartoon art style in parallel. Like the contrast between light and darkness, good and evil. The gameplay also contrasted two different parts. Rogue’s fast tempo and the colony simulator’s relaxation are also contrasted with each other. In addition, we studied many occult symbols, sacred geometric devices, and religious images for the consciousness and doctrine needed to build a cult.

Q. The expression changes and costumes of the characters are very impressive, diverse and occult feelings. There is a part that makes the player’s denomination feel evil and eerie. Is this intended?

= Various expressions and animations were added to the believers to make them feel more vivid and fun. They often talked to have a relationship with friends or enemies. Therefore, the player can confirm that his followers have emotions.

Followers had to be ill, hungry, and even rebelled against players, so they had to be able to check them visually when something went wrong. I chose to change my eyes at the end of my worries, which I think it was a very good way. If you see the opposition’s red eyes, you can easily realize that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Q. The subquests also seemed a lot of fun elements. Simply growing the denomination is not the end, but also affects the relationship with the followers’ community, but I wonder what kind of experience and feelings the player wanted to feel.

As we felt that followers were alive, the player expected to have a different relationship with them. The quest given by the followers is a device that provides interesting little stories that can lead to a unique moment so that you can play the game in different ways.

The game has a lot of systems and things to do, and we’ve designed it to get to know this system through followers quests. These occur like a dynamic tutorial that feels like a part of the story, but it only occurs when the player actually needs to learn.

■ Rogue-Colonie Simulator is a key point

Q. The battle part, the temple, shows a variety of loglike elements, but the elements of the shooting feel quite small. I would also like to hear the development team’s thoughts on the worries and design of this temple part.

Mixing loglike and colony simulators was one of our great ambitions. Therefore, it was important to make the temple part to be fun as it was organically connected to the denomination simulator part. Since many log-like games, such as Isaac’s burnt offerings and entertainment, have a shooting tendon action, we have decided to focus on short-range battles using ‘knife’.

Of course, not only here, but I wanted the player to feel stronger as the size of the religious denomination became stronger. So I decided to add more diversity to this, and for this purpose, it was designed to introduce and enjoy curse attacks in the form of a second combat.

** Q. It is also noticeable that both plays are designed to show a strong connection with each other so that the temple and denomination operation is not felt.

= It was one of the biggest challenges of development that both sides of the game turned together. This seems to have required a lot of work and various designs. Loglike is usually like a long-distance run on survival, but while the day and night circulation, the believers wanted to spend their day.

So I was looking forward to seeing both parts of the game. When the player is on the expedition, you can find resources and new followers for the denomination. And when the player returns to the denomination, he can grow as a powerful corps for the next temple in the process of managing and preaching followers. When these two very different parts find a balance, I think there’s a factor that really falls into the game.

Q. The game was not just a one-time play, but had a variety of challenging difficulty. I wonder how the players want to enjoy Cult of the RAM through multiple play play.

The doctrine selection means that you can play the game again and unlock completely different consciousness and abilities. This suggests a different way that players interact with followers. The player can choose to be a monarch through the first play, and he can be a friendly and backborne leader in the next choice.

The game can also unlock several options that can be customized. It is full of various things that can decorate your base, and followers also have different animals. In addition, if you defeat the mini boss in the temple, you can send it to the denomination and brainwash. Then they can customize their form. As a result, you may have a religious group full of friendly monsters, or a religious group full of foods. There are so many kinds of denominations, so the players were expected to create a variety of denominations.

Q. As the game is unique, it seems that it was difficult to produce the game.

= As mentioned above, gently connecting LogLike and Colonie Simulation Side was the biggest challenge during development. And it seems that it was hard to catch a proper theme that could appeal to people.

** Q. I also want to hear plans for additional elements and updates.

= First of all, even after launch, the main update

Обзор Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

On June 29, the Sunbreak add-on for the action-RPG Monster Hunter Rise will be released, which we will talk about today. As in the case of previous games in the series, we knew in advance about the appearance of a large-scale expansion, and this time it turned out to be Sunbreak. The add-on expands the story and adds new locations and monsters, but first things first.

I note that I am new to the Monster Hunter series, and I didn’t have the original game itself, and therefore I went through both the main game and the add-on at once, which allows me to write this review with the most fresh impressions. To begin with, I note the excellent optimization of the project, which allows you to play it at 4K and 60 frames on an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT with a graphics card only 40-50% loaded. For what purposes NVIDIA DLSS was added to the game with Sunbreak, it’s not clear to me from the word at all, and the baldness of furry characters and monsters due to activation of such looks extremely funny.

