Legends Pokémon Arceus invites us to return to the past of the IP to discover a world where humans continue to fear the Pokémon. As the main story progresses, the NPCs will learn to appreciate and make friends from pocket monsters.

Many of these characters will tell you the legends that have been transmitted from generation to generation on the Great Sinnoh (Dialga or Palkia according to the clans). For more information about it, There are a total of 20 poems in Hisui and you can unearth them with your Montura Ursaluna.

What happens when you get all the ancient poems?

So Pokemon Legends Arceus Already Has Mods...

Once collected, you will find all the poems in your wallet, on the Rare Objects tab. It does not make much sense to get them all, except to learn much more about the tradition of Hisui. If you want to investigate these famous legends, you can find the twenty poems below:

If you want to collect the poems yourself in the game, do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to Ursaluna and all the Treasury places.

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