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Dead by Daylight Teaser: Terminator Coming Soon – Get Ready for the Ultimate Battle!

The teaser listed below is the only thing we need to go off of right now, and it just reveals about 30 seconds of content to mine for hints as to what’s coming. We do get the title of the next Chapter at the end of the teaser, however, with Behavior saying that we’ll discover more about Tools of Torment on February 15th.

Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive is teasing a brand-new Killer, and it’s one that looks a great deal like something akin to the Terminator. A brief teaser shared on social networks displayed a skull equipped with some hi-tech equipment that definitely indicates this Killer will lean more into sci-fi than it does the supernatural compared to a lot of the rest of the Killers in the video game’s lineup. In line with how Behavior typically manages these teases, a complete reveal is coming quickly.

At a look, the teaser definitely releases Terminator vibes. Schematics laying on a table reveal the ambitions of whoever’s crafted this apparatus the skull has on, and the skull itself has something resembling an eye patch that definitely invokes the image of a Terminator’s fiery red eyes.

Is the Terminator Pertaining To Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is no stranger to licensed Killers provided that whatever from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to Problem on Elm Street remains in the game, however is this Killer actually going to become part of an official Terminator Chapter?

Based upon what’s shown in the teaser trailer, it’s probably not going to be a main Terminator crossover. For one, the skull in the teaser seems a genuine human skull and not one constructed of metal, so that breaks what we’ve seen from the Terminator movies. The red glow from the mouth is the very same case– it’s close to what we’d anticipate from a Terminator, however not rather on-target enough to be a clear reference.


What remains in Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Chapter?


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  • Dead by Daylight Roadmap Updated with New Content

That roadmap says that we’ll get a brand-new Killer and a brand-new Survivor in March, so this Chapter ought to bring about both of those. There’s no mention of a new map, however, so don’t wager on seeing that consisted of in the DLC.

If it’s not really the Terminator, what’s in this next Chapter? A sci-fi-style Killer at a minimum, and the most recently updated roadmap for the game offers a concept of what else is planned.

Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive is teasing a new Killer, and it’s one that looks an entire lot like something akin to the Terminator. Based on what’s revealed in the teaser trailer, it’s probably not going to be an official Terminator crossover. For one, the skull in the teaser looks to be a real human skull and not one made out of metal, so that goes versus what we have actually seen from the Terminator motion pictures. The red radiance from the mouth is the very same case– it’s close to what we’d anticipate from a Terminator, but not quite on-target adequate to be a clear reference.

Dead by Daylight There are Wong Survivor Perks & Habilidades

Dead By Daylight will continue to evolve with the launch of Resident Evil’s next collaboration: Project W. The next update is quickly approaching and is ready to be implemented with a new wave of content, including two new survivors. Ada Wong, the enigmatic spy of the underworld, is one of the next survivors in Chapter 25 of Dead By Daylight. That said, we have it covered with a detailed breakdow

Ada Wong Survivor Perks & Skills at Dead By Daylight Project W

Image source: Interactive behavior

Each Survivor of Dead By Daylight is pre-chipated with certain powers, and Ada Wong will not be an exception. The unique advantages of her highlight her adaptability to face impossible situations and will make you feel a highly trained double agent.

Although Ada Wong’s advantages have not yet been officially announced, we already have an advance of her skills before her launch, thanks to a remarkable data mining by DAd by Daylight. The survivor has the following advantages:

  • Reagent Healing: obtains a wave of healing when her allies are injured.

Low profile *: Don’t trace when you get to the final survivor.
Wire trap *: This allows Killer to spy.

Dead in the daylight Ada Wong Bio

In addition to that, the filter also managed to extract data from the description of Ada Wong’s game.

