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An exhilarating combo that is squeezed with sword and magic! 2D horizontal Sukero RPG Shadow of the Guild released

GUILD STUDIO has released the 2D horizontal scroll action RPG Shadow of the Guild for PC (Steam).

This work is a 2D action RPG in a belt scroll form that uses swords, magic and stealth assassination, and is based on the work Rain Merchant Guild based on French individual developers/writer Robin Benson. Fantasy.

The planet Arabia, covered with sand, is rare water. People have secured water from the giant commercial organization Guild of Rain, but the evil emperor Hello III, who is evil to turn over the hegemony, stands up his own fleet. Players will decide on a combo by combining magic spells, stealth assassination, and warriors’ power, breaking down the enemies of Hello III.


Major features

It features an RPG element that grows through the skilled world of illustration-like style and grows through the skills’ tree of warriors/magical/assassin, and a refreshing combo action that makes full use of swords and magic. In addition to defeating the enemy, it seems that you can find side quests and hidden aisles by searching the area. There is also a tribute to the masterpiece action Prince of Persian .

The 2D horizontal scroll action RPG Shadow of the Guild, which decides a refreshing combo with a sword and magic, is distributed for PC (Steam) for PC (Steam) for 25%off 1,050 yen until November 18.

How do APEX shadow Pokemon work in Pokemon Go?

Apex Shadow Pokémon is stronger versions of Shadow Pokémon with unique and very powerful special techniques. Like other shadow poems, APEX Shadow versions should be cleaned to increase their strength after capture. As soon as the APEX Shadow Pokemon are cleaned, they study an even stronger version of their special attack.

APEX Shadow Pokemon are first presented in Pokémon Go in the Johto Tour event as meetings for the execution of the Masterwork Research quest line. The first Pokemons of APEX Shadow in the game are Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-OH. These Pokemon appear with a bright purple aura and red eyes in the form of Apex Shadow.

After capturing the APEX Shadow Pokemon, the players will have the opportunity to clean Pokemon. Cleansing is Stardust and Candy, but makes Pokemon much stronger. Ordinary shadow Pokemon develop a weaker charged attack, but APEX shadow Pokemon get a huge improvement in their charged attack during cleaning.

For example, the APEX Shadow Lugia knows Aeroblast+proprietary attack, but after cleaning it changes to Aeroblast ++. These signatural attacks are significantly intensified when the Pokemon is cleaned, so it is recommended to try to clean them as soon as they are caught. APEX Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH are available only after passing the Johto Tour, which starts on February 26.


Additional Pokémon Go guides see Pokémon Go Grunts Guide: Lineup and Counters (February 2022) in Pro Game Guides.

Netflix announces 4 new games: La Cseriesa de Papel, Lady Gambit and more

Netflix continues to demonstrate that it is serious in its plans to expand beyond the usual contents on its platform. Video games are one of its main objectives, and during the Geeked Week 2022 hseries announced several more, some focused on its main success series: Lady Gambit and the paper house are some of the most of the most of the most outstanding. Then we leave you the trailers of all.

Queen’s Gambit Chess

Lady Gambit is one of the most popular series that we can find in the platform catalog, and how could it be otherwise, the video game is committed to chess games and include online multiplayer.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies

Shadow and Bone ( Shadow and bone in Spanish) is a fantseriestic series set in a world divided by two by a magical barrier. The game hseries barely shown us an image, so we will have to wait for Netflix to share more details.

The paper house: Money Heist

One of the most successful series of recent years, which will now allow us to become the authentic protagonists thanks to a third-person action experience. fighting, puzzles, exploration and stealth , all under a visual cartoon section.


Lucky Luna

In this cseriese we are not facing a title bseriesed on any of its productions, but on a new intellectual property. It is a Pixel Art platforms, in which we must meseriesure each jump, dodge traps and even fly to the back of a giant insect.

The video games also adapt to the cinema

Netflix is also focused on movies and series on video games , and these days it is sharing a lot Synonym of success, despite urban legends that indicate that the mixture does not usually go well.

