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Borderlands 3: Update introduces the PlayStation cross play as well as VRR

In April, Gearbox announced software cross play support for the PS4 and also PS5. Now the update is in possibility: This evening from 9 p.m., gamers can download. As quickly as the setup has finished, PlayStation players can combat with each other with Xbox as well as PC players.

PS5 gamers have one more factor to be satisfied: the VRR function is included, which integrated the framework and also the resolution price. The result is a nicer visuals as well as more fluid efficiency. For this feature you require a TV or monitor with HDMI 2.1.

the spot notes

Here you can see the technologies as well as changes in the introduction:

Resource: Borderlands

Borderlands 3

It is the fastest-selling title in the background of 2K Gamings. Since November 2021, the loot shooter marketed 14 million times. Nevertheless, Borderlands 3 does not come close to the success of the predecessor: Borderlands 2 from 2012 goes to the leading with over 25 million sales.

Borderlands 3 has been offered for PS4, Xbox One as well as PC given that September 13, 2019. In November 2020, matching the marketplace launch of the PS5 as well as Xbox Collection X/S, a Following genetics variation came out.

More reports on Borderlands 3.

PS5 gamers have another reason to be satisfied: the VRR feature is added, which synchronized the resolution and the framework price. It is the fastest-selling title in the background of 2K Gamings.

In April, Gearbox announced software cross play support for the PS4 as well as PS5. As soon as the setup has finished, PlayStation players can battle together with Xbox and Computer gamers.

  • Cross play support on PS4 as well as PS5.
  • [PlayStation-exclusive] Variable refresh rate for PS5.
  • [PlayStation-exclusive] Trouble improvement for the playing of Behind-the-Scenes videos
  • Removal of different cross play troubles.
  • Repaired the trouble in which the Echo food selection was presented incorrectly for extremely wide displays.
  • Various performance as well as security improvements.

Is it possible to disable movement control in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports, the Nintendo Wii Sports game was released on April 29, 2022. Like her predecessor, Switch Sports includes six sports games: tennis , bowling , chambara , football , badminton and volleyball .

Can players disable movement control in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Since this game is largely focused on modeling realistic movements in these sports, players cannot disconnect movement control. Although this means that Nintendo Switch Lite players cannot use their built -in game controllers, there is still a way to play Lite. To do this, all the players need is to connect Joy-Con external controllers to Nintendo Switch Lite.

Wii Sports Theme Is Back! - 11 NEW Nintendo Switch Sports Details! (Controls, Unlockables, & More!)

Nintendo Switch Sports offers both a network and local multiplayer game. All players should start playing with their friends or family-it is to connect to the Internet to play a multi-user online game, or connect the second Joy-Con controller to play locally. Since movement control is such an important part of the game, be sure to use the Joy-Con Safety belt so that it does not fall on the TV screen.

Do you want to know more about Nintendo Switch Sports? Check out the management of Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara – tips and recommendations in the guidelines for professional games!

Nintendo Switch: Now save up to 90% off hundreds of games [advert]

In the Nintendo eShop you get this week again plenty games for Nintendo Switch cheaper. This time there are more than 1,000 special offers, the cheapest deals are reduced up to 90 percent and cost only a few euros. We have sought ten highlights and insider tips for you and ask you in this article shortly. If you prefer to browse the offers yourself, you will find the overview here:

Nintendo eShop: Over 1,000 offers for Nintendo Switch

A.o.T. 2

Offer valid until: April 19th

The action game a.o.T. 2 Based on the famous anime or Manga Attack on Titan and sends us accordingly in the fight huge, human-prone Titans. Because we can not take it on the ground with the huge creatures, we have special combat equipment, with which we can swing ourselves similar to Spider-Man from buildings to buildings. The goal is to attack with our blades the vulnerability in the neck of the Titans. The plot is largely follows the first two seasons of the anime and accordingly contains many of the well-known characters. However, we play their own figure contained in the template, which we can design themselves.

A.o.T. 2 instead 69,99 € for 34,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

The Sinking City

Offer valid until: 5 May

The Sinking City is a horror stories H.P. Lovecrafts based action adventure. As a detective, we travel into the slow in the sea-sinking city Oakmont, looking for the cause of the enigmatic visions that draw people here. We can explore the city freely. Since the game does not give us how to solve the puzzle, we have to search for traces independently, question residents and draw the right conclusions from the points. This can sometimes be pretty exhausting, but we also get the feeling of making true detective work. In addition, despite its non-very high development budget, The Sinking City can produce a dense gruselate atmosphere.

