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Announced Nintendo Switch prevention service for Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION. Actually, Protect from Emu

Technology company IRDETO announced on August 24, local time, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION as a service for the Denuvo game provided by the company. As the name suggests, it seems that the main service is to prevent Play on the Emulator in the title for Nintendo Switch.

DENUVO is a security solution for game titles centered on copy guards. In addition to Denuvo Anti-Tamper, which prevents the use of pirated games for PC games, it has also provided cheat countermeasures DENUVO ANTI-CHEAT and DENUVO SecUREDLC for DLC for DLC. Both are basically targeted for PC titles, and there are many cases of adoption mainly in large game titles in Japan and overseas.

And this time, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION has been announced as a new service. This is unusual for DENUVO, and is a pirated version of the title for console. According to the announcement, the technology mainly focuses on preventing unauthorized game operation in the Nintendo Switch emulator for PCs.


According to iRDETO, in the case of multi-platform development games, even if the PC version is protected to pirated, there is a background that pirated versions can be played relatively early in the Nintendo Switch version in the emulator. Say. Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION will prevent such emulator software operation and increase revenue immediately after the game is launched.

In addition, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION is said to be integrated into build tool chains, like other Denuvo techniques. They say they will block gameplay on the emulator without affecting the game experience. In any case, it seems that the main focus is on preventing the operation on the Nintendo Switch emulator, rather than preventing the copied software from the actual Nintendo Switch.

And what is really worrisome is the performance. This is because Denuvo has long been a debate that it may adversely affect the movement of the game. The title includes the past that has been verified by Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil Village (related article 1, related article 2). In addition, depending on the implementation of each title, Denuvo recruitment titles generally require online authentication. Even in Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, it is a matter of concern whether it is possible to play in a completely offline environment.

However, as long as the pirated version is flooded, it is natural that the manufacturer will take measures. In addition, there are many parts of the game side copy guard implementation on the effects on performance. It would be quick to hold concerns about Denuvo Anti-Tamper in Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection. I would like to wait for a future title recruitment example so that the technology protects the sales of the game company before the user notices.

Game tips for August 2022

Holidays leaned. August offers a few great ways to escape everyday life.

_Pois comfort zone _on consolefin article series, which focuses on games behind AAA titles.

August 2022

Cult of the Lamb (August 11th)

Who wouldn’t want their own cult? Cult of the lamb cute sheep collects followers, disciplines unbelievers, and explores new interesting areas to spread its own message.

ABLA: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rollerdrome (16.8.)

Fast-paced and stylish Rollerdrome focuses on a melting combination of shooting and roller skating. Read the Ens File here in a single-play work and listen to the authors’ interview here.

Weds: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Cursed to Golf (August 18)

Roguelike-minded cursed to golf makes a master golfer to fight curses. The player must pass 18 holes without losing to come back to life. The most strange special beats and tricks are helped.

ABLA: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X

Midnight Fight Express (August 23rd)

John’s wick-spirit swollen midnight fight express forces the former criminal to return to the streets. The end result is bloody fight, shooting and styling. The title is added to the Xbox Game Pass in the publication.

ABLA: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

InsCryption (August 30)

Forced player for a cryptic card game fights his spirit and freedom against the handle hiding behind the mask. The ingenious puzzle released for the PC in 2021 will first arrive at PlayStation. Xbox and Switch releases will be ahead later.

Weds: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Immortality (August 30)

British Sam Barlow Export her Story and Telling Liesi’s idea once again a step further. _Itmortality deals with the loss of the actor called Marcelo Marcel with various interactive film clips. Immortality added to the Xbox Game Pass in publication.

Proof: PC, Xbox Series S | X

Suggest games in the comment section. Sharing is about caring.

Lost Ark: Web Server Down on August 17th – what occurs there?

When are the web server down? Today, on August 17th, at 9 a.m. German time, the web servers go offline for 4 hours and also execute weekly upkeep. You need to be able to play again from 1 p.m if whatever goes according to strategy

Lost Ark stresses that the spot is job in the backend, however this is not specified in more detail.

The once a week update inlost Ark today, on August 17, does not bring any adjustments that the players ought to really observe.