[Reviews] Brain Shutches that can be experienced by 50,000 won

The next day the world must be destroyed,

Shadow Warrior 3 was released. A game of Di Volb Digital, which is a distributor of Di Volb Digital, which is a distributor of a large number of masterpieces inadigomes and tastes (not good or bad).

The lightness and instinct that are not finished with the end of the limit is faithful to the game design. Otaku Ninja, who is a good body, to the whole body, is a very good concept that pursues peace in the world in the world where something is strange. Shadow Warrior was never a game series that could never stay in the best place, but it’s still a series of popularity.

Besides, this time, I came to Korean. It is a fairly important part. More than half of the cuts are a game with language play and horse mischievous, but if you do not understand properly, the ultimate fun of the game will not be delivered. If the domestic fandom was virtually close to the problem of Korean notchiva in the previous manicity, this work means that this work will be made in Korea.

However, a few days ago, the comprehensive evaluation is somewhat subtle. An ambiguous score of 70 points. It is often saying ‘the area of ​​Ho-Ho Ho’. Even if only 80 points, this score in the yard, a normal good game, means that this score is a problem. Of course, in recent years, the score of the richness is to be in the past, but the score of multiple reviews is the same as that.

Game name : Shadow Warrior 3 (Shadow Warrior3)
Classic : Shooter
Release date : 2022.03.02.


Developer : Flying Wild Hog
Services : Di Bolber Digital
Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox ONE

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Please do not even think about it for a while.

I look like this when I look at meditation related content on TV and YouTube. I will know how difficult it is to abandon complex thoughts and obsessions and compete with the head, I do not want to think about it, and I forget the experience that I did not live again, and I feel like I could feel it even if I did not live.

However, there is an easy way. ‘Shadow Warrior 3’. This game does not require a thought to the gamer to the end from the beginning of the game. Just like a crow that puts a border in a trash can for food, just enough thinking. The basic game design is a rail shooter that does not necessarily need to think of it, but it does not have a puzzle, and it is not necessary to plan specifically to crush the enemy. Just sleep well, shoot well, and kill well.

This is the ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ essence and advantages, and weakness . Throughout the game, players can instinctively swallow without thinking, and shoot a gun. Shadow Warrior 3’s battle cyclists are complementary, resulting in achievements, when they treated with a knife, the ammo falls, and when the gun is treated, the stamina drops. The executed executing that is pressed by pressing the ‘Q’ key is the only variable of the battle situation, which can be obtained by pulling out the enemy’s weapon, pulling the trapping of the capture, and temporarily putting a doubling of the tension,

Other sequences other. So, if you get a new item, pioneer the path, or the moment you change the map, and the change of the map is treated as a cut. There is no need to have a gamer to have a new item or a new item or a weapon. It is just right in front of the eye at the time of need, and the difficulty of directing is solved by a cut scene with a joke.

For this reason, the “shadow Warrior 3” is a fun of the fun of the fun, which seems to differ from the recent other games. To be honest, it is fun to be close to the drama or movie rather than having fun as a game. Of course, this method itself is not. There are also a gamer layer that preferes a game that is not necessary to think in the first time, among the common “brain empty” game, saying,

Because of the time, it is a suitable game for spending exciting time without any thoughts. It is a joking and a joke that laughs in the real jokes, and smiles in the play, shoot all the enemies that the front door to the front of the eyes, slice, and slices. This time is clearly fun and fun. However, as opposed to think, Shadow Warrior 3 can not make more fun. The perfect simplicity is the advantage of Shadow Warrior 3, which is the advantage of Shadow Warrior 3.

As soon as it is simple comparison, it is necessary to write a lot of hair than I thought in the case of “Doom (Rebut), which is the most similar to Shadow Warrior 3 among the masterpiece. Deeply distressed the puzzle, not a personality that reveals the secrets of the map, but it should be undergoing decades of judgment in a short time for more efficient combat. However, ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is not. Usually, the enemies of difficulty are just enough to have a knife.

