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Rumor Alert: Classic Pokemon Games Coming to Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Boosts the Speculation!

Nintendo increases the report mill.
According to the followers, the business offers new indications with a new trailer for N64 games that traditional Pokémon video games ultimately involve the switch.

rumor: Retro-Pokémon video games involve the Change

Some nostalgic delight in about the recent announcement that Nintendo is now bringing old game boy video games to the Switch over.
Numerous missed the old Pokémon generations amongst the listed games.
Now Nintendo personally gives very first indications that they can still come-at the very least that is what followers think.


What happened?
In 2014 Nintendo Pokémon Phase 1 and 2 revealed for the Switch over.

Proprietors of the on the internet expansion plan must have the ability to play the N64 classics in 2023 without additional expenses.
In official clips for the prominent N64 video game, it was claimed so far that it would not be feasible to transmit Pokémon from various other video games in phase 1 and 2.
Currently, the Japanese YouTube channel from Nintendo all of a sudden welcomes a brand-new video clip to the N64 games-but this moment without this statement.
Fans currently guess why this note unexpectedly does not have.
Lots of involved the verdict that Nintendo could have thought differently which the function is still involved in the truth that players can transmit their Pokémon.
Some even presume as they bring my Nintendo Pokémon yellow, blue as well as red edition in addition to the silver, golden and crystal version on the switch.
Besides, the video games were also compatible with the ready the release of the initial Pokémon Arena.
(Resource: Mynintendonews, Fallboards).
Several followers would be happy to see the Pokémon of the first generation.
You can find the preferred beast of the community in this image series:.

Exactly how practical is the report?

Actually, there can be something concerning conjecture.
Nevertheless, the old Pokémon games were not offered as part of the presentation on game young boy games that are supposed ahead to the button.
Why not?
Nevertheless, they are thought about some of the very best video games in the portable console as well as were also electronically available on the Nintendo 3DS.
Game Fanatic and also Nintendo most likely wish to bring out the video games bundled-perhaps in a game collection à la Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which offered 3 timeless 3D Mario video games in one.
The Pokémon Business probably reveals even more information on February 27, 2023.
Then Pokémon Day is once more as well as typically there is usually a Pokémon discussion that day that supplies brand-new information about upcoming video games, apps, LCS and also more.
It stays to be seen whether Nintendo would certainly continue as doubtful in a Pokémon collection just like Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

The model of Pokemon is Chiba or Yokohama, or Odawara. Official video can confuse the community

Pokemon Co., Ltd. announced on August 22 that the battle world competition World Championships (WCS) for next year’s Pokemon will be held in Yokohama. As the community is excited about the tournament of the tournament, some Pokemon trainers seem to be appalled by the announcement. It is a production that suggests that the model of Kuchiba City is Yokohama.

Pokemon (Pokemon) is a popular RPG series that captures and nurtures Pokemon and aims to become a Pokemon master through battles. The world of this work is divided into regions, and every time a new work is released, it is customary that new regions are the main. For example, the first-generation Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu is set in the Kanto region modeled on the Kanto region of Japan. In subsequent works of generations, regions modeled on domestic geography and culture, such as the Jout region that reflect the Kinki and Chubu regions, and the Hoen region based on Kyushu. After the Pokemon Black White, overseas areas such as the United States and France have become motifs.

When the maps in each region in Pokemon are overlapped with the local maps of the actual model, it can be seen that the area is strongly reflected. In addition, the city that appears in the game has been strongly considered that the name and characteristics of the real place may be reflected. In the Canto region, it is thought that the city, Yamabukiti, which is the center of the region, is conscious of the Tokyo Metropolitan Mental Club.

Map of the actual Kanto region

It is clear that the Canto region models the Kanto region in Japan to some extent. However, there are extremely few official mentions for each city in the game and the real models of landmarks. Therefore, there are various theories in the consideration of fans. As an example, the Kuchiba City in the Can Tho region is located in the area of Chiba Prefecture, which is a real Chiba prefecture, and the Chiba Port model theory is rich in geography. On the other hand, there is an opinion that Yokohama Port is a model based on the setting of an international port town where luxury cruise ships also come. You can also think that the elements of Yokohama Port have been incorporated based on the area around Chiba Port. In any case, the idea that the bass of Kuchiba City is Chiba was also influential among fans.

