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11 Years Later – Fans Still Miss Dark Action RPGs – The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Elden Ring.

If you are trying to find dark activity RPGs, you will most likely swiftly land at The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Search or Elden Ring.
In the shadow of this ntic success, however, a game showed up 11 years ago that hardly anybody remembers today: Dragon’s Conviction.

Dragon’s Conviction should have even more interest

Huge globes, dark monsters and also a quick battle system-if you love this mixture, you will have your intense delight in Skyrim, The Witcher 3 or Elden Ring.
You need to attempt Dragon’s Conviction if you already understand all of these video games!
The action RPG is already 11 years old, yet is still remarkable.
This applies specifically to the quick combat system, as a new Reddit string remarkably confirms:
The clip has been artificially accelerated, however the dynamic fight system of the role-playing game starts well.
A number of users likewise go right into this in the remarks:

I like the battle system.
Terrific story as well as development.
The material was most definitely accelerated. (Reddit individual Alligator).

Dragon’s Conviction is just one of my favored video games and also in my viewpoint it has one of the most effective magic gameplay I have actually ever before seen. (Reddit user Gilded wizard).

I love Dragon’s dogma.
It is an embarrassment that other games attempt to integrate large beasts into their video game globes and afterwards do not offer you the possibility to climb them.
I am stunned that this is not the common considering that the video game came out. (Reddit user level pupil).

The last quote particularly interests a crucial point!
In Dragon’s Conviction, it is feasible to climb big monsters, comparable to Darkness of the Colossus, to defeat them in this way.
Just one of numerous reasons the 2012 parlor game was so well received by the press as well as the players-see Metacritic.

Dragon’s Conviction 2 comes, yet when?

A long time later, Dragon’s Dogma appeared: Dark Arisen a boosted version of the original.
This version was taped extremely well by the fans and holds a pleased user score of 89 percent at Vapor.
Mentioning Steam, there you get the game for a plain 4.79 euros.
But you need to hurry!
You are waiting for Dragon’s Dogma 2. The follow-up was formally revealed in the summer of 2022.
Unfortunately, the follower has become extremely silent because then.


Reading suggestion.
Commemorated role-playing timeless ultimately obtains a follow-up after 10 years.
Daniel Hartmann.
So fans need to hold your horses for some time or proceed to play the initial part.
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Made in Abyss Aiming for Darkness Original story Deep in Abyss New information! The more you go, the more difficult it is to survive …

Spike Chun Soft has released a new game mode information about the 3D action RPG for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Steam Made-in Abyss Aiming Darkness.

This work is a 3D action RPG based on the fantasy manga Made in Abyss, which is scheduled to be released on September 1st. The original is a warm pattern, but the story is dark and radical. The gap was also supported by many fans, and animated and theaters were released.

In the game, Hello Abyss, which allows you to relive anime stories, and Deep In Abyss), which operates a newly-character new search house, which is the original character, and challenges the deep-in-in-Abyss of Abyss. Prepare a game mode. In addition, the official genre is Action RPG that is difficult to degenerate, and CERO is also Z designation.

◆ Introducing Deep in Abyss mode! How far you go, selection and decision are important

■ The beginning of the story


The protagonist who became a member of the Berchero orphanage as the cave’s egg Suzuki. He works hard on classes and training with three synchronous students, Raul, a quiet and modest Tiare, and the innocent Dorotaire. A few months later, the four people are finally challenging the first exploration as a red flute, but as soon as possible, we will see the harsh reality of Abyss…

■ Game cycle

In the DEEP IN ABYSS mode, which challenges Abyss as a rookie cave family, the original story develops the main quests developed by the original story, achieving various quests, and fostering characters with rewards such as money and experience. I will do it. As your experience accumulates, the level of the cave house will increase and you will be able to challenge deeper Abyss.