From the beginning of the game to the end, the fun of ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is only based on the two fillers of fun and a joke & joking, and the game played, and by the time the game plays, it will no longer expect something to do in this game.. It is new to the new weapon, the only freshness and newness, and the game play itself is the same as the beginning of the game from the beginning of the game to the end.

** Why is the game these days?

If the game design that does not require the idea is the area where the enemy is called the Hojongho, the disappearance of the game is an area that corresponds to ‘obstacles’. ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ also did not escape from the fashion of the ‘Sorry Optimal Optimization Performance’ that the PC version of the multi-platform game that leads to a steady ‘last year. The recommended specifications of the video card are GTX 1080, and the RTX 3080, which is a performance card above the two generations, is also felt intermittent frame drops. In the cut scene that the free rendering has been achieved, it will simply feel the problem of video optimization, but also other defects.

In addition, in a resolution monitor that exceeds a 16: 9 ratio, it is very difficult to actually be very difficult to play. The reporter’s monitor is 32: 9, and when the game is usually played, the game is in the window mode of 21: 9, and the aspect ratio changes the aspect ratio at a wide resolution of 16: 9, which is the base resolution of the game.

Generally, the shooter game increases the horizontal resolution, and the center of the screen is in the form of maintaining a 16: 9 ratio as it is. Changes close to the form. Only the screen has been large, and the game senses mean that it causes a dizziness and awkward to wear an enlarged lens with an enlarged lens.

This perspective treatment is too uncomfortable to run in 16: 9 window mode, and the resolution is fixed to 1280 x 720. In 21: 9 resolution, resolution adjustment is possible as a predetermined preset. In 16: 9, the function is locked at all, and drag the window end to the mouse and turns it to a small window again. Eventually, I had to play the game at somewhat uncomfortable after a review. It is a part that can be solved a little while, but it is a very unpleasant part of game play.

If so, ‘Korean’ is not perfect, one of the best advantages of the game and the top advantages of the three. I thought it was a kind of inorganic operation of the weapon manipulation, and I thought it was wrong, and I thought I was wrong, and I could notice that I was wrong with the “CHANGE” to see ‘CHARGE’.

Fortunately, the toughness and jokes that lead to the game play are relatively good, but they have a lot of aforages in the interface, but because of this, I doubted the English pronunciation while I suspected that I understand the game. It may be a pretty decent way to increase the English skills, but it is a mape negative element.

Can I be an answer to one of the benefits?

One word seems to be sure to do it.


Nevertheless this game is really fun

As a matter of saying that it would be a negative part of the game, it was discussed the time of the game based on the components and levels of the generic game, and the nature of the game is ‘fun’, “Shadow Warrior 3” is clearly Meet this. Perhaps, thanks to that, despite numerous sorry, it may be often a score that is often scored in the middle of 70 points.

Therefore, the evaluation of the game called ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is that there is somewhat controversial depending on where the standards of a good game are. ‘Fun’ is placed on its own, but it is because it is a fennel when the game is illuminated. The short volume of the game also shall be a part of the game that is extremely divided according to the evaluation criteria. It is an obvious disadvantage that it is fast for four hours, long, and the game volume that ends, and the absence of a multiplayer and a new game + is a clear disadvantage. If you are a person who does not have tomorrow, I may enjoy it.

However, in situations that do not feel uncomfortable with the game external, it dilutes the disadvantage of the short volume that the first six hours of the first six hours. There are several parts of the game. Flying Wild Hogs show that it is the first single advantage of the first single play experience that is the first single play experience than eliminating the disadvantages.

It is a part of how the development direction of the series is caught in the development direction of the series is incompatible, but it is not necessary to dismiss it without having to worry, but it is not necessary to worry about the first side that was close to the root shooter.

