Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED are not happy with the last gift of Nintendo Switch online. Every month, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers obtain SNES and NES “Free» games. If you have the «expansion package» level, you also get some classic Games from SEGA and N64. In addition to the free games of Nintendo and Sega’s past, Nintendo Switch online subscribers, regardless of the level, obtain access to exclusive custom icons, which can be unlocked with Platinum Points. Each month, new icons are recycled. For April, _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_ Characters who meet years in April are available in the form of an icon. Meanwhile, replacing Super Mario Odyssea last month is Splatoon 2.

SPLATOON 2 is a popular game, so Nintendo probably except Nintendo Switch subscribers online for being excited about the announcement of its inclusion, but judging by the answers to Tweet that transmits the information, subscribers are not very impressed. On the one hand, some subscribers want icons of different games, such as xenoblade, Emblem of fire and _zelda. Meanwhile, others are less than impressed with the execution of free icons and design flaws.

“Why are the rendering so far away? You did it perfect with the free, why ruin it? You can not use the edges and personalized backgrounds in the free characters, it is a waste… you were so close ». Read a popular response. “Agree. I was so disappointed when I saw them, the size of the characters in the free is perfect and now it looks all bad ». Add an answer response.

«The splatoon 2 In my opinion, lack of icons and why did you use another series of animal crossing? Why can not we get two new games for PFP as I do not know, perhaps for more retro titles and could use official art for advertising that? Game in my opinion, that sounds 10 times better, “reads another answer.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will make some change depending on the comments you receive, and it also remains to be seen what the icons will be next month. _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_ will continue with new characters, but Splatoon 2 must be replaced.

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