● Preparation of the cave / Aus town
At the Aus City, the base of the cave family, you can be ready to challenge Abyss, such as receiving quests and buying items you need for the cave. Among the apprentices of the apprentice, you will be mainly missioned by Jillo at Berchero Orphanage, but the number of missions that can be received will increase as the flute grade rises. In the city of Aus, the following facilities are used. I can do it.

1. Exploration Cave Union Headquarters
The headquarters of the union that recruits work from the cave family. You can order various quests.
2. Exploration Cave Store
We sell items that are indispensable for adventure, such as pickels, ropes, and bandages.
3. Remains Appraisal
A shop that gives you the relics brought back from Abyss. You can get money and experience.
4. Raffy’s store
A spicy restaurant run by Black Flute Havorg’s wife, Raffy. You can purchase ingredients and spices.

● Abyss Exploration Cave
The main purpose of the Abysbis is the main quest developed by the original story, the union quests that can be ordered at the exploration house union headquarters, and the collection of relics. The protagonist has three status of her, physical strength, fullness, and stamina. Both satiety and stamina decrease by taking some action, but stamina will be automatically recovered, but it is necessary to eat to recover the satiety. If the satiety is zero, the stamina will not be recovered, so it is important to eat frequently and maintain the satiety.

In promoting Abyss’ search, in addition to the three statuses, it is necessary to manage many elements, such as the surrounding environment, the health status of the protagonist, the remaining food, the durability of the tools, and the weight of the luggage. 。 Players take care of these elements, judge whether they proceed to the cave, turn back to the ground, or sometimes take them home, and act appropriately.

● Return
After achieving the purpose of Abyss, we aim to return to the ground from that point, but the more you go to the deeper structure, the more the curse of Abyss will hit the player when you return to the ground as you return to the ground. Abyss’ curse makes it more difficult to survive, as vomiting is greatly reduced, and blood flows out from the whole body and the degree of fullness and physical strength decrease. In addition to the curse of Abyss, not only attacks by primeval creatures, but also the terrain and gimmicks that can be used on the way can be used on the way back, and may fall into another way.

Made-in Abyss Aiming for Darkness will be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022. The price is 7,200 yen (excluding tax).

Neowiz 2D Action Game Unsourd, Global official launch

[Source: Neowiz]

\ -Simply launched in the steam and Nintendo switch, Xbox

\ -The story mode, boss rush mode, etc. can be enjoyed

\ -In commemoration of the official launch, discount and SNS sharing event progress

The 2D action RPG , which was developed by Neowiz and the Megu Star Game, announced today (28th) that it has officially released in Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

Unsund is a 2D action RPG that digs into the secrets of the world, which is covered by the dead of the prince who has the ability to absorb the soul. It gives a combat experience in the background of fast -paced play, in -depth action, and real -time pixel art.

5 GREAT Game Art Styles for BAD Artists
In the official version of Unsould, you can experience a total of five chapters, and you can also check 60 kinds of passive ability, 7 boss technology, and 16 kinds of character technology. It supports a total of four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and German.

In addition to the existing story mode and boss rush mode, new contents ‘Abyssization’ and ‘Mirror Space’ were also added. Abyss advancement is a content that can be summoned up to five enemies and fighters, allowing you to check your own combo damage. In particular, the mirror space is a variety of challenges that can be selected in the game, and users can participate in the task of difficult difficulty.

In commemoration of this official launch, various events will be held. First of all, by May 9th, Steam can be purchased at 35% and Nintendo Switch and Xbox at a 20% discount. In addition, for two weeks, the post will be posted on Twitter, including Unsunde hashtag, or 10 of the retweet users will be drawn to present the Steam Gift Card 10,000 won.

For more information about Unsunde, you can find it in Steam Page .

Is Elden Ring a game of Dark Souls?

Having recently launched with praise from universal criticism, the epic open world action RPG, Elden Ring, is clearly a secure competitor for the best game of 2022. In fact, it will be a difficult job to overthrow this gigantic head of the first Market Stall. of the podium of the game of this year.