In conclusion, ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is a very interesting game, but it is a work that is not worth playing twice, and the problem is that the game is external. There was a lot of single players in weapons, and there were many of them, and as many of them exist, there seems to be one of the shadows of Shadow Warrior. However, the reality is not easy. The game is too short, the price is too high. The price of 51,000 won. I do not want to play a game with a gamer for a time in an hour.

There is fun. But that is only. The game should continue to be informed. Shadow Warrior 3 is not that. One is fun, but there is no next. And even at a time, it has no reason for three times because of a simple design, so it has no reason for three times. It is not cheaper on such a subject. If you want to have a precious time that you have to have a precious time that is a precious time that is the last game of life today, I will be a pretty decent choice, but I do not know if this game is not a fan, like a fan.

Test: Shadow Warrior 3 (PS4) – A very 2014 shooter game

Shadow Warrior 3 could unfold in the ruins ravaged by the demons of a futuristic Japan, but the game itself looks like a return to the early 2010s. The protagonist Lo Wang pleasant constantly, breeze the fourth wall and uses his own Name for jokes on dick while he auditionne to be the next Ryan Reynolds. There is parkour, grapples and a focus on lightweight gore. The term “panda trash” is dusted and used to describe a raccoon.

It may seem unfair to focus as much on the style of the suite, but it is so difficult not to do it when comedy attempts are so frequent and so exhausting. All jokes are there: word games that Lo Wang defends consciously, replacing the lyrics of the songs of the 80s by “showerbag”. The protagonist hardly has time to breathe, not to mention the game.

Because comic friction aside, Shadow Warrior 3 can be a deliciously chaotic shooting game. This simplifies things: six firearms, limited health and many enemies designed creatively to keep you on your guard. The 11 missions of the game are distributed among arena style combat parts and high-flying crossing sections, both as tight than the others. The addition of the race to the wall, air-dashing and the Grapple of Lo Wang creates great free-run players, as well as adding a vertical element to the fight.

The shooter is at its peak towards the end of his eight-hour campaign when your screen is flooded with enemies. Pushing dozens of kamikazes decorated with dynamite while pulling rockets on four-armed sombrero samurao is really exhilarating, while the culminating dragon hunting of the game is visually impressive. There is obviously a lot of heart in Shadow Warrior 3.

But there is also the price of 40 £ to take into account. For a campaign as short and sometimes very similar, it seems too expensive – especially when Shadow Warrior 2 had so much extra chewing content.

Simple but tight, Shadow Warrior 3 is a solid shooting game with some occasional excitement flashes. It’s a shame that comedy attempts to lose their lives – and 40 £ for an eight-hour campaign is barely a good value for money.

  • Chaotic fight
  • Tight crossing
  • Keep things simple
  • Fantastic enemy design

  • The comedy falls flat

17 Minutes of Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay
* A disappointing sequence
* High price for a short game

Not bad 6/10

Rating policy
Revision copy provided by Devolver Digital

Can Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho

It has just been announced that Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh at the upcoming tour: Johto-Event will occur Pokémon Go . These two legendary Pokémon from the Gen II Johto region are back, along with several other Johto-Pokémon. This is the first time that Apex Shadow Pokemon appears in Pokemon Go. The question is, Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh Shiny can be?

Can Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go be shiny?

Unfortunately, Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh can not be Shiny . Team Go Rocket has never captured a legendary Shiny-Pokémon and transformed into a Shadow Pokémon, and with the announcement of Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh, it looks like this trend will continue.

While these are sad news, the good news is that both regular versions of Lugia and Ho-OH will be shiny during the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto-Events. Depending on whether you decide for the gold or silver version, Shiny Ho-Oh will have an increased drop rate for gold and Shiny Lugia will have an increased drop rate for silver .

Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

When it comes to tour: Johto goes, there is a lot about which you can look forward to. One of the biggest surprises is the new access of Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh. And let me tell you how you look, you will be serious meta-candidates with your new skills.