I won’t say anything about the main game separately, nevertheless, the review is about the add-on, but I hasten to note that the sisters Hinoa and Minoto definitely deserve the release of a couple of figures that must be on my shelf. So, Capcom, keep going.

The plot of the add-on tells how a monster that has been sleeping for almost 50 years has attacked distant lands. The people under attack are in need of help, and who better than the hero of the village, Kamura, to fill this role? Here we are introduced to Dame Fiorein, the sister of the wandering merchant Rondina, whom you may know from the plot of the main game. News has surfaced on the net that Dame has already become the subject of adoration for many players, but, to be honest, I still did not understand what the reason was. Twins are generally better.

Sunbreak’s hub location is Elgado, and it’s worth noting that this is a really beautiful place. The player will be greeted by new music and new quest locations, among which I would like to mention the Citadel with its scope for exploration and hunting.

In general, now the players have to go to help Lady Fiorein, who is in dire need of this very help, and therefore they will have to hunt the dark dragon Malzeno, which is definitely not an easy task. It was quite interesting to see how the writers this time wove the need to kill another big beast into the plot, but I will not spoil.

After completing the main story, anomalous quests open up, in which you need to destroy the monsters before they self-destruct due to the buff hanging on them. Yes, it is a buff that actually activates their berserk mode, while increasing their aggressiveness, but spending vitality. These quests allow you to farm the items and resources necessary for the maximum pumping of equipment and weapons, as well as get you in the neck as part of rather difficult challenges.

One of the most notable changes in Sunbreak from the base game was the addition of the ability to quickly switch between bound abilities and attacks, which, given the huge arsenal of weapons and equipment, was an extremely pleasant and rather simplifies the life of a hunter innovation. As a result, now you can not abandon your favorite skills for the sake of more useful ones and quickly adapt to the enemy in front of you, and the sets themselves are completely and completely customizable. Switching, by the way, gives the player several frames of invulnerability.

Another new addition to Sunbreak is the Master rank quests, which will allow you to get a good kick in the neck as part of much more difficult tasks. By the way, you won’t have to go to them alone, even if there are no friends who have a copy of the game, because NPCs can come to your aid. To use this option, the player must complete Follower Quests, which are associated with certain NPCs and allow you to take them with you on missions later. Worried about whether these assistants will become a burden? It’s not worth it, it’s very convenient to fight with them in the same party. As a result, players have the opportunity to play solo with much more comfort than all al1. By the way, the player will also have to customize their arsenal, and therefore do not forget that most of them have their favorite weapons that they use best. The only exception is Master Utsushi, he generally doesn’t care what he has in his hands, he is good in any form.

In general, the developers have added plenty of opportunities for grinding, and it’s up to you whether it’s a plus or a minus. I will only note that the Master rank is pumped for quite a long time, but if you do not pay attention to it and just enjoy the gameplay, then a large number of quests will allow you not to notice the time spent.

Summing up, I want to say that after the release of Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise has become more friendly to the player, which is important for beginners like me, but will also be a significant plus for seasoned fans, yet the increase in convenience clearly cannot harm anyone.

I would even say that after this addition, the game feels complete, or something, as if this main Monster Hunter Rise was not enough.

I want to be comfortable with the switch version Monhan Rise: Sun Break! Explains how to realize it as low as possible

On June 30, 2022, the long-awaited Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting Action Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break will be released.

The Monster Hunter Series is attractive to be able to play while saying with friends and lovers, but when you play online, are you connected to voice chat (VC) ?

In the previous work Monhan: World, you can use the voice chat function of PS4, and if it is a Steam version, you can easily use Discord on a PC to make VCs easily.

However, Nintendo Switch does not have a single voice chat function, so a separate PC or smartphone must be prepared. The problem here is the question of ** what to do between the game sound and the VC audio.

There are many ways to do VC, but in this article, we will introduce how to use Splitter and audio cable ** that can be relatively cheap and easy to do.

◆ When voice chat on a PC

When VC on a PC, you can build a VC environment simply by connecting the PC side and the Nintendo Switch with an audio cable and importing the Nintendo Switch audio to the PC side.

The audio cable is connected to the line input terminal on the PC side and the Nintendo Switch side to the headphone microphone terminal.

[Notes] When the sound of Sar comes in, do not connect anything other than Nintendo Switch to the monitor. In a multi-monitor environment, a PC and Nintendo Switch to the monitor may cause white noise.

◆ When voice chat with a smartphone

When VC with a smartphone, use a splitter in addition to the audio cable.