For some fans in the online forum, this makes sure stress, given that they can not gamble for 4 hrs, however there are no changes for them whatsoever.

. The Downtime from Lost Ark was even prolonged by two hours. In the first statement of the once a week upkeep, there was just 2 hrs of talk as opposed to four. According to the neighborhood manager Roxx, you have to extend the maintenance because the developers requested even more time.

A great deal of downtime for… absolutely nothing? This week is also the initial weekly patch in Lost Ark, which comes entirely without patch notes. This implies that absolutely nothing adjustments for the players.

_ The Arcianist entered have fun with the last, big July update: _

prep work for the August upgrade

It would certainly also be imaginable that Lost Ark desires to continue to take care of the Power Pass issue. They have actually currently taken care of the complimentary passes, but they have not. Players who wish to invest money on an increase are checking out the tube.

That should concern Arkesia following week as well as from August 24th the brand-new animal cattle ranch and famous friend. That this likewise goes smoothly, some things can still have to be moved in the backend.

The bottom line is that it can additionally be both, or something entirely various. What do you believe, what the backend downtime is required for?

If you do not yet recognize what the preparations would be planned for, we have actually summarized this for you: Lost Ark will bring the huge August upgrade next week-everything you need to know

What sort of changes could take place? Considering that the programmers do not call specifically what backend work they do, we can only guess at this point. Nonetheless, it is imaginable that this is preparations for the great August upgrade.


The regular update inlost Ark today, on August 17, does not bring any kind of modifications that the players must truly discover. Today, on August 17th, at 9 a.m. German time, the web servers go offline for 4 hrs and carry out regular maintenance. This week is likewise the initial weekly patch in Lost Ark, which comes completely without patch notes. What kind of changes could take place? ** Given that the developers do not name exactly what backend work they do, we can only hypothesize at this factor.

To Nintendo Switch Online, Wa Blace 64 will be added from August 19. The second jet ski game that stands out

Nintendo announced on August 16 that it will add Wa Blace 64 to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. The scheduled additional date is August 19th.

Way Brace 64 is a jet ski game released for Nintendo 64 in 1996. Aim to overtake jet skiing and won the race on the waves. At that time, the racing on the water was drawn in the state-of-the-art graphics, including the expression of water. Later, a vibration pack compatible version was released, and the version has a ghost function.

As a development staff, Katsuya Eguchi, who has been involved in the Animal Crossing Series, is the director, and Mr. Kazuo Totaka, who is also composed by the Animal Crossing, is also in charge of music. Shinya Takahashi, who is currently the director of planning and production at Nintendo, is also in charge of the director of the work.

By the way, Wa Blace 64 is the first title released in Japan, but it is the second in the series worldwide. The first work was WAVE RACE in Game Boy in 1992 for Europe and the United States. In this work, a water boat race was drawn in 2D. The work may also be reprinted.


Nintendo’s official topic introduces articles and capture techniques published in the game magazine 64DREAM at the time. If you are worried, check the topic page. Way Brace 64 will be distributed on August 19 to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online.

Fortnite X Eminem: New collaboration? Everything we know

Fortnite would be suggesting some type of collaboration with Eminem taking into account that during the weekend that began on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in the radio station of the game Radio of idols only sounds music of this artist. Just below we tell you everything we know and what can be supposed for Fortnite seFortniteon 3 :

Fortnite X Eminem: His music reaches the radio of idols; Next collaboration?


At around 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in the radio station within Fortnite called idol radio began only sound music from Eminem . To be able to listen to it, we must enter an game of any way of play, and enter inside a land vehicle (car, truck or truck). Once inside the vehicle, we change the station until we find it.

The ** Complete reproduction list, about 53 minutes in total, consists of Eminem’s following songs in this order:

  • Godzilla (Ft. Juice WRLD)
  • Headlights (Ft. Nate Russ)
  • Phenomenal
  • Higher
  • Not Afraid
  • Venom

  • Lightrs (Ft. Bruno Mars)
  • Fall
  • Monster (Ft. Rihanna)
  • Walk On Water (Ft. Beyoncé)
  • Berzerk
  • Survival

We do not know if this collaboration is simply limited that the music of the artist occupies the totality of the music that we can hear on the radio of Fortnite of Fortnite, or if, on the contrary, this would be a teFortniteer of something larger, Fortnite a concert of the caliber of Travis Scott or that of Ariana Grande . In any cFortnitee, Epic Games hFortnite not reported regarding the arrival of Eminem’s music to this Fortnite radio station.