The Sinking City instead of € 49.99 for € 9.99 in the Nintendo eShop

Beautiful desolation

Offer valid until: 30th April

With a stately 90 percent discount and a price of only 1.99 euros, Beautiful Desolation is currently one of the cheapest bargains in the Nintendo eShop. It is a mix of adventure and role-playing, which uses us into a postalist, foreign world. This game world, the influences of African culture and mythology associated with cyberpunk elements and giant corkae also houses robots, makes a large part of the fascination of the game. This is also because it is beautifully staged from the isometric perspective. The gameplay is largely from exploration, dialogues and riddles in classic point and click style.

Beautiful desolation instead of 19.99 € for € 1.99 in the Nintendo eShop


Offer valid until: 30th April

In the construction strategy game Northgard we have to take care of the construction, the administration and the survival of our own viking settlement. To the danger, we will become the hard winter, which forced us to manage our resources sparingly and to ensure that all villagers do efficiently perform their work. On the other hand, we also get it with all sorts of enemies, from hungry wolves about Undead to Giant. Even natural disasters can visit us. Despite all these challenges Northgard remains a rather cozy game, which also remains simple enough to not overwhelming genre newcomers right away.

Northgard instead of 34,99 € for € 8.74 in the Nintendo eShop

Children of Morta

Offer valid until: April 26th

Children of Morta is a roguelike roleplay in which we hatch in the role of various members of the Bergson family. Their job is to protect the Holy Mountain Morta against the attacks of numerous monsters such as Goblins, Ogers or Giant Spiders. As usual in a roguelike we start again after death, but for more passages, we not only turn off new skills, but also other family members. Opposite other representatives of the genre, Children of Morta is not least the fact that it tells a complex and exciting history in which our decisions affect the further course.

100s of SWITCH GAMES FOR CHEAP! A GIANT Nintendo Switch eShop Sale Just Dropped!

Children of Morta instead of 21,99 € for € 6.59 in the Nintendo eShop

Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition

Offer valid until: April 18th

In Jurassic World Evolution, we build our own dinosaur leisure park according to the model of the films, only as possible without the usual chaos. The dinos can break out if we make mistakes when planning their enclosures. Then we can capture you even by hand with the stunning rifle. Most of the time Jurassic World Evolution is a rather relaxed experience. The management of the economic aspects is quite simple, we mainly deal with the excellently animated and staged animals. With the Complete Edition, you will also get all DLCs, including an extension that allows you to replay the events of the first Jurassic Park movie.

Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition instead of 59,99 € for € 20.99 in the Nintendo eShop

Monster Sanctuary

Offer valid until: April 27th

The Monster Sanctuary from Germany combines monster picking in Pokémon style with traditional metroidvania design. We explore a game world in pretty, colorful 2D pixelook and collect eggs that we can hide over a hundred different creatures. In the fights we always pull with three of these monsters. The round-based combat system is strongly reminiscent of classical JRPGs as early final fantasy games, but develops a special depth of its combos. A highlight are the boss fights for which we have to set our team to the weaknesses of the opponent if we want a chance. The scope of Monster Sanctuary can be seen with around 30 hours of playing time.

Monster Sanctuary instead of 19.99 € for € 6.79 in the Nintendo eShop

Moving out

Offer valid until: April 27th

Moving Out is a chaotic co-op game where we run our own moving company together in the team. The goal is to clear the apartments of our customers in the shortest possible time and thus crack high scores. For this we need to distribute both the tasks efficiently as well as proven skill, if we throw a TV out of the window on the first floor, for example, to catch it down from one of our players. Even when stacking the items in our vice, we have to make wise as the place is scarce. Here the gameplay reminds a little at Tetris. Depending on the task we take over, the gaming experience is another one.

Moving out instead 24,99 € for € 6.24 in the Nintendo eShop

Crysis Remastered

Offer valid until: May 2

The First Person Shooter Crysis is still one of the most famous and best rated games from Germany. On the release, not least, he provided his spectacular graphics for a sensation and even today he still looks quite well, especially in the technically improved Remastered version. Playfully, Crysis picks up among other things through the so-called Nano Suit from other shooters. This allows us to improve the strength, armor or speed as needed or to camouflage. This makes us the opportunities to tackle-based situations on very different species and to experiment with different ways.