First, connect the splitter to the smartph1. Then, connect the earphone or headset with the audio cable to the splitter, and then connect the audio cable to the nintendo switch headphone microphone terminal.

If you are struggling with the VC environment, before the release of Monhan Rise: Sunbreak, prepare an environment where you and the people around you can easily play.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Gore Magala is back, proof on video

Gore Magala will certainly not be the only one to return to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak because the followers will certainly when again meet the roadway to the Wyverne Espinas (Monster Hunter Frontier). Totally covered with tough scales, the beast is recognized to lead a peaceful life, except when seekers involve provoke it. It was at this factor that it comes to be incredibly harmful, with particularly a powerful lengthening.

The various other uniqueness booked for this Capcom Showcase is the modernized variation of the jungle. Naturally, the programmers have thought about including brand-new aspects contrasted to previous variations.

Ultimately, new web content will be provided in the future via updates. As an example, the Wyverne Nargacuga Selenite will land in August, along with the representative restricted round. Other new attributes are expected for the following fall and winter months, as well as even for 2023.

Ryozo Tsujimoto additionally announced that a Monster Hunter Rise demonstration: Sunbreak would be deployed tomorrow (June 15) on Nintendo Change as well as Computer. It will provide an overview of the festivities set up for June 30, the date from which the extension will be offered. In the meantime, Capcom stated that electronic pre-orders were open to both machines, and that they were gone along with by a set of special bonus armor for the palico and the chumsky.

Amongst the productions put in front yesterday in Capcom Display undoubtedly was Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It was even Ryozo Tsujimoto, the manufacturer of the collection, that took care of opening the event with an unprecedented trailer where the return of Gore Magala (Beast Hunte 4 Ultimate) was verified.

Yu -Gi -Oh! What kind of deck is the new theme Exorcistor full of girls?

PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/STEAM/Nintendo Switch/Smartphone Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel **. In this work, we will explain the new theme added from June 10, Exorcistor.

Exorcist is a theme with an exorcist sister as you can see from the name. It is characterized by the development of religious girls who are religious to the demon exorcism, transforming into a ex-istor that wears a sacred gear by summoning Xyz.

The first appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG is Deck Build Pack Grand Creators released in August 2021. In addition, this theme has been further enhanced by Dimension Force in January 2022. It is one of the most popular themes in recent years, and I think it will be easier to fight if the dealers know roughly the outline.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the main features and development methods of Exorcistor that will appear in the new pack Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel pack Bravely Wings.

◆ Xyz in the sister’s contract! ? The card is separated from the graveyard is a trigger

Exorcistar Ellis
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): It can be activated when there is an exosista monster in your field. Special summon this card from your hand. If you have an exosistar Stella in your field, you will recover 800LP. (2): It can be activated if your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent. Special summon 1 Exorcist X-monster on this card in your field and treat it as an X summon.

Exorcist Stella
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): Can be activated in your main phase. Special summon one exosista monster from your hand. After that, if you have exosistar Ellis in your field, you will recover 800LP. (2): It can be activated if your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent. Special summon 1 Exorcist X-monster on this card in your field and treat it as an X summon.

The feature of exosostar is one of the sentences written in the effect, It can be activated when the card of your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, where the cemetery is also called the second hand, it is necessary to release the graveyard card from the graveyard to activate the graveyard effect. The theme of exosista can be summoned monsters as a trigger, and even in the opponent’s turn, Exorcist Michaelis can be put on the board.

Exorcist Michaelis
Rank 4/Light attribute/Warrior
Level 4 Monster x 2
The effect of (1) (3) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): You can activate one card in the opponent’s field / graveyard in your opponent’s opponent’s turn that succeeded in summoning this card with the exosista monster as a material. Exclude that card.
(2): This card is not destroyed in combat with monsters specially summoned from the graveyard.
(3): One X material of this card can be removed and activated. From the deck, add one magic / trap card to your hand.

For example, Exorcist Michaelis can exclude one field / graveyard card in a successful turn. Even if your opponent resuses the graveyard, you can interfere with it with a returned sword. The dealer will need to play in mind that if you play with the graveyard, you will be summoned.

In addition, the exosistor has a story set in which two people have signed a sister (sur) contract. The bond is a glimpse of the effect of recovery from 800LP if each partner is in your field, in Exorcist Ellis and Exorcist Stella.

◆ Wide Exorcistor deck development power! Introducing a compatible card

Quicky Kababari Kitium
Star 4/Wind attribute/Beast tribe
Special summoning by the method (1) of this card name can be done only once per turn.
(1): This card can be specially summoned from your hand.
(2): Activate if a special summon is successful in the method of (1) in this card. The opponent can select one level 4 monster from your or opponent’s graveyard and specially summon your field.