In our Fortnite guide we tell you everything necessary to succeed in the game, including how to complete all missions, or what a weapon is better.

WhatsApp update brings Bank

Always something new-that’s what WhatsApp user wants to bind on. A larger update is still coming in August. But there is an adjustment beforehand.

Dortmund-a life without WhatsApp? It would be possible, after all, there are now enough alternatives to the popular Meta trade fair service. This will also know the Facebook group that tries to tie users with new updates. There should still be new functions in August.

WhatsApp brings out a new update in August-a function is still open

Actually, the messenger now has many functions that users have missed in the past. It was only this year that the function was introduced to react with emojis to WhatsApp messages. This brings the advantage that group chats in particular remain so tidy and are not flooded by emojis.

In addition, the new function of being able to process messages is still in the starting blocks. Insiders have already been able to spot the first indications and it is only a matter of time before WhatsApp rolls out the corresponding update. But that’s not all: Another larger update is still coming in August.

WhatsApp brings out three essential innovations with a new update

And that is mainly about security and privacy. The new functions are said to have wanted users for a long time according to T-online. Three innovations in the META app are crucial:

before the planned update publishes WhatsApp a decisive relief

However, it should not remain with these new functions that serve primarily for privacy. WhatsApp announces that messages that may contain an embarrassing typing error can now be deleted within a longer period of time.

Where Messenger-users have only had an hour and eight minutes to delete a message from the chat, WhatsApp is now giving a time climb. In the future, users will have two days to delete a message.


But be careful: the message does not disappear without a trace. Furthermore, the hint can be seen that a message has been deleted. Once the time has expired, the message can only be deleted from your own field of vision. The chat partner continues to see them.

In addition, a new function called registration confirmation is to be rolled out, reports CHIP. This is intended to receive users in-app message if someone else tries to log into the account. So it is another security function. It is not known when this function is introduced.

Rubric list picture: © Germanopoli/Imago

Splatoon 3 will be held before the release of the Eve Festival! You can also experience the Trikara Battle that competes at the same time at the same time

Nintendo’s information public event Splatoon 3 Direct was held on August 10, 2022. The company has released the latest information on the Nintendo Switch shooter Splatoon 3 .

In this announcement, the Splatoon 3, which allows you to experience Splatoon 3 prior to the release on September 9, will be held from 9:00 to 21:00 on August 28. What you can experience at the eve is a festival match in which all players are divided into three powers and battle.

Since the guide Surimi Union is a trio, the theme to be presented has increased to 3. Votes on one of the three subjects, form a team with four friends of the same power and play against the opponent, and the final result is determined whether the win or loss of all battles will win.

The theme of the eve is Which is the strongest? Goo vs. VS Choki **.

The festival is a two-part system, and in the first six hours in the first half, we will play with the classic Nawabari Battle, but in the six hours in the second half, the new three teams battle at one time Trial Battle may occur. The details will be introduced later, so let’s look forward to it.


The free reservation for Splatoon 3 Mae Festival will start today on August 10, and will be downloaded in order after August 18. The software has been launched since August 25, and voting for tutorials and festivals is possible. It is a good idea to prepare before the actual performance.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included) for the package version, and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version.

DEAD BY Daylight official romance sim Hooked on you is now available. The story of love and friendship poured from trapper and spirit

On August 4, BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE released a romantic simulation game on the theme of DEAD BY Daylight Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim (Hooked on You). The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The price is 980 yen, and the game is compatible with Japanese.

Hooked on you is a love simulation game. This is the first spin-off work of DEAD BY Daylight. One day, when the player wakes up, there is a dazzling midsummer sunshine. I can’t remember why I’m here or who I am. Apparently, my memory has fallen completely. Looking around with such anxiety, there was a murderer or a beautiful woman who enjoyed the beach volleyball.