Crysis Remastered instead of 29,99 € for € 11.99 in the Nintendo eShop

Hard West

Offer valid until: April 27th

Hard West is a round-tactic game that puts us in a strange, gloomy version of the Wild West, in the demons and satanical cults drifting their miscarriage. Nevertheless, these supernatural elements we get essentially served a classic western rich story. The path of our small group of revolver heroes we determine on a two-dimensional overview map, but the fights will then be held in Xcom on 3D maps. A playful feature is that we can even shoot around corners by bouncing the balls on hard objects. In addition, in the fight against the hellish powers, we can rely on supersensible skills and magical objects.

Hard West instead of 19.99 € for 2,79 € in the Nintendo eShop

Do not Starve With each other reveals the Launch Trailer for the Nintendo Switch – the survival

** Do not Starve Together has been readily available on the Nintendo Switch since April 12 2022.

You can currently fight for survival on the switch with your good friends. **
But that’s not all.
The switch release likewise comes the shared unlock function with which your skins, characters, recipes and more can be made use of throughout the platform between Nintendo Switch, Xbox as well as PC.
Whether the feature will additionally support the PlayStation version is still out.
Are you looking for MMORPGs for the Nintendo Switch?

Don't Starve Together Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer
Right here we have a list of the 4 finest.

New games of the week bring story

The game year is strongly started, but even in April, one or the other delicacies awaits us. So that you have the most important games for PS4 / PS5, Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch, you will find all releases from the 11th to the 17th of April . Of course we introduce you as usual our highlight of the week more closely.

12 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch - April 2022

Highlight of the week

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

  • Release: 12. April
  • Platforms: Switch (already published on PS4)
  • Genre: Adventure, real-time strategy

It’s about it: In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is about 15 Japanese students who act very normal at first glance would not be the threatening destruction of the fictional city ashitaba through a huge Kaiju army. Equipped with special skills, the teenagers hatch in so-called Sentinels and fight in the cockpits of the Mechas against the superiority. Incidentally, the game still relies on a time travel mechanism through five different epochs, which are 40 years apart.

The interesting genre mix of Visual Novel, tactic RPG and Mecha fighting tells an outstanding good and exciting story, which is part of the best, we have experienced in recent years. By the way, you will learn more about 13 Sentinels in the game performance of Hannes:

__36 __5

more on the subject

From the best game 2020 you have never heard


More highlights of the week

Tormented Souls , which now also appears for Nintendo Switch and perfect for all those among you, who like classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. You can learn more in the game performance of Samara.

Nobody Saves The World now also appears for PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch and is a great action game / dungeon crawler of the Guacamelee-maker reminiscent of Zelda games and also played in the couch coal. You can watch the trailer here:

Road 96 We can also recommend you. The RoadTrip Adventure now also appears for current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the trailer for the game we have linked to you.

Do not Starve Together is the multiplayer expansion of the popular survival game, which is now also on the Nintendo Switch. In the online or spitscreen cooop you have to put in a mysterious world against strange creatures and all sorts of dangers to the fight.

New games for PS4 and PS5

  • 12. April – Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror (DLC)
  • 14. April – Road 96
  • 14. April – Nobody Saves the World
  • 14. April – Winning Post 9

Release calendar for PS4 and PS5: Which games 2022 still appear for current PlayStation consoles, we have summarized for you in an overview.

New Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S

  • 12. April – Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror (DLC)
  • 14. April – Road 96
  • 15. April – Sally Face
  • 15. April – Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

Release Calendar for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S: Which games 2022 still appear for current Xbox consoles, we have summarized that for you in an overview.

New Games for Nintendo Switch

  • 12. April – 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
  • 12. April – Do not Starve Together
  • 14. April – Bunny Mahjo
  • 14. April – Tormented Souls
  • 14. April – Nobody Saves the World
  • 14. April – Toodee and Topdee
  • 14. April – Run: The World in-Between
  • 14. April – Defend the Rook
  • 14. April – Cat Cafe Manager
  • 14. April – Shooting Star Island
  • 14. April – Rotund Rebound
  • 14. April – Labyrinth of the Chaka King
  • 14. April – SockVenture
  • 14. April – Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness
  • 14. April – Bush Hockey League
  • 15. April – Taito Milestones
  • 15. April – Lumberhill
  • 17. April – Sociable Soccer ’22

Release Calendar for Nintendo Switch: Which games 2022 still appear for the Nintendo Switch, we have summarized that for you in an overview.

