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God of War Ragnarok: Players complain of delay in the delivery of the physical version by Amazon

God of War Ragnarök was released on Wednesday (9), but that does not mean that everyone who purchased the game received it on the right date. Some lucky ones received before, as some dealers simply sent the game… and that’s where the leaks came up. This time the dealers are delaying delivery and this is something that has happened to other titles at other times.

Players complain about the delivery of Go Ragnarök

If you write God of War Ragnarök Delay on Google, you will see that there are not a few occurrences. This concerns several dealers, but Amazon simply suffered too many complaints.

Many buyers claim that the delivery date has been changed without notice, being postponed in a week. It is understandable that there is irritation, as we are talking about customers who made the pre-purchase, hoping to have the game in hand as soon as possible.

This contrasts a lot with customers who pre-purchase and received the game more than a week before the release. Many of the leaks and spoilers of God of War Ragnarök came from this error of dealers.

Amazon in Complain Here

On Amazon’s Complaint Here page you can see a dissatisfied client flood. Most of the last complaints concern God of War Ragnarök.

The company has not yet commented on what happened, but we know that this type of delay is quite common in the release of games in azil. Still, she is answering some customers. It remains to be seen how the company intends to resolve this issue.

Amazon has a huge size and continues to sell God of War Ragnarök units. There is no news of mass-type complaints from other countries, so it is a likely logistics error in azil.

On Reddit we see some customers fearing a supposed delay, but they didn’t say if it really happened. Some players replied that they were about to receive the game.

Win or fall short? Gamer acquires PS5

A couple of weeks back, Sony revealed that there will certainly also be a unique PS5 bundle for the release of God of War Ragnarök, which has the Sony console and the most recent experience from Rates and also ATREUS. A (UN) happy gamer has apparently currently obtained the desirable package right into her hands-although she really did not want it in any way (via game rant).

That occurred specifically: As Twitter individual Rashida Smith composes, she really wished to get the PS5 bundle with Call of Task Modern Warfare 2 directly from Sony. What she eventually received is not only Smith himself surprises: Rather of the MW2 bundle, Sony has apparently sent out a PS5 with each other with God of War Ragnarök. The player therefore obtains over 8000 sort on Twitter.

As proof, Smith shows a photo of the bundle that in fact just appears on November 9:

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As the user creates, she has already pre-ordered Ragnarök individually. The wanted MW2 bundle was meant for a close friend. It is uncertain whether Smith will send the package back to Sony or otherwise.

Note : Although a photo of the bundle was posted, it can still be a fake. It can not be confirmed whether the individual actually got the bundle.

Because the Ragnarök-PS5 package includes only a code for the game and also no disc, Smith needs to be impossible to play off before the launch.

Just recently released Santa Monica a statement on early sales of God of Battle Ragnarök and the resulting looters that are now circulating online:

Dealership sells God of Battle Ragnarök 2 weeks early and Cory Barlow is effectively consumed.

61 3.

Extra on the topic.


Gamer currently had the opportunity to play the upcoming PlayStation special for 8 hrs prior to the release and also thus accumulate a great deal of impressions. Right here you can review the first conclusion regarding God of War Ragnarök by coworker Eleven, that was able to acknowledge a great deal from the precursor from 2018 in the game.

God of Battle Ragnarök will be launched in a few days.

That occurred specifically: As Twitter individual Rashida Smith writes, she in fact wanted to order the PS5 bundle with Phone call of Obligation Modern Warfare 2 straight from Sony. What she ultimately received is not just Smith himself shocks: Rather of the MW2 package, Sony has apparently sent a PS5 together with God of War Ragnarök. As the customer writes, she has currently pre-ordered Ragnarök individually. The preferred MW2 bundle was planned for a buddy. It is uncertain whether Smith will send the package back to Sony or not.

You can see the launch trailer for the most up-to-date experience from Rates as well as ATREUS below:.

God of War Ragnarök is no more long in coming as well as celebrates its launch on PS4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022.

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