Also, going hand in hand with the praise of Elden Ring’s criticism, there are the strongest sales numbers ever seen for a SoulSborne IP. In fact, the latest from fromSoft is already the best-selling game of the year according to recent NPD reports. (It’s too early, but still!)

To summarize, the world can not have enough of The Lands Between, and if you are reading this, you are likely to be asking how Elden Ring connects narrative, mechanically and conceptually with other Souls games. That’s right, let’s answer the hot question: Is Elden Ring a game of Dark Souls? So, without further preamble, they put a little fuel to their bonfires, put their best armor and take the big sword more Aphyard who can find, and join us. Let’s go into it, okay?

Is Elden Ring a game of Dark Souls?

We will go straight to the grain: No, strictly speaking, Elden Ring is technically No a game of Dark Souls since it is officially not a sequel, prequel or spin-off of Dark Souls. However, this is a quite complicated question with many nuances and different details.

You see, Elden Ring is a completely new IP that is essentially a spiritual successor of Dark Souls, just as Dark Souls was a spiritual successor of Demon’s Souls. In other words, there are many narrative, mechanical and conceptual components that are very similar to each other.

Of course, the most obvious similarity is the central risk-reward mechanics at the heart of all Souls games. That is, once you die, you let your souls or runes fall into that same place and you only have an opportunity to return to that same place to recover or die and get lost forever. (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gave him a turn to this by allowing players to have a second chance to catch those valuable souls, but it is still almost identical mechanically).

In fact, to further mutter the waters, the Japanese study usually reuse certain characters and weapons in their games. Patches, for example, is a somber character that appears in Demon ‘s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring and even in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Interestingly, the name of him is Anayama, but when it is translated, it means patches).

Also, take the Moonlight GreatSword as another quasi Easter egg, as it also reappears in all the modern Soft titles mentioned above. Confused, right?

Elden Ring vs Demon's Souls - Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics! 4K
While the mechanics of the game and the construction of the world are often parallel in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring, all are separated IP, often with different editors.

However, what makes Elden Ring slightly different from the other Souls games is the fact that the Game of Thrones author, George Rr Martin, was incorporated to help write the general myths of The Lands Between, which It distinguishes it from his brothers. In a pretty unique way.

Ultimately, however, do not make mistake: Elden Ring is the closest thing to a game of Dark Souls that could be without really oficially being a game of Dark Souls. It is a game similar to Souls, if not a Dark Souls.

There you have it. We hope I helped you understand the complex question of if Elden Ring is a game of Dark Souls . To get more information, be sure to search Ring or see more of our game coverage below.

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Written by the Writing, Monthly online quiz show held in 2022

Global Interactive Entertainment Photo (Photo) announced on the 20th that it holds a ‘2022 primary online quiz show’ in the open-world action RPG ‘primary’ developed by its own.

This online quiz show is a non-surfactant participating event that has been enhanced by 100 users and viewers who have won the participants who participated in the preliminary simulation of the last 10 days. This quiz show event is broadcasted through the African TV and Twitch at 7 pm on Saturday, 22nd on Saturday.

Especially, Sung woo Kim Shin-woo, who played the main character of the ‘Winning’, is specialized in special appearance, Lee Bother, Poona Young, Nam do Hyung, Lee Bother, and this situation is specialized,

The quiz show plans to present a set of 3 million won and a set of 3 million won and a set of trading figures and pay a set of 12 teams, participant power, lottery event winner, welcome kit, gemstone and chicken coupon.

It also provides a rich gift, such as a live broadcasting event, a Google Gift Card, and a gemstone, for a gamer that could not be involved.

‘Winning’ is a game of open-world RPG, which can be enjoyed on a variety of platforms, including mobile, PC, console, and has become a regular content update and user-friendly event, and it has become a steady basis.

For more information on ‘Winning’ and Online Quiz Show, you can check through the official café.

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