Forget Ps Plus, Games With Gold, PS Now and the Game Pass!

In addition, subscription services in April 2022 offer even more games. It is usually no brand new titles, but you can play them away from the subscription cost without extra charge.

  • PS plus
  • Ps now
  • Xbox Games with gold
  • Xbox Game Pass

The games that you can download and play at the various services are changing each month, which is why they should regularly take a look into the digital stores. Or on Xbox, because there you will find the updates to new games as soon as they will be announced.

Which games are you looking forward to this week?

Development system Physics Architectural Game “The Enjenir” announced. Become an engineer, lets make a building that is not a hunting

Indie Daveroper’s Peaty Turf (Fuzzywobs) announced on April 7, the architectural sandbox game “ The Enjenir “. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and will be released in 2022. It also corresponds to Japanese language display.

“The Enjenir” is an architectural sandbox game that is sticking to physical operation. Players will create various buildings as a medieval engineer. If you complete your work using the building you created, you can earn income and building materials. Loops with “architecture, work and rewards and further architecture” seems to be the basis of gameplay.

However, the architecture seems to be a muscle rope. Pretty full-scale physical operations have been introduced in this work, and the building is that real-time and accurate physical operations are applied from the completed side. Also, physical operations are also applied to player characters, and they have a desirement look like a manipulator doll. Each of the limbs can be operated with individual buttons, so it is likely to be one of the seven-rolling overall operation during operation. In addition, the architectural part itself can be densely built and edited by a highly convenient UI. With a full-fledged faction that can be used by structural engineering technology, it will be dependent on the player’s ability whether the building will be a hint or a fully act. It is likely to be attractive.

Architecture and Engineering - CADD

For the developer of this work, STeam is the name with Peaty Turf. On the other hand, Fuzzywobs publishes information such as main workload by Fuzzywobs on SNS. In both of the information sources, it is a structural engineering expert to develop development. It may only be the name difference for any reason. According to the site seen with the Peaty Turf official, developers are also involved in the architecture of nuclear power and infrastructure related facilities. For that reason, this work seems to be a pretty full architectural simulation aspect, contrary to the appearance that has been weakened.

“The Enjenir” will be released for 2022 for PC (STeam). It also corresponds to Japanese language display.

Releases: Horror, Apocalypse and a strong story

The next seven days mainly dominate ports the releases. There are an apocalyptic scenario, a horror game of the old school and a strong story adventure.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim | 12. April


In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim threatens the Apocalypse and you have to prevent it again. So that works, your thirteen experiences intertwined sci-fi stories. Of course, past, present and future play an important role here.

Playful, on the other hand, awaits you a 2D sidescrolling adventure , where you slipped into the eponymous Sentinels. These are Mechs, who can customize them individually and with which they must then defend humanity against the Kaiju.

The release of 13 Sentinels: Aegis RIM is already 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and has received a lot of praise. Now Sega also delivers a translation for the Nintendo Switch.

Road 96 | April 14th

PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Fictional state Petria out Road 96 runs a lot wrong: An authoritarian regime is suppressing the population suppressed. Especially the rebellious youth is the current ruler a mandrel in the eye and more and more teenagers disappear. As a player you have to flee in Road 96 from Petria and goes to a long road trip.

On the way to freedom you encounter again and again different people and must take care of the police. In addition, you regularly meet decisions that sometimes influence future flight attempts. After a failed or successful escape, she slips into another adolescent who wants to flee – but has a different angle on the world of Petrias.

For the PC and the Nintendo Switch, Road 96 has already been available since the summer of 2021. Over nine months later, there is now the release for the current Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Tormented Souls | April 14th


Tormented Souls is Survival Horror in the style of former series parts of Resident Evil or Silent Hill. So there is a fixed camera view, lots of puzzles, nasty enemies and you have to household with sparsely sorts of resources.

Tormented Souls | New Survival Horror Game | Inspired By Resident Evil & Silent Hill

The story is about Caroline Walker, which turns to the search for two disappeared twin sisters in the village of Winterlake. In the middle of the night, however, she always wakes up in a bathtub and is connected to a strange apparatus. Of course it is now your task to find out what happened and for exploring a scary mansion .