However, the official side of Pokemon has thrown a stone in this idea, and some fan communities are currently boiling. The trigger was a video at the WCS closing ceremony, a Pokemon battle world competition. The tournament has long been held in overseas regions, mainly in the United States. From WCS 2020, it was held in London, England. At today’s WCS 2022 closing ceremony, it was announced that the next tournament will be Yokohama in Japan. There was a moment of attention in the presentation video.

In this video, the play video of the first generation Pokemon was projected. The protagonist walks is the cityscape of Kuchiba City, which is nothing but the other. When the screen is darkened, the word Vermilion City appears. However, the character was immediately canceled and replaced with the YOKOHAMA letter. The audience responded to this with loud cheers, and Junichi Masuda, an important person to develop the Pokemon series, shared the situation on his Twitter account.

And the announcement was one stone in the Kuchiba City = Chiba Prefecture theory. On the map of Pokemon, Kuchiba City is clearly located around the peninsula modeled on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. Yokohama, on the other hand, is a city located on the opposite bank across the sea. Nevertheless, the production of Yokohama is the name of Yokohama, which is the name of Kuchiba City, and the Yokohama is intended to suggest that Yokohama is Yokohama.

In addition, in the video, a star mark is hit on the map of Japan, indicating the next venue. However, the mark is not in Chiba or Yokohama. It is around the border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures. Speaking of the city, is it around Atami City to Odawara? If you model this, Kuchiba City will become a hot spring town like Houen region. Although it is an attractive location, the luxury cruise ship Santo Anne will not be anchored.

These shocking images have been resonated by fans on SNS. On the domestic Twitter, Kuchiba City is temporarily trended. The search by the word is a suggestion such as Kuchibaitity Chiba and Kuchiba City Yokohama, which seems to show confusion in the community. In addition, some users are scattered around the strangely misaligned star mark, It’s not Chiba or Yokohama, while others say, Odawara is Odawara. It is the birth of a new theory.

However, it seems that many fans will calmly accept this announcement video. The similarity between Kuchiba City and Yokohama has been found before, and some people are convinced that Yokohama is the base of Kuchiba City. In addition, it would be quick to use this announcement video to say only Yokohama models in Yokohama. In the first place, Kuchiba City is a fictional city of the Pokemon created by the development team. There is no contradiction even if it is a city that was created by combined techniques, such as Geography is Chiba, culture is Yokohama.

This time, it was a video mainly based on the announcement of the venue of the tournament. However, a small production that excites the announcement has led to the hearts of Pokemon fans. The cause may be the background of the Pokemon official side that the official side of the Pokemon has ever avoided the statement of the real model. However, it may be a gentle consideration to prevent the image of a fictional world from breaking. The Pokemon Battle World Tournament WCS 2023 will be held in Yokohama.

Pokemon alternative prior to: crypto

The MMO Untamed Isles might have been a wonderful choice for Pokémon followers without Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, the designers have actually developed their budget plan of greater than $ 500,000.

Pokémon alternative sheds every little thing in crypto accident

While the existing Pokémon games appear solely on the Nintendo Switch, lots of smaller sized programmer studios are working with bringing the prominent gameplay principle to the PC. Untamed Isles will possibly no more be successful . As the chief developer Joshua Give announces in an upgrade, the total spending plan has been lost by purchasing cryptocurrencies.

_ Hier you can see exactly how Untamed Isles would certainly have played: _.

Untamed Isles was originally funded by Kickstarter. There, even more than 3,000 followers supported the project with around 500,000 euros .

Untamed Isles: Teaser Trailer for the Pokémon alternative.

Pokémon alternative at the end: fans want their money back.


Untamed Isles will possibly no much longer be successful . Untamed Isles does not desire to offer up completely, but first maintain a hibernation. The fans of Untamed Isles are of training course not satisfied with the announcement. Many additionally feel behind the light , because Untamed Isles lately made a statements concerning brand-new web content as well as also announced a release date.

Untamed Isles does not wish to surrender totally, however first maintain a hibernation. Joshua Give is positive, that the crypto market stabilizes once again . He does not expose even more in-depth details on just how and also when the Pokémon alternative ought to proceed.

The fans of Untamed Isles are of program not pleased with the statement. Nevertheless, they are not simply waiting on a video game, a lot of them also funded it themselves. The fans are therefore now requiring a reimbursement. However, it is doubtful whether the programmers still have cash left. Lots of additionally really feel behind the light , because Untamed Isles recently made a statements regarding new web content and even introduced a launch day. There was no doubt of a prospective end of the job at all.