All about Ada Wong was an enigma. Her story. Her nationality: her loyalty, her reasons, even her real name was a mystery. Was she a corporate spy that worked against the Umbrella corporation? Was she loyal to Albert Wesker? Or was she a double agent? And why did she go after the parasite of the pests? Clearly, she was a trained murderer. An expert in arms with advanced training in martial arts. While investigating the enlightened, she was captured and almost dead in a ritual sacrifice. But in the end, she escaped and was never seen again. That was also an enigma. Ada Wong is a mysterious secret agent whose espionage ability makes her a dangerous enemy.

Albert Wesker, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers: Biography, Benefits and Power Wesker.

The name of Albert Wesker in the game is The Mastermind.

The advantages of survivors are not yet finished, therefore, I cannot share them. 4

-Dbdleaks (@leaksdbd) July 30, 2022

As always, it is worth noting that the previous information is based solely on the leaks and must be taken with tweezers. We will update this section once Behavior Interaction sets the official notes of the Dead By Daylight Project W.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Dead by Daylight Ada Wong. By Daylight (DBD), All Hooked On You: Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Characters, and more.

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DEAD BY Daylight official romance sim Hooked on you is now available. The story of love and friendship poured from trapper and spirit

On August 4, BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE released a romantic simulation game on the theme of DEAD BY Daylight Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim (Hooked on You). The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The price is 980 yen, and the game is compatible with Japanese.

Hooked on you is a love simulation game. This is the first spin-off work of DEAD BY Daylight. One day, when the player wakes up, there is a dazzling midsummer sunshine. I can’t remember why I’m here or who I am. Apparently, my memory has fallen completely. Looking around with such anxiety, there was a murderer or a beautiful woman who enjoyed the beach volleyball.


They seem to be staying on the island in search of romance, with a dazzling smile from the image of Dead by Daylight, which cuts life. Players will deepen fellowship with four murderers on the island as those who have lost their memories. In a conversation with the murderer, the story changes according to the options. Whether you nurture passionate love or a platonic friendship depends on the player’s choice. However, if you choose a wrong option, the dream world may be a hell picture in an instant.

This work has a unique murderer. First of all, a trapper that shows off the strong upper arms and pectoralis major. He is the face of Dead by Daylight. Next is a huntless featuring a superhuman biceps. The maternal appearance of a gentle smile from the back of the bunny mask is impressive. And Race with an unnuy atmosphere. Beautiful limbs extended from button shirts and trunks swimwear are beautiful. Finally, a spirit that looks good on Gothic Loli’s clothes. She spills her innocent smile, and her delusion expands as if she was such a woman before her father was killed.

Hooked on you was created in a collaboration between Canada-based BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE and Studio PSYOP in the United States. Speaking of PSYOP, we have developed I Love You, Colonel Sanders! I’m worried about what kind of story will be developed only for companies that have a reputation for producing unique adventure games.

This work is an important work, said Mathieu Cote, the director of Behaviour Interactive. In the process of grabbing the murderers’ hearts, the players will glimpse the true appearance or personality of them. This work seems to tell you the charm of the new murderers that were not told in the original.

Hooked on you is on sale for 980 yen for PC (Steam). If you are tired of the blood ritual, why not play with the murderer next to the ritual of love?

Have a summer love with a sexy murderer! Hooked on you of DEAD BY Daylight preceding play repo -Love or death … Its up to you

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC., known for the development of the non-symmetric horror survival game Dead by Daylight, distributes the love simulation game Hooked on You: A Daylight Dating Sim on August 4, 2022. It was started.

GAME*SPARK has a chance to play this work in advance, so we introduce its appeal into points. What is the result of a unique combination of horror games and romance simulation?

What is Hooked on you: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim?

First, let’s explain from the background of this work. The beginning of the event was the DEAD BY Daylight satisfaction survey questionnaire conducted in April 2021. Among them, there was a question, If the character of Dead by Daylight appears in other games, what genre are you most interested in?

As a result of the survey, it seems that the most long-awaited genre in all fans was a love simulator.

And the development is PSYOP, known for the Kentucky Fried Chicken romance simulation I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin ‘Good Dating Simulator. The company has been experiencing about 20 years of experience in the development of a romantic simulation game, and a white arrow stood by a development team that a good partner felt needed.