In the fast-paced Kababalikitellium, it can induce Xyz summoning with the above-mentioned graveyard effect trigger. The other party needs to ride 1 level 4 monsters from your or opponent’s graveyard and special summon to your field. 。

Even if it is passed through, this card is a star 4 monster. If there is an exosista monster in the field to aim for the above effects, you can summon Exorcist Michaelis as it is.

The great sage Zoroa
Star 4/Flame attribute/Wizard tribe
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): You can activate one Magistos monster in your field. Select one Magistos monster from the EX deck and equip the target monster as a equipment card.
(2): It can be activated when this card is equipped with a Magistos monster card. From your hand / graveyard, select one magician monster of level 4 other than Great Sage Zoroa and special summon with defense display. The effect of the monster specially summoned by this effect is disabled.

Zoroa is one of the Magistos theme. In the pack Bravely Wings, the Major Majin of the Eraser, which seems to have become a synchro monster, has also appeared.

The theme of Magistos is a theme that has a variety of effects by equipping the Magisto slope of the EX deck. In Exorcist, they can also be used as a standing position to special summon from hand and graveyard.

One of the options is to call Magistos related monster cards from the EX deck. (1): This card can be activated when S-summoned S to Megane Zoroa. Equipped with one Magistos monster from the EX deck as a equipped card. (2): The opponent cannot activate the effects of monsters of the same type (fusion / S / X, link) as the Magistos monster card in the magic & trap z1. It has the effect of , and you can limit the effect of the opponent’s effect by the type of Magistos (although the EX deck is compressed).

If Zoroa appears from the Exorcist deck, which I thought was all girls, be more careful.

◆ Tenju Ageus is, of course, ant!

Of course, there is also a turn of the general-purpose Xyz Monster Tenkai Ageus.

In the past, as Exciting Arzeus, the cute Xyz Monster Waku Waku Melfies has been talked about in the Arzeus cockpit ……..

By the way, according to the collection of set materials, Azeus is the final weapon that kills God , The lightning burns the sky, crushes the stars, kills God .

Whether or not the rescue maiden who serve the gods will be on the Ageus will be left to your discretion… at least the side who dealt with should pay attention to various developments, and the deck will have a very high degree of freedom. Yes.

The theme of the exosista that finally came. Please check it.

Monster Development RPG “Coromon” to Nintendo Switch / PC released on March 31st. Domestic release is also scheduled

Publisher’s Freedom Games announced on January 21st, Monster Development RPG “ COROMON ” to be released on March 31st. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. This work supports Japanese language display. When the magazine contacted Publisher Freedom Games, the Nintendo Switch version also plans to develop domestic.

“Coromon” is an RPG that captures monsters called colonomons and developing adventurous while fostering. The stage of this work is the Berua region where many Colomons live. The player belongs to the mysterious tissue rax Solis as a CoromoTrainer of the new US. He is appointed to a special team called Titan Task Force, and it will be a task to investigate six Titan who will look at the name in the Berua region. However, while promoting the survey, a certain crisis is found. It can be seen that the power of the universe brings a mysterious element to the planet and is disturbing the world slowly. The player will collect Titan and Essence and struggle to restore the core of the damaged planet.

There are six types of biomes in the Belle region. We adventure the frozen ice field and dry desert zone, high-tech city or deep forest, and stop the whereabouts of Titan. In order to proceed with the search, the mystery element also appears. Based on the information given from tools and Luxe Solis you got, it seems that various puzzles will be challenged. In the search, we will fight with wild colonomics and trainers. Scrip the enemy’s stamina, make a condition abnormality, damage with various techniques and aim for victory.

This work can choose difficulty from easy, normal, hard, and berry hard options. Also, in addition to four different difficulty levels, you can use a randomizer to create your own gameplay. This work is also equipped with an online battle, and it is possible to fight friends and colonom. It seems that there is an element that aims for the rank of the world’s best CoromoTrainer. There are 120 types of colonomics that appear, and there will be a way of enjoying as a collection element. In addition to customizing your own trainer, you can allocate a specific status freely to customize Colomon.

Working with “Coromon” developers based in the Netherlands TRAGSOFT. This work has been developed since 2014, and it seems that “Pocket Monster” is affected by “Golden Sun” and “Zelda Legend”. In addition to collecting and fostering Colomons, it will be focused on search elements.

“Coromon” will be released on March 31 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. It is planned to be released in Japan for Japanese language. In the future, it seems to be released on mobile platforms.

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