Published today: new free

Even in July, Nintendo does not dissatisfy his followers and publishes one more excellent totally free video game for the Nintendo Switch. As constantly, the new video game is readily available to the subscribers from Nintendo Switch Online free of charge, An added purchase is not essential as lengthy as a specific need is fulfilled. Which game has currently been released for the Switch as well as how you can play the video game at no additional price, you can find out here.

lots of game standards on the Switch

Currently in 2018, Nintendo began to give various inventive retro game classics at the Switch for subscribers from Nintendo Switch Online at no added prices. Nintendo (formerly) serves the platforms nes, SNES, MEGA Drive as well as N64. In the future, more might be added, such as Game Kid or GameCube, as always rumored.

At instead short periods, Nintendo launches brand-new additions for the retro libraries, once again today with a video game hit from previous days, which was initial released in 2000.

this is the brand-new ready the Switch!

This time around Nintendo fans obtain Pokémon Puzzle League Free on the Nintendo Switch (purchase now EUR 359.90), i.e. without further costs beside the on-line subscription. In the N64 traditional you experience a variety of characters of the early periods of the Pokémon anime, i.e. Ash Ketchum, Professor Eich and Co., as well as naturally additionally on renowned Pokémon like Pikachu and Mauzi.

At Pokémon Puzzle League, you have to align tinted tiles together and also remove them from the area. The game principle is reminiscent of such titles as Tetris or Puyo Puyo. At Multiplayer you can contend directly against your pals, which is equally as feasible at the Nintendo Switch as it was then on the Nintendo 64.

Pokémon Puzzle League was well received for the Nintendo 64 at the time around 22 years earlier as well as stood for the wedding of the initial Pokémon hypes, ** that had actually hit the entire globe and Germany at the time.

So you get the brand-new video game on the Switch

In order to be able to play the video game without an acquisition, i.e. without further prices on your switch, you need a registration to Nintendo Switch Online consisting of the growth plan. For this, Nintendo needs around 40 euros per year. If you choose a family members membership, you have to fork over concerning 70 euros a year, yet the registration can after that make use of up to 8 gamers at the same time.

To pay the charge for Nintendo Switch Online, you have several settlement alternatives offered: charge card, credit report card or PayPal. It is only sure that you end the subscription with the extension bundle. With the small subscription at half cost, you can access the NES and SNES standards, yet not to the Nintendo 64 library.

all N64 standards for the Nintendo Switch

With the launch of this day, gamers are currently available on the Switch proud 17 N64 retro timeless . Along with Pokémon Puzzle League, that’s: Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Lylat Battles, Yoshi’s Tale, Wrong & Punishment, Dr. Mario 64, Mario Tennis, Operation WinBack, Paper Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, The Tale of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, F-Zero X, Mario Golf, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Pokémon Snap. Nintendo has actually not yet announced which other N64 newbies will be pending in the next couple of months.

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Nintendo has actually not yet introduced which other N64 novices will certainly be pending in the next few months.

At Multiplayer ** you can complete straight against your good friends, which is just as feasible at the Nintendo Switch as it was after that on the Nintendo 64.

As always, the brand-new video game is available to the clients from Nintendo Switch Online totally free of charge, An extra purchase is not needed as long as a particular need is fulfilled. Already in 2018, Nintendo started to offer countless ingenious retro game classics at the Switch for customers from Nintendo Switch Online at no extra expenses. In the future, even more could be added, such as Video Game Boy or GameCube, ** as constantly reported.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Nintendo offers exclusive creatures in Japan through their films

The ninth generation n of Pokémon is approaching, and although we have launched bright diamond, shining pearl and legends Pokémon Arceus, remain the versions sword and shield those that remain in charge and the center of the center of the Competitive aspect, but what interests us today is the new wave of distributions that is reaching the game.

Distributions related to Pokémon movies

On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the license , votes had been opened in Japan to select three Pokémon films that would return to cinemas among all those released so far. The votes closed and we already have the results. The three films that have been chosen are:

  • Pokémon heroes: latios and latias
  • Jirachi and the wishes
  • Darkrai’s emergence

This is how the people who go to see them when they are available in theaters can recover a code that Pokémon will give them in their sword and shield versions:

When you go to see the movie Heroes Pokémon: Latios and Latias From August 11 to 18, you can obtain a code that gives you latias
When you go to see the movie Jirachi and the wishes from August 19 to 25, you can obtain a code that Jirachi gives you
*When you go to see the movie
The emergence of Darkrai from August 26 to 31, you can obtain a code that gives you Dialga in the shield and Palkia version in the sword version **


Will the distributions arrive to Europe?