This work, which was developed in a tag with such a long-established developer, is a romantic simulation game for killers appearing in DEAD BY Daylight. trapper , which is impressive with biceps and swimwear on the stage of Murdering Demon Island, trapper , Huntless , featuring strong arms and cute bunny masks, short-sleeved shirts. We will develop a variety of dramas as a love target, with a bright personality, Reith , which looks good with shorts, and spirit , which is a kimono on a bikini.

In the head family, a murderer who hit and hung the survivors lightly. However, in this work, the expression of emotions and emotions is pushed out to the entire surface and dressed in a sexy swimsuit. In a sense, the gap fuels fear, but what kind of romance will you show in the game? Let’s look at!

The hero is you! Military and midsummer romance

The players operate in DEAD BY Daylight by the murderer and the survivors, but not either in this work. One day, the player wakes up on the murderer island as you who lost his memory.

Not one of the survivors, but as a player himself, he spends his passion and powerful days while flirting with a murderer, torrent, and sometimes whispering love. The date scene with your favorite murderer will surely be thrilled as if you were looking for a hatch by escaping.

Love or death… The choice is up to you

In front of a passionate and dangerous murderer, you may be forced to make the ultimate choice of occasional life and death. Failure, like the love of the real world, accumulates, and if they do not fit their thoughts, they will only wait for death.

On the other hand, if they can give a good impression, they will reject them at first, and if they try to kill them, they will gradually open their hearts. Whether you will be a good friend or develop into a romance, or even one-pan, The choice is up to you.

It’s like a skill check mini game

In this work, there is a mini game as an important factor as the options. It’s like a skill check when turning a generator. It is necessary to stop the clockwise pointer at the right time and succeed multiple times.

You can apply a sunscreen lotion, search for treasures, cut meat, and try out skill checking skills in various situations. The difficulty level increases depending on the number of trials, and the speed of the pointer rises like clown phobia enhanced in recent updates. Like the original family, it is also equipped with a perfect judgment that is not a Great judgment, so it will be time to demonstrate the ability cultivated in the generator repair.

The summer romance of spinning with a murderer on a tropical beach has spread a chaotic worldview containing affection and hatred. I think that it is a completely different setting from the head family DEAD by Daylight, and the backstory of the character that is actually told is also involved, and the fans are scattered.

Also, this time, the content is focused on the four killers, but if you go smoothly, you may see the that character from the fog forest.

Furthermore, if you purchase this work and link with the BEHAVIOUR account, you can use it in DEAD BY Daylight Magical Taping Heart and Jake Park’s coordination Surfing Service It is prepared as. Why don’t you also fall in love with the murderer this summer?

Rockstar, GTA 4 and Red Dead Remastered Remastered?

Can you see the remastered work for the time being? Rumors are steadily coming out that the remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 have been suspended.

On July 5, ‘TEZ2’, which has specialized in internal information related to Rockstar Games, said, According to a strong source, a remastered in the GTA 4 and was discussed a few years ago, but now This is not going on.

TEZ2 explained that Rockstar Games originally tried to continue working as a remaster of GTA: GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption after launching GTA: Trilogy-Definity Edition (hereinafter ). However, the plan was suspended as GTA: Trilogy received a bad response from consumers.

The GTA: Trilogy, which was released on November 11, 21, through the outsourcing development studio ‘Grove Street Games’, is a remastered pack of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. It was expected by many fans as much as the old work that made the GTA series famous, but after launch, the evaluation was terrible.

This is because the overall game completion was so bad. The image of Rockstar Games has dropped significantly despite the high sales due to the breakdown of character modeling, new bugs that were not in the original, and expensive prices. Rockstar Games also promised to improve the game by exceptionally apologized, and provided the original game for free to consumers who purchased GTA: Trilogy.

Rockstar Games seems to be focusing on the next work of GTA. Rockstar Games said in February 2022, The development of the new GTA series is progressing smoothly. We will release new news as soon as we are ready.

