On the 2nd after the rainy season, Pearl Abyss held the 2022 Heidel Banquet for Black Desert Mobile for a long time at the Seoul Wave Art Center in the Han River. The Heidel Banquet is an offline event held in two years, and has been active as a place for confrontation where Pearl Abyss and users met after a long time away from the form of online and zoom.


At the 2022 Heidel Banquet, the ideas from the game mecca interviews finally ‘Black Jumak’, Chef Rayman Kim, a variety of dishes with the theme of the Black Desert, and the announcement of the update roadmap in the second half of the year. there was. In particular, this banquet attracted attention by making the most of the advantages of offline events, such as demonstrating the contents announced on the roadmap. Game Mecca directly photographed the 2022 Heidel banquet site, which was hotter than the weather in July.