If you are interested in any of the distributions seen above, you should know that ** it is very unlike Have one to have the corresponding Pokémon.

In the event that it is possible to recover them in Europe, you can count on us to inform yourself as soon as possible. Meanwhile, do not forget that the World Cups Pokémon approaches and is a safe bet that a distribution will be made at this time to have a strategic Pokémon.


Ride on the rail and put Pokemon! Pokemon Snap distributed to Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscriber

Nintendo has distributed Pokemonup at the online service Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack service Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online .

This is a camera action game released in 1999. As a Pokemon photographer, the player will take a picture of Pokemon while running on the rails on the rail, Pokemon Island where various Pokemon lives. Although it is not supported by the version delivered this time, it was also a hot topic that you could actually print photos by bringing a cassette to Lawson at that time. In 2021, the sequel NEW Pokemon Snap has been released.

More than 60 kinds of Pokemon have different gestures, such as poses and playing to the camera, and it is one of the attractions to discover various Pokemon. If you use Dogu given to Dr. Orchid, some Pokemon will respond different from usual, so you may have a great shutter opportunity.

Pokemon Snap is currently being distributed for Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. The official website also lists capture articles at the time.

How do APEX shadow Pokemon work in Pokemon Go?

Apex Shadow Pokémon is stronger versions of Shadow Pokémon with unique and very powerful special techniques. Like other shadow poems, APEX Shadow versions should be cleaned to increase their strength after capture. As soon as the APEX Shadow Pokemon are cleaned, they study an even stronger version of their special attack.

APEX Shadow Pokemon are first presented in Pokémon Go in the Johto Tour event as meetings for the execution of the Masterwork Research quest line. The first Pokemons of APEX Shadow in the game are Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-OH. These Pokemon appear with a bright purple aura and red eyes in the form of Apex Shadow.

After capturing the APEX Shadow Pokemon, the players will have the opportunity to clean Pokemon. Cleansing is Stardust and Candy, but makes Pokemon much stronger. Ordinary shadow Pokemon develop a weaker charged attack, but APEX shadow Pokemon get a huge improvement in their charged attack during cleaning.

For example, the APEX Shadow Lugia knows Aeroblast+proprietary attack, but after cleaning it changes to Aeroblast ++. These signatural attacks are significantly intensified when the Pokemon is cleaned, so it is recommended to try to clean them as soon as they are caught. APEX Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH are available only after passing the Johto Tour, which starts on February 26.


Additional Pokémon Go guides see Pokémon Go Grunts Guide: Lineup and Counters (February 2022) in Pro Game Guides.

The Pokemon franchise gets to 440 million games dispersed

It is for that reason no less than 60 million video games that The Pokémon Company distributed in the room of a year. Pokémon tales: arceus, gleaming diamond pokémon and gleaming pearl pokémon are important factors to this efficiency. The initial gathers 12.64 million duplicates sent out on March 31, 2022 while the remake tandem had actually placed 14.65 million devices. The workout additionally benefited from the launch of New Pokemon Snap. Note that with 440 million games, Pokémon is currently ahead of the volume of Telephone call of Responsibility (425 million games sold) and Grand Burglary Auto (375 million games sold).

In the wake of record economic results, The Pokémon Company updated its main internet site and also exposes that greater than 440 million Pokémon games were dispersed worldwide after March 2022, against 380 million a year earlier.

The Pokémon Company accomplished the very best cause its history during the last monetary year with a turn over of 1.4 billion euros (up 70%) and a web profit of 300 million euros (up 120%). As opposed to what one may think, the volume of video games dispersed is not the vital aspect of these summits. The benefits of The Pokémon Company were in truth traditionally unscientific (and even in red) until the launch of the Pokémon Go sensation in 2016, consisting of The Pokémon Company shares fruit with Niantic. The sales of the Switch over games, them, advantage most importantly in the accounts of Nintendo, which co-designs The Pokémon Company with Creatures as well as Video Game Fanatic.

Free for Nintendo Switch: Pokemon

Do you ask for a few old Pokémon episodes? We have excellent information for you. On your Nintendo Switch you can see old as well as more recent episodes of the anime absolutely free.

Netflix for Pokémon fans-also offered on the Switch

The Nintendo Switch is not especially understood for its vast array of streaming offers: No Netflix, No Amazon.com Prime or various other service providers for series and also movies. A minimum of the Pokémon fans amongst you need to currently look ahead to the complying with new app: Pokémon television.