Evil Dead in the test: A lot of fan

The trend with multiplayer games continues based on horror franchises. After Dead by Daylight, which now unites many icons, and Friday the 13th is now the cultural classic Evil Dead (known in Germany as a dance of the devil). Kai has scored through the Deadites and found out whether the next asymmetrical multiplayer is a hit or runs in the foggy forest.

four survivors against a demon

Asymmetrical is not only the game mode but also the main character Ash Williams, which was embodied in Bruce Campbell’s film templates and had to saw off his demonic obsessed hand in the second part. The chainsaw instead instead is anything but symmetrical to the left half of the body, but at least useful when combating “deadites”, as the zombie-owned obsessed in the Evil Dead universe are called.

And there is a lot in the game. Here, too, one could say that the relationship between the group of four who try to survive the night is not necessarily symmetrical to the hordes of the spirit of the spirit that want to go to the guella. But of course with asymmetrical multiplayer game is ultimately meant the relationship between the player parties: the four-person group fights against a single, evil player.

But moment, how do the alleged hordes of opponents go together with the one player who mimics the evil? “Okay, you dull tin heads, now listen to you,” Ash would probably stop you, but we are a little nicer and say: Read the following lines of the Necronomicon Ex demon, and you will be enlightened. It is not bound in human skin and written with blood (you read the test on your smartphone or PC screen), but you should speak the three magical words from the army of darkness beforehand to avoid an unpleasant invasion from the realm of the dead : Klaatu, verata,… nectarine? Nickel? Noodle? Hm, what the heck, we just continue in the text.

Necronomicon ex Mortis

Four against 1. One against four. Let’s start on the side of the survivors. This team of four players is made up of some of the human characters of the Evil Dead films. You can choose from Ash, a second Ash, a third ASH… and even a fourth Ash supporter like Scotty, who has a cruel end in the first film of the series, or Annie Knowby, who is at the side of Ash in the second film. Even the knights Arthur and Henry The Red from the army of darkness mix.

The figures are divided into classes : leader, hunter, warrior and supporter. Each has its peculiarities and skills, ideally a group consists of one character of each class. With every match you get experience points that you can spend separately on a skill stree per figure. This applies to both the good and the evil side.

This is how a round runs: The group is exposed to the only card contained to the only release of the game and must first find the scattered three parts of a card that leads to one side of the Necronomicon. If you have the three card parts that are hidden in a different place in every round, you first have to bring the Kandarian dagger and the page of the book into your possession. To do this, it is important to resort to each of the two objects until a timer has expired – which of course is connected to properly fighting enemies. Once both objects have been conquered, the Necronomicon itself is on the list that is protected by the “dark”, a group of ancient demons that you can only violate with light rays from the Kandarian dagger. Destroating the book of the dead and thus preventing an invasion by the Kandarian demon and his army of the undead is the general goal of every game.

fear in the dark

On the side of the survivors, their law plays conventionally in the third-person view. You can tackle the opponent with a light and strong attack or by a firearm. You have to find weapons first – everything you have at the beginning of a round are your fists. The arsenal of melee weapons ranges from ax to pick -up hoe and machete to the baseball bat with nails, on firearms you will also find saw blade throwers or a crossbow in addition to shotguns. You can only wear a copy of each genus with you, but at least the blades and shooting beats are indestructible. For the latter, however, you have to look for ammunition.

Fear as a central game mechanics : Your figure has a fear bar that fills up and rises around a whole chill in shock moments. If the fear bar is filled to eye marking, you can see evil and attack you in a targeted manner. If the fear increases, it can happen that the Kandarian demon takes possession of you and lets you fight your friends.

