The two-time world footballer Ronaldinho will certainly play next Sunday (February 26) in the Kings League established by Barcelona celebrity Gerard Piqué.
The Brazilian will certainly compete FC Portions, which is led by founder IAI Llanos, a Spanish banner.
The Kings League started on January 1, 2023.
There, twelve groups on the little field complete in Barcelona in 7 versus 7, the group presidents are internet as well as football celebrities such as Piqué’s world championship colleague Iker Cadillac and the previous Argentine worldwide Sergio Ague.
How did Ronaldinho instantly play along?
The twelfth gamer can change in the team weekly.
And so it will attend look of the previous Barça superstar next Sunday.
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Ronaldinho will definitely not be the last shock visitor in the Kings Organization, the clubs routinely register a brand-new 12th player.

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