They seem to be staying on the island in search of romance, with a dazzling smile from the image of Dead by Daylight, which cuts life. Players will deepen fellowship with four murderers on the island as those who have lost their memories. In a conversation with the murderer, the story changes according to the options. Whether you nurture passionate love or a platonic friendship depends on the player’s choice. However, if you choose a wrong option, the dream world may be a hell picture in an instant.

This work has a unique murderer. First of all, a trapper that shows off the strong upper arms and pectoralis major. He is the face of Dead by Daylight. Next is a huntless featuring a superhuman biceps. The maternal appearance of a gentle smile from the back of the bunny mask is impressive. And Race with an unnuy atmosphere. Beautiful limbs extended from button shirts and trunks swimwear are beautiful. Finally, a spirit that looks good on Gothic Loli’s clothes. She spills her innocent smile, and her delusion expands as if she was such a woman before her father was killed.

Hooked on you was created in a collaboration between Canada-based BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE and Studio PSYOP in the United States. Speaking of PSYOP, we have developed I Love You, Colonel Sanders! I’m worried about what kind of story will be developed only for companies that have a reputation for producing unique adventure games.

This work is an important work, said Mathieu Cote, the director of Behaviour Interactive. In the process of grabbing the murderers’ hearts, the players will glimpse the true appearance or personality of them. This work seems to tell you the charm of the new murderers that were not told in the original.

Hooked on you is on sale for 980 yen for PC (Steam). If you are tired of the blood ritual, why not play with the murderer next to the ritual of love?

A girl who loves games solves an incident! Super Bullet Break will be released on August 12th at the same time in the world and on multiple platforms.

BeXide announced that it will release Super Bullet Break worldwide on August 12, 2022.

In this work, a turn-based rogue where three game-loving girls, Akari, Sumire, and Hikaru, set out to investigate the cause with the mysterious girl Nayuta and a black cat, because an error of unknown cause made it impossible to play games all over the world. Like strategy. Players collect bullets with over 160 newly drawn illustrations. Build a deck using Barrett and face turn-based battles that require strategy. It is also possible to add carts with unique effects to the bullets to enhance them.

In addition, there are also elements such as seven missions with the motif of nostalgic retro games such as romance games, rhythm games, shooting games, and a scout system that draws bullets. A trial version is available on the Steam page, and a trial version of PS4 and Nintendo Switch will be released on July 21st.


Super Bullet Break will be released on PC (Steam) / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / iOS on August 12, 2022. Nintendo Switch will start accepting reservations from July 14th with 10% off.

Das Splatoon 3 Switch

The Nintendo Switch Oled Splatoon 3 console will be released on August 26, 2022 as well as will certainly be readily available in retail for $ 359.99. The video game will not be included.

Those of us who eagerly anticipate Splatoon 3 with eagerness can barely wait to get the most up to date news from Nintendo’s secret research laboratory before the Splatoon 3 magazine day in the course of this summertime, but currently a brand-new version of the OLED version By Nintendo Switch over for the Splat-Tastic Video game brought us industrious.

However that’s not all. A Splatoon 3 Pro Controller was revealed. He has blue as well as yellow deals with and is littered with sprayers, although it does not look much different from the Splatoon 2 Pro Controller from 5 years earlier. Nintendo has likewise revealed a Splatoon 3 service provider bag that will have a comparable blue-green layout.

The Switch Oled Splatoon 3 Version likewise obtains a custom-made dock. It is a light grey shade that-similar to the Joy-Cons-is additionally etched with Splatoon iconography and also has a huge yellow splat on it. You are absolutely an octoling spy if you look at the online reputation and assume.

The Nintendo Switch Oled Splatoon 3 Version was announced by a video on the main Nintendo YouTube channel and is just one of the best-looking Special Editions Switches. It has a blue Joy-Con as well as a yellow Joy-Con with inscribed logo designs as well as graffiti from the Splatoon world. The colors are likewise rated, so blue passes right into purple and yellow in green-Inktastic.

To prepare for Splatoon September, have a look at our Splatoon 3 hairdos or Splatoon 3-weapon overviews to find out every little thing we understand concerning adjustments and also accessories that pertain to the Nintendo shooter.

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