Pokémon television supplies you a number of old such as brand-new seasons of the cult series and some various other specials. The application is now complimentary in the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch or for download online web browser. There is likewise no added settlement models or aggravating advertising in the application.

What does the free app deal you?

In the remarks, followers criticize the announcement trailer that there are not all periods in the application. Nevertheless, there are a great deal of binge expect both nostalgics as well as new followers:

periods of the series

  • Pokémon: Indigo League (period 1).
  • Pokémon: Orange Organization (period 2).
  • Pokémon-The television series: XY (period 17).
  • Pokémon-The TV series: XY-Exploration in Kalos (season 18).
  • Pokémon-The TV series: XYZ (season 17).
  • Pokémon-The television series: Sunlight & Moon (season 20).
  • Pokémon-The TV series: Sunlight & Moon-Ultra Adventure (period 21).
  • Pokémon-The TV series: Sun & Moon-Ultra Legends (Period 22).
  • Pokémon Reisen: The series (period 23).
  • Pokémon Master vacationers: The series (period 24).

Pokémon TV provides you a number of old such as brand-new seasons of the cult series and some various other specials. The application is currently complimentary in the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch or for download on the Net browser. There is additionally no additional settlement versions or aggravating advertising in the app.

Junior .

Do you ask for a few old Pokémon episodes? On your Nintendo Switch you can see old and also newer episodes of the anime for free.

  • Pokémon: Advancement.
  • Bidiza provides everything.

Pokken Tournament DX FREE Download for Switch!
* Pokémon: Zwielichtschwingen (series unique).
* Pokémon generations (series special).
* Pokémon Origins (series special).

  • Pokémon Children Television.

Special deals .

Thus far there was only Pokémon TV for mobile devices as well as wise TV. With the launch on the Nintendo Switch, the application ought to lastly reach a bigger audience and make the stream of the beloved series a lot more accessible both in portable mode and also on the large display.

Best attackers and movetets in Pokemon Go

If you want to add pretty much the pain, you should make sure that you have a stacked team Pokémon Go . If you find these specific Pokémon, you can put together the best available teams, and if you follow our guide, you can find out whether your favorite pokemon is on the list.

We will talk about who is the strongest in addition to some honorary mentions, with the main highlight to the winner. Let us get started without further ado and find out who the best attackers in Pokemon Go are and which trains you should concentrate on!

Beetle type – Mega Beedrill

We start Mega Beedrill under first place for the bug type Pokémon.

MEGA-BEEDRILL statistics

  • Max CP 3.383
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 303
  • Defense: 128
  • Endurance: 163


If you want to fully exploit this Pokémon, you should make sure that you have both beetle bite or infestation as Fast Move and X-scissors ready for your charged attack.

With places second and three we made it Shadow Pinsir and Shadow Scizor. If you have one of these three in your team, you can quickly and painlessly secure a win.

Dark type – mega absolutely

To be a light in the dark, you will find mega absolutely The wildest attacker for the dark Pokémon .

MEGA-ABSOL statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.301
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 314
  • Defense: 130
  • Endurance: 163

If you want to use mega absolutely to your full advantage, you should growl with couples as your almost move and dark pulse as your charged movement. The use of this Pokémon can quickly cause massive damage while it is punished.

We rounded off second and third place Mega Houndoom and Shadow Tyranitar. Both are great options if you have them too!

Drachentype – Shadow Salamence

If you want to show the power dragon type you just have to bring with you Shadow Salamence to the party!

Schattensalamence statistics:

  • Max. CP: 4.239
  • Maximum HP: 183
  • Attack: 277
  • Defense: 168
  • Endurance: 216

If you really want to demonstrate the strength that Shadowalameal on offer with which you want to combine it dragon cock for your quick move and Draco Meteor for your chart move. You will also find that shadow dragonit and mega-glurak x in this situation will be your second and third strongest Pokémon of the type dragon!

electrical type – Shadow Raikou

At the top of the pack is the mighty legendary Pokémon shadow Raikou . With this Pokémon you will find a quick and effective attacker with impressive statistics.

Shadow Raikou-Statistiken

  • Maximum CP: 3452
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 241
  • Verteidigung: 195
  • Endurance: 207

In order to make full use of your speed and attack power, you should have your paddock Schadten-Raiku on with Donnerschlag for your quick move and wild load for your charged train. Second and three for the electrical type We have shadow electrovir and shadow zapdos . Some great options all around you can choose from!

Feentype – Shadow Guardevoir

A fan favorite Pokémon since its foundation, Shadow Guardevoir is not only one of the coolest design, but one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, especially in this shadow form.