The release of Tormented Souls is already 2021 for the PC, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S takes place. After a few months of additional development, the developers now push a publication for the Nintendo Switch.

Crimesight | April 14th


In Crimesight From Konami it comes to the fight of two artificial intelligences: Moriarty is a Ki plans a nearly perfect crime while Sherlock wants to prevent that. The place of crime is a villa in the middle of a snowstorm in which there are several people. One of them is the killer, another the victim.

Here you can use as a player. Similar to Among US , you will be divided into two groups in this multiplayer game, which pursue different goals. For Moriarty, your tasks have to complete the murder, while the Sherlock trailers want to prevent this.

At the beginning, the release of Crimesight should only be made for the PC. A console conversion is not announced so far, but not exclusively excluded.

Cryne in Styles by Resident Evil, a highly political story adventure, a history of the Apocalypse or Among US in a wicked scenario: The next week is full of kleinode, which would like to get to your hard drives.

Addictive system Linking Action “Vampire Survivors” In the latest Apde, the “Stage Double Speed” option is added. Can I get off the waves of fury

Indie Leveloper Poncle delivers update patch 0.4.2 of the viewpoint action “ vampire survivors ” on April 6. New stages, new characters, etc. have been added.

“Vampire Survivors” is a look-up perspective action game during early access delivery in Steam. “If you die from almost once,” “weapons and abilities choose from random lineup”, such as so-called roglike works that are often found in recent years. It is a work that is easy to play with one hand, and the gameplay that can be crazy is popular, and the number of many players at STeam.

In this update, one new stage is added. Nevertheless, new enemies and events are also implemented. On the other hand, new characters were added to the player side. In addition, new reric is also introduced. Gameplay options also added. One type of weapon type is added. It seems that evolution has been added. Besides this, the Rerol Banish is also increasing one step.

Also, some adjustment points are also mentioned. First, in Dairy Plant, the probability of the enemy to spawn on the inside of the wall was significantly reduced. Also, “LESS PHYSICS, MORE FPS” has been added in the option menu. Hold physical arithmetic processing and improve FPS. This function is enabled by default. However, if you do not play, or if a bug occurs, it is possible to disable it from the main screen option menu.

In addition, it is also adjusted to the behavior of the guide arrow. Even if there is a map, the guide can be enabled from the pause menu, such as if the coffin is not found. In addition, as a bug fix, a bug that the launch no longer moves when there is no target enemy. In addition, there is also an improvement in defects that the Clock Lancet disappears when the CLOCK LANCET continues to be launched longer.

New gameplay options have also appeared. The “HURRY” option can be selected at the time of stage selection, and the speed of time has doubled. Normally, when the enemy’s wave comes every 60 seconds, it will come every 30 seconds. This option can be unlocked by finding a new Leric of Stage 4.

“Vampire Survivors” is underwriting early access to PC at STeam. The price is 300 yen.

The Serpent Rogue: Alchemistisches Action

Team17 and Sengi Games have announced today that the ALCHEMIE Action Adventure The Serpent Rogue will appear on April 26 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

The Warden goes to the search to save the world from corruption, which is known only as the title of Serpent Rogue. He has to use any tool available to cleanse the kingdom and restore balance to Mount’s disease.

The alchemy is one of the most important ingredients in the gameplay of The Serpent Rogue and its mastery will be crucial to the success of the Warden.

Collects and explores ingredients to reveal their uses, experiment with various mixtures to produce unique potions, and uses these mixtures in various ways to advance in the ever-changing world.

The Serpent Rogue | Date Announce Trailer
Every action of the Warner has an impact on the world: if, for example, too many objects in an area are left, rodents are in bulk and set up chaos; If corpses are not buried, their scent attracts spirits that leave death and destruction.

Feature by The Serpent Rogue

  • Sandbox Roguelike: explores the mysterious world of The Serpent Rogue; Places and objects are randomly determined by storms sweeping over the land
  • Countless permutations: Uses the magic and craftsmanship of the alchemy to develop new tactics to overcome the many threats and situations that have arisen through the corruption.
  • Cause and effect: The actions of the overseers have consequences that can be used for your benefit; But you will be the hero of history… or the rogue?

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