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Apex Legends embrace the anime in Gaiden, his new event; dates, free rewards …

Apex Legends speaks in anime code at the Gaiden event, its new thematic period already available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. From July 19 to August 2 You can play in special games modes to unlock cosmetic elements related to promotion. We tell you everything below.

This is the gaiden event in Apex Legends

Gaiden revolves around the return of armed and dangerous, the game mode that faces users to use only shotguns or sniper rifles. Its permanence in Apex Legends will extend throughout the event in a maps rotation that includes storm point, end of the world and Olympus.

The rewards will be divided into all weekly batches. The first, from July 19 to 26 , will allow you holographic spray, a gaiden event envelope and an Apex package until ending on August 2.

You can also extend your cosmetics closet with additional Gaiden thematic packages. Respawn Entertainment points out 40 limited objects that include legendary Apexpects for Revenant, Octane, Wattson and Mirage . Almost nothing. Apex with free rewards, its appearance will be divided into a batch every week linked to the store’s special offers. Of course, you must contribute your Apex coins.

You should keep in mind that Gaiden envelopes guarantee you an object of the unruly event, so if fortune accompanies you you can gather several of those available in the store without going through the box. Those who get the 40 objects will receive the Comandante Apex appeal for Bangalore , which is characterized by being a prestigious outfit. You can get up to three variants of the same fulfilling specific challenges once you unlock the bApexe.

How do APEX shadow Pokemon work in Pokemon Go?

Apex Shadow Pokémon is stronger versions of Shadow Pokémon with unique and very powerful special techniques. Like other shadow poems, APEX Shadow versions should be cleaned to increase their strength after capture. As soon as the APEX Shadow Pokemon are cleaned, they study an even stronger version of their special attack.

APEX Shadow Pokemon are first presented in Pokémon Go in the Johto Tour event as meetings for the execution of the Masterwork Research quest line. The first Pokemons of APEX Shadow in the game are Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-OH. These Pokemon appear with a bright purple aura and red eyes in the form of Apex Shadow.

After capturing the APEX Shadow Pokemon, the players will have the opportunity to clean Pokemon. Cleansing is Stardust and Candy, but makes Pokemon much stronger. Ordinary shadow Pokemon develop a weaker charged attack, but APEX shadow Pokemon get a huge improvement in their charged attack during cleaning.

For example, the APEX Shadow Lugia knows Aeroblast+proprietary attack, but after cleaning it changes to Aeroblast ++. These signatural attacks are significantly intensified when the Pokemon is cleaned, so it is recommended to try to clean them as soon as they are caught. APEX Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH are available only after passing the Johto Tour, which starts on February 26.


Additional Pokémon Go guides see Pokémon Go Grunts Guide: Lineup and Counters (February 2022) in Pro Game Guides.

Apex Legends Mobile gets a launch window

Those who have been wishing to play leendes of the apex on mobile devices will soon be able to do it now that Apex legends mobile has a release window. This mobile adaptation of the Battle Royale game will come out this month, Constawn Entertainment confirmed, although an exact release date has not yet been established. This eventual launch follows numerous tests carried out in the past that were first limited to certain regions before gradually expanding to other places before the complete launch.

The previous launch window for Apex Legends Mobile was at some point during the summer of 2022, so, although we still do not have an exact release date, we approach that announcement now that we are within the month of launch. Respawn shared May launch plans for Apex Legends Mobile during a leends of the apex Preview event for season 13 before sharing the news publicly on Tuesday.

Unlike other mobile games that are released first on Android devices before reaching iOS, apx mobile legends will reach both mobile platforms simultaneously when it is launched. It will have some exclusive characteristics of the mobile version of Apéndex also, including maps only for mobile devices, legends and more.

Although it will have some content that is exclusive to the mobile version of Apéndex This game will not have crossplay as _ apex -legends correctly, so mobile players will only play against other mobile players. However, it will have the legends of the main game. During the tests, for example, Respawn enabled Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder and Caustic to test during the previous regional views. During the preview of season 13 where apx legends mobile was spoken, design director Jordan Patz said the game will be released with 10 legends, so there is one more to announce.

spending all my $$$ on APEX LEGENDS MOBILE!!

In March, Respawn announced that it had opened the pre -registration for Apex Legends mobile to allow people to express their interest in the game registering before its launch. Since it is a game for mobile devices, those previous records naturally came with rewards campaigns, as offered by other titles for mobile devices in the past. Those included things like Holosprays, banks of banners, badges, a banner pose and a new mask for Pathfinder, among other incentives that have already been unlocked now that more than 25 million pre -registration have accumulated.

Apex Legends mobile will be launched for Android and iOS devices in May.

Can Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho

It has just been announced that Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh at the upcoming tour: Johto-Event will occur Pokémon Go . These two legendary Pokémon from the Gen II Johto region are back, along with several other Johto-Pokémon. This is the first time that Apex Shadow Pokemon appears in Pokemon Go. The question is, Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh Shiny can be?

Can Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go be shiny?

Unfortunately, Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh can not be Shiny . Team Go Rocket has never captured a legendary Shiny-Pokémon and transformed into a Shadow Pokémon, and with the announcement of Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh, it looks like this trend will continue.

While these are sad news, the good news is that both regular versions of Lugia and Ho-OH will be shiny during the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto-Events. Depending on whether you decide for the gold or silver version, Shiny Ho-Oh will have an increased drop rate for gold and Shiny Lugia will have an increased drop rate for silver .

Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

When it comes to tour: Johto goes, there is a lot about which you can look forward to. One of the biggest surprises is the new access of Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh. And let me tell you how you look, you will be serious meta-candidates with your new skills.

When trainers go through the master research line, they will meet both APEX Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia and can capture them **. Both Apex Shadow versions of Lugia and Ho-Oh are not only stronger as soon as they are cleaned, they become even stronger. Here’s all we know about Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia:


  • Apex Shadow Ho-Oh : Apex Shadow Ho-Oh knows Sacred Fire +, a stronger version of Sacred Fire. When Apex Shadow Ho-Oh is cleaned, Sacred Fire + changes to Sacred Fire ++.
    • Holy Fire + : Trainer: 130 Power, Arenas and Raids: 135 Power
    • Holy Fire ++ : Trainer: 130 Power, Arenas and Raids: 155 Power
  • Apex Shadow Lugia : Apex Shadow Lugia knows aeroblast +, a stronger version of aeroblast. When Apex Shadow is cleaned Lugia, aeroblast + changes to aeroblast ++.
    • Holy Aeroblast + : Trainer: 170 Power, Arenas and Raids: 200 Power
    • Holy Aeroblast ++ : Trainer: 170 Power, Arenas and Raids: 225 Power

And there you have it, Shiny Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH do not exist in Pokemon Go (still press the thumbs), but they are still very exciting and normal Ho-Oh and Lugia are Shiny. Further news and instructions on Pokemon GO can be found as always on our page with Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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