The upcoming Netflix film adjustment of Kult-Anime One Piece is already expected with fantastic anticipation.
The reality that the series is changing a little attire detail by lead character Ruffy is now causing plenty of criticism in the community.

One-Piece fans slam the poster for the series

One Piece is among the most popular manga and anime ever.
Not surprising that the fans are doubtful of the upcoming genuine movie adaptation of Netflix.
The streaming giant has a mixed track record at anime fans and has actually currently wasted implementation with Cowboy Bebop.
For this factor, every brand-new picture on social media likewise offers heated conversations.
Brand name new: a first promo poster that reveals the famous straw hat gang from behind.

A detail on the poster gets a lot of attention and the shoes of hero Monkey D. Ruffy.
In contrast to the manga and anime design template, Ruffy wears regular tennis shoes in the Netflix series and not as typical flip-flop sandals
This might not be a big issue for outsiders, however for fans the sandals belong to the character of Luffy.
Similar to Nintendo’s Mario constantly uses a red cap.
Without this detail, something is simply missing!

that is why Luffy no longer uses sandals.

Why Netflix selected this modification is because of a comprehensible factor.
And it is about the safety of the actors on the set.


These lead a big part of their stunts themselves and there are loose sandals a much too much risk.
This is how Ruffy actor INAMI Godly on Instagram:
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