As we all know from our own childhood, there is a tried and tested remedy for fear: light! If you put yourself under a light source, take the bar slowly. To completely shake them off in one fell swoop, you can also light campfires or lanterns at certain points. However, you must have collected matches on the way. Important: If you are traveling with your comrades in the group, fear increases slower. We also know that from childhood: together with friends you are braver. So lone fighter is heavier in Evil Dead.

evil is always and everywhere

If you play the Candarian demon, you have to prevent the survivors from destroying the book at all costs. However, the game on the side of evil runs a little differently. You will rather manage your page as you actively participate in the slaughter. The Kandarian demon is, so to speak, the steady cam, which in Sam Raimi’s film templates as an invisible power over the forest floor.

The Evil Dead Fan Film
As in the film, as well as in the game: You hover over the ground in the egopher perspective and can lay out traps for the survivors or take possession of undead in specially marked places to control your subjects in the fight. Falls are a good means of increasing the fear of the survivors, because this gives the demon in force. You can even drive into certain trees and hide the past opponents with a knuckle. While people have to find rare “Pink-F” bottles in every round to increase their status values for the duration of the game, evil gains points due to the increasing fear that can distribute its own status values.

In contrast to the more ordinary values of the survivors such as health, melee, long -distance combat and such things, you as a Kandarian demon, for example, improve your ability to create demon portals. You put them directly in front of your opponents to let the undead out. Of course, this is not unlimited. In order to put traps, take possession of subjects and opponents or create portals, you have to collect currency. This hell energy is distributed everywhere in the form of collectable crystals.

alone is also possible

Evil Dead is primarily a multiplayer game, but also has a single player mode in the form of small, non-coherent episodes that you can use to get rewards such as new skins or characters. In principle, these episodes run like the main game, but you are alone on the go. Instead of destroying the necronomicon, there are other main goals, which you only reach when you have completed side tasks.

As an example, the first episode : Here you are looking for a girlfriend Linda’s necklace as an Ash after you have beheaded and buried them beforehand. Then it goes in search of a shovel and Linda’s grave to dig up her head and finally redeem in the tool shed. The tasks guide you across the map and do not treat you to any storage points. If you are killed, you can start again every time.

This can be relatively frustration relatively quickly. Another way of dealing as a single player is the multiplayer mode with AI budgets and opponents. This is quite suitable for practicing the game, but the AI Mitstrider are sometimes so stupid that they would like to dismember them with the ax. So the single player part is nothing, which is why you should buy the game.

hellish good fan service

The game takes every effort to offer you the finest at every corner of fan service. All important and iconic elements of the films were installed in an exemplary manner. As a demon, you can prepare supply boxes for the survivors by placing Ash’s sawn -off hand out of dance of the devil 2, which jumps in the face of the opening and shows the middle finger.

Or you decide on the mini-ash from the army of darkness that jump out. Of course, the Oldsmobile should not be missing, which appears as an insider gag in every film by director Sam Raimi. Even as special skills, things were installed from the films: Warrior class -shes, for example, gets the vial from “Army of Darkness” as a level-up-unlike in the film, it does not let him sleep hundreds of years, but regenerates health and reset the fear bar. And of course you do not fight through any forests, but through those that are modeled on the first film. We certainly do not need to mention that the newly announced Bruce Campbell’s on Bruce Campbell also does not have a pleasure. After all, you know what to expect from Mr. Campbell.

Mixed feelings

Technically, the game is extremely successful with its atmospherically dense graphics style and beautiful lighting effects. In addition, the frame rate on PS5 and Xbox Series x is butter -soft, without ugly stipper. But technology does not only mean graphics: the sound is also neat and lets you locate (provided a corresponding system or headphones) from behind enemies well. Something that of course does not work through the stereo speakers of the television and can lead to irritation from time to time when an opponent grunts, but you cannot immediately see where from.

The control is as simple as possible and, for example, does not confuse you with different attack combos. Here is simply stumped on it and finally triggered a finisher as the highest of the feelings with a further push of a button. Nevertheless, the combat system is a reason for criticism. If you threw on an opponent, none of your fellow campaigners can harm him. After all, this also applies to the opposite side. The somewhat too close camera can also cause confusion if you have several opponents around you. Not to mention tight rooms in dark forest huts.

