The House of the Dead: Remake , the new version of the famous Arcade Shooter of 1997, already hfamous Arcade a relefamous Arcadee date at Nintendo Switch . This hfamous Arcade been announced by its editor, FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT , confirming that this graphic remfamous Arcadetery of the Terror Clfamous Arcadesic of recreational machines will be available at the SHOP of the Nintendo Hybrid Console the next April 7, 2022 A price of 24.99 euros . And taking advantage of the announcement, their leaders have shared a new trailer that you can see about these lines.

The return of the terrifying arcade shooter

Since it could not be otherwise, it is the same game of 1997, that is, a shooter on rails arcade cutting in which shooting all living bug (or rather, non-living) that is crossed On our way. For this we will have several weapons with different shooting cadencies, such famous Arcade pistols or famous Arcadesault rifles, with the possibility of playing accompanied by another player in local mode or facing the solo adventure.

Among the keys of the game we find:

  • Cook into hordes of living dead in a shooting game over frenetic rails.
  • Maintains the essence of the original game system.
  • A clfamous Arcadesic arcade title with modern controls and graphics.
  • Multiple endings.

All this with a fully renovated visual famous Arcadepect with high-definition graphics and several extrfamous Arcade such famous Arcade alternative final comments, a photo of the most curious, unlocking of achievements and weapons to increfamous Arcadee our armory, a Horde mode or a gallery of enemies and final bosses.

The House of the Dead: Remake Opens reservations on March 31 and it will be available on April 7, 2022 .