When trainers go through the master research line, they will meet both APEX Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia and can capture them **. Both Apex Shadow versions of Lugia and Ho-Oh are not only stronger as soon as they are cleaned, they become even stronger. Here’s all we know about Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia:


  • Apex Shadow Ho-Oh : Apex Shadow Ho-Oh knows Sacred Fire +, a stronger version of Sacred Fire. When Apex Shadow Ho-Oh is cleaned, Sacred Fire + changes to Sacred Fire ++.
    • Holy Fire + : Trainer: 130 Power, Arenas and Raids: 135 Power
    • Holy Fire ++ : Trainer: 130 Power, Arenas and Raids: 155 Power
  • Apex Shadow Lugia : Apex Shadow Lugia knows aeroblast +, a stronger version of aeroblast. When Apex Shadow is cleaned Lugia, aeroblast + changes to aeroblast ++.
    • Holy Aeroblast + : Trainer: 170 Power, Arenas and Raids: 200 Power
    • Holy Aeroblast ++ : Trainer: 170 Power, Arenas and Raids: 225 Power

And there you have it, Shiny Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH do not exist in Pokemon Go (still press the thumbs), but they are still very exciting and normal Ho-Oh and Lugia are Shiny. Further news and instructions on Pokemon GO can be found as always on our page with Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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Shadow Warrior 3 Finally Date Your launch: Take the first 2 games of the saga if you reserve it

After expecting patiently since its delay, the next title published by Return Digital, Shadow Warrior 3, finally has an official launch date. The next March 1 , we can go to the savage and bloody world of this delivery, with a pre-sale offer perfect for all the firsts to the world of Shadow Warrior.

You will receive an aspect for your Katina if you reserve the game The confirmation of the date was courtesy of the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores, themselves that reveals information about some rewards when booking the game. According to official descriptions, the Pre-sale Bundle will give you Shadow Warrior 1, Shadow Warrior 2, and a limited edition look for your Katina in Shadow Warrior 3.


It is worth mentioning, that Steam did not reveal the same information present in Sony and Microsoft stores, so we still can not rule out the possibility that the title reaches PC on a different day, or that it will not offer The same pre-sale rewards.

For those who do not know the title, Shadow Warrior 3 is an FPS that puts us in the shoes of Wang , who has the mission of facing a dragon that he liberated from his prison. To achieve this, we will visit several locations around the world, and we will be accompanied by Gore, surrealist weapons, and a lot of action.

In addition to many weapons , Shadow Warrior 3 will present many varied enemies, and we will have to sacking them (literally), if we want to advance through history, which will last approximately 8 hours, according to the words of return digital.

Return digital brings your hair to Dying Light 2: This is the curious duration of Shadow Warrior 3

Leaving apart the joke, the toot has left us the duration of Shadow Warrior 3, which doing mathematical operation would remain in a video game of simply over 8 hours . However, and also, although we already know that Tech land was referring to 500 hours to entirely finish the entire video game, Return Digital does not clear up if its time focuses on the main campaign or in the total title.


Shadow Warrior 3 will require little even more than 8 hrs of video game Shadow Warrior 3 will need 500 hrs to complete 60 times , joke from the main game of the game. We are chatting about returning digital, who stand out in the sector for both their games and by their sense of wit in all kinds of locations. If you are interested in both this agitated shooter and also for passing it by 60 times, you currently understand all the hrs you must spend.

Either as it is, the public has managed to call once again interest on his shooter, since he has actually already caught the rate of interest of a good handful of category fans for the speed up of his proposition, his different adversaries as well as surrealist tools that is They have revealed so much. And it does not lack much so that we can test our abilities with the shots, given that, although the delivery has suffered a delay, it appears to be released at early 2022 .

Dying Light 2 is just one of the most anticipated games for the Steam community, so Tech land intends to depend on expectations with a video game as enjoyable as possible. Consequently, he announced that it obtains 100% of the title would certainly need around 500 hours, although this figure is plainly minimized if we talk only of get over the project , which would certainly have to do with 20 hrs. This pouring of info captured the interest of a great part of the Net users, as well as now Return digital revitalizes the subject with an event over Shadow Warrior 3.

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