Of course, Evil Dead works best if you go with friends and get on. If you start a game on good luck with randomly selected teammates, the probability is great that you have a few sheet metal heads in the group who want to go through their own thing and, for example, do not take care of the limiting group members. The Kandarian demon with all its possibilities also seems to us to be a little overpowered. But corresponding adaptation patches will surely follow here.

If you are a multiplayer-compatible fan of the template and can live with it that the matches on the currently only map always run according to the same scheme (grass places according to card parts, then move to the final battle), you will certainly be fun with Evil Dead: The Game to have. However, if you expect a lot of variety or an appealing single player part, you should better think of the purchase twice.

Test The House of the Dead: Sega Fair The Remake of the Game, here are all the notes in the world

Cela fait 2 jours que le remake de The House of the Dead est sorti sur Nintendo Switch dans sa version dématérialisée, puisque le jeu en boîte n’arrivera que le 26 mai prochain avec l’aide de Microids. En attendant, c’est le moment de jeter un oeil aux notes obtenues pour ce titre qui est sorti un peu dans l’indifférence la plus totale. En se rendant sur Metacritic, on s’aperçoit que The House of the Dead Remake obtient la note de 58% pour 15 reviews recensées. Hormis un gentil 8.5/10 de Nintendo World Report, les avis sont unanimes, le jeu n’est pas bon. Non seulement il se rate dans ses graphismes, assez laid pour un remake et qui ne propose pas vraiment de différences avec le jeu original, un comble. En termes de gameplay, le titre de SEGA ne fait guère mieux avec des sensations peu engageantes, des commandes ratées et une durée de vie riquiqui. Dommage, car c’était l’occasion de faire revenir un classique du jeu de shoot arcade que les trentenaires et quarantenaires ont pu découvrir dans les salles d’arcade et sur consoles à la fin des années 90 / début des années 2000. Pour ressusciter ce jeu culte, SEGA a fait appel aux Polonais de MegaPixel Studio qui s’étaient plantés sur le remake de Panzer Dragoon. Voici toutes les notes :

est sorti : on ne testera pas le jeu

NintendoWorldReport : 85%

God is a geek : 7/10

Vandal : 6.5/10

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake Nintendo Switch Review | Dead On Arrival?

PCMag : 6.5/10

LevelUp : 6/10

Nintendo Life : 6/10

IGN Brazil : 6/10

Hobby Consolas : 6/10

IGN : 6/10

Hey Poor Player : 5/10

GAMINGbible : 5/10

Metro Game Central : 4/10

Stranger Things Expansion for Dead by Daylight gets an output date

Things are about to become a little etranger for the world of Dead by Daylight.

Behavior Interactive confirmed that the last extension of the multiplayer horror set based on the new version of Netflix This strange, will begin on September 17th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is unclear whether it will be ready to operate when the Nintendo Switch version will be available in a few weeks, but an update should be available shortly.

When Stranger Things Leaves Dead By Daylight
Announced initially last month, this extension adds to the composition a playable demogorgon, as well as two survivors, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. If the players choose the demogorgon, they will be able to install portals around the stage, which will allow them to move much more easily. The survivors will have the chance to try to close these portals, but they will alert much faster the demogorgon of their presence. The twitch video video below details the operation of the portals.

The demogorgon can also launch a jump attack to try to catch survivors above the ground, although it will take a few seconds to find its balance if it goes to the goal.

The new card introduced with the DLC takes place in the underground complex, which is under the Hawkins National Laboratory. Players will have to work quickly to stay at the top of the demogorgon if they hope to survive the game.

A new trailer behind the scenes shows how much Behavior is dedicated to getting the tone of strange Those DLC just for the game. It is displayed below.

So, for those who are in strange hose or _Dead by Daylight, it would not hurt to erase your schedule for a few hours. The demogorgon command!

Dead by DAYLIGHT is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. He will also come out for Nintendo Switch on September 24th. In the meantime, the new season of strange choses is now available on Netflix.