Shadow Guardevoir statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.497
  • Maximum HP: 145
  • Attack: 237
  • Defense: 195
  • Endurance: 169

You will find yourself with a more capable Fairy type Pokemon with this choice and pair them with charm for your quick move and clairvoyant for your charged move you can do the competition Sweeping the floor. You will find that Shadow Granbull and Togekiss come to second and third place, but you will have a great Pokémon with each of them!

Kampftyp – Shadow Machamp

For our battle type Pokemon, you will find that Shadow Machamp is the strongest in the group. With some great movements and a lot of attack and endurance, it will be almost impossible for you to overtake them.


  • Max. CP: 3.455
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 234
  • Defense: 159
  • Endurance: 207

Pair this battle type with switch as your Fast Move, and dynamic blow For your chart move you will find that you are almost unstoppable against every opponent. We rounded off second and third place Schatten-Hariyama and Lukas which are both impressive!

Feuertyp – Mega Charizard Y

With the new revisions to mega development you will find that Mega-Glurak rounds off the package at the top of its class.

MEGA Charizard Y-Statistics

  • Max. CP: 4.455
  • Maximum HP: 158
  • Attack: 319
  • Defense: 212
  • Endurance: 186

Pairing Mega-Glurak Y with Feuer-Spin for your quick move and explosion fire For your Chart Move, you give you a Pokémon that can destroy pretty much everything. With places second and three we made it mega-glurak x and shadow Ho-oh, who also have some rather impressive statistics.

flying type – shadow moltres

Come to the top of the game for flight types, shadow moltres is not only another legendary Pokémon, but also one that is caused by Shadow.

Shadow Moltres statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.917
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 251
  • Defense: 181
  • Endurance: 207

Pairing Shadow moltres with the movements wing attack for your quick move and overheat Because your charged movement will bring you to the top in every fight you face. To round off this, we have mega pidgeot and moltres make the list again in non-shadow form .

ghost type – mega Gengar

Mega-gengar fights hard for first place, but his place here is well-deserved because they are extremely powerful, but also versatile.

See also

Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Path: Should you choose Charizard, Venusaur or Blastoise

mega-gengar statistics

  • Max. CP: 4.902
  • Maximum HP: 134
  • Attack: 349
  • Defense: 199
  • Endurance: 155

An absolute monster in attack, pairing Shadow claw for your quick move with Shadowball As Charemt Move, you win almost everything your opponents can counter you. The package is rounded off by the legendary Giratina and chandelier.

grazing type – mega venusaur

It is once Big Boy season Mega Venusaurier comes out to play, offers some amazing statistics and is a welcome addition to every team


  • Max. CP: 4.181
  • Maximum HP: 162
  • Attack: 241
  • Defense: 246
  • Endurance: 190

Pair this mega Evolved Pokemon with wine whip for your fast attack * and * wild plant for your charged attack you can record it with everything. This list is rounded off by shadow vusaurier and Schadten-Tangrowth which are both quite capable of themselves.

soil type – knawrack

Bring the pain to land and sea, Knawrack takes the cake when it comes to being the strongest Bodenart Pokémon.


  • Max. CP: 4.479
  • Maximum PS: 201
  • Attack: 261
  • Defense: 193
  • Endurance: 239

It is crazy how powerful this Pokémon is and how it is paired with it kite tail for your quick move and outrage for your charged movement you survive everything out there. We rounded off the pack in places two and three Shadow Mamoswine and Demeteros (Therian Forme) .

EISTYP – Shadow Mamoswine

While it was not the first place in the type category, Shadow Mamoswine it takes it available for the Eistyp ** Pokémon in the game.

Shadow Mamoswine statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.763
  • Maximum HP: 203
  • Attack: 247
  • Defense: 146
  • Endurance: 242

A powerful ICE type is a great thing that you have and paired powder snow for your quick move and avalanche because your Chart Move will bring you to the top almost every time. Second and three in this category we have mega abomasnow and Schattenweavile.

poison type – mega beedrill

Not only take first place once, you will find that Mega Beedrill is also excellent poison type also Pokémon!

MEGA-BEEDRILL statistics

  • Max CP 3.383
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 303
  • Defense: 128
  • Endurance: 163

If you want to use your poison type for your full advantage, you should use toxic floor as your Fast Move and mud bomb as your charged movement to ensure that you can bring the pain. We have occupied places in two and three mega-gengar and shadow victreebell.

mental type – shadow…

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