Nintendo Switch – 1233 Offers: Insider Tips & Critique Looks in the SALE [Advertisement]

In the Nintendo eShop is currently running a large sale with Indie beads for Nintendo Switch. Overall, there are more than 1,000 games cheaper, including some of the greatest reviews of recent years, but also many exciting insider tips that have not received the attention you deserve. The offers are still running until March 27th. In this article we present you ten of the highlights. The overview of all deals can be found here:

Indie-Highlights Sale in Nintendo eShop: To the offers for Nintendo Switch


Hades is undoubtedly one of the largest indie hits and criticity lies in recent years. The Roguelike sends us into the underworld of Greek mythology, where we play the son of God Hades, who tried to escape the dominion of his father. For this we fight ourselves in Hack & Slash style through heap creatively designed monsters. We can count on the support of other gods that give us special skills on the go. After death, we have to start from the front, but turn up new weapons and skills and learn that we make the acquaintance of other gods, more and more about the amazingly complex background history.

Hades instead of 24,99 € for 16,24 € in the Nintendo eShop

Loop Hero

The Loop Hero published in December for Nintendo Switch is one of the last year’s indie surprise hits. This is likely to be the unusual game principle, our hero is always running through a circular world, doing heaps of monster in the style of a fantasy role-playing game and collects treasures, weapons and equipment. But we do not control the hero, but design the world through which he goes. The aim is to balance them so that he makes a lot of prey on the one hand, but on the other hand is not overwhelmed by too many and strong enemies. In between, we expand the camp with the collected resources and release upgrades.

Loop Hero instead of 14,99 € for € 11.24 in the Nintendo eShop

Dead Cells

The 2D Action Platformer Dead Cells is one of the big roguelike hits of recent years. As usual in the genre, we have to start from the beginning when we die. However, we always switch new weapons and skills releases, so we still make progress. In addition, the random configured structure of the levels ensures that no passage is similar to the other. Compared to the competition, Dead Cells is characterized by the exciting fights: Each of the diverse enemy types has its own attack pattern, so we need to adapt our tactics again and again. In addition, we have a wide selection of weapons and skills to have completely different game styles.

Dead Cells instead of 24,99 € for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop


In Gris, we control the title dog through a beautifully drawn, surreal 2D world. Playful is a mixture of platformers, exploration and puzzle play. Our task is to bring the color back to the beginning gloomy game world. A big role plays the singing, through which Gris can even bring animals and plants back to life. The gameplay is rather simple, fighting does not exist. The focus is rather atmosphere and story. The latter deals with serious issues such as loss and loneliness and is told without words alone by the environment and the gestures of the figures. This is a great game for all those who are more looking for an emotional experience than a challenge.

Top 25 Nintendo Switch Indie Games of All Time | 2022

Gris instead of 16,99 € for € 5.09 in the Nintendo eShop

The Messenger

In the Action Platformer The Messenger we take it as Ninja with a demon army. The game starts as a strict linear adventure in the classic 8-bit look, but suddenly changes when the main character makes a jump into the future. Now there is much more detailed 16-bit graphics, a modernized soundtrack and a much more open game world that invites you to explore in Metroidvania style. While we try to discover the secrets of this world, we always change between 8-bit past and 16-bit future. In the course of the game, we not only learn new skills, but can also upgrade existing upheaval, which is very helpful for the hard boss fights.

The Messenger instead of 19,99 € for 7,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Katana Zero

In Katana Zero we take over the role of the Assassin Zero and let our Katana heads roll. Not without reason the 2D Action Platformer is released despite his at first glance rather cute pixel art styles only from 18. However, the protagonist is not only bugged and very mobile, but also has the ability to slow down the time. This brings a tactical component into the game as it gives us the time to carefully plan our approach, which is also necessary in partly very demanding struggles. Between the levels there are short calmer sections in which we experience Zero at home and talk to his therapist. Here the mysterious story is told, which holds some exciting twist.

Katana Zero instead of 14,99 € for 8,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Streets of Rage 4

This is likely to have not expected hard-known fans: Segas Famous beating game series Streets of Rage has finally got a new part after more than 25 years. Streets of Rage 4 looks a bit more colorful than his predecessors, but remains largely faithful to this, but with bare fists we struggle through the streets dominated by criminals of a big city, to put the craftsman’s gridity. At the beginning we get ahead easily, but soon the opponents become tough, so we only have a chance if we use the numerous combos and special skills efficiently. But we can also get support and compete in the team with up to four players.

Streets of Rage 4 instead of 24,99 € for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop


Toem is an adventure about the fun of taking pictures. Only with a camera armed we go on a journey that leads us through dense forests, snowy mountains, a sleepy village on the coast and the busy streets of a big city. From the top-down perspective, we control our character through the territories held in black and white, meet other figures that give us orders, or make your own drive snapshots of curious characters, memorable sights and cute animals. Tem toem tells many interesting stories that are partly limited to individual areas and draw partly like a red thread through our journey.

Toem instead 17,99 € for 12,59 € in the Nintendo eShop

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a relaxed exploration game in a colorful, cute look. As an anthropomorphic bird hiking, climb we sail through a pretty, autumn landscape. On the way we can find treasures, talk to other hikers or relax while fishing. But although the charm of A Short Hike is a large part in enjoying the environment, we also have a mission: we want to climb the snowy peak of a mountain because it should give up mobile phone reception. On the way we meet many other figures for which we can do small tasks. The partly bizarre, partly heartfelt encounters with these figures contribute a lot to the charm of the game.

A Short Hike instead of 6,99 € for € 4.89 in the Nintendo eShop


Bastion is the first hit of the famous Studio Supergiant Games, which also comes from the above mentioned Hades. The action role play now applies as an indie classic, which is not least likely to be on the fairytale style design. We assume the role of a nameless child who travels through a world broken into many small pieces with the aim of putting them together again. Although the protagonist is dumb, but we are constantly accompanied by a narrator commenting on our actions. The fights are reminiscent of isometric Hack’n’Slash-RPGs in the style of a Diablo. Character progress and finding better equipment, however, are less important than skill and learning efficient tactics.

Bastion instead of 12,49 € for 2,49 € in the Nintendo eShop

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Free on PlayStation, Xbox & PC: Horror

For six years, Dead by Daylight has been one of the most popular horror games on the market. If you have not tried it, you now have the chance. For a few days you can play the game for free and save with additional contents even neatly.

Dead by Daylight: play completely for free

The Horror Survival game Dead by Daylight has been regularly equipped with new content since the release in 2016 . That makes the game not only more varied, but also ensures a playback value every time.

Developer Behavior Interactive now announces a free weekend. According to the official Facebook account, you are until March 14, 2022 time to test the game on heart and kidneys ** – whether alone or together with friends. (Source: Dead by Daylight)

10 FREE Horror Games That Are BETTER Than $60 Horror Games (JUMP SCARES ARE FREE) | Chaos
In addition to the free trial, you can look forward to digital purchases about fat discounts. Both the basic game as well as with almost all additional content you can save up to 50 percent by 22 March 2022 ** – on all platforms.

  • Dead by Daylight for free on Steam

Dead by Daylight: Now you chase Sadako

The latest extension for Dead by Daylight appeared with “Sadako Rising” on March 8, 2022. The new chapter is based on the novel “Ringu” by Koji Suzukis and its film adaptation .

“Sadako Rising” brings with the Onryō a new killer into the game, but also the survivors can look forward to support with the now adult Yoichi Asakawa **.

According to Behavior Interactive, Sadako offers the possibility of a new approach to the killer. Each exam begins in invisible. If you are near a survivor, it will be briefly visible. To attack, she can manifest himself at will – shock moments are thus preprogrammed .

(Source: press release)

_Im trailer can you make a first impression of sadako rising: _

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