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3DS Nostalgic Ari 5 Selection -Game Coin that shakes the main unit, and 3D functions that are not used very much

As of August 30, 2022, the balance to Nintendo E Shop will be completed Nintendo 3DS .

Released in 2011, good work such as New Hikari Myths Paruna Mirror and Monster Hunter Double Cross appeared one after another. Even now, more than 10 years after its release, many people will suddenly want to play with 3DS.

This time, we introduce nostalgic elements related to 3DS. Nostalgic characters such as passing communication and game coin are a large set.

◆ Shake and store Game Coin

Game coins are in-game coins accumulated by the number of steps measured by 3DS. The coins are set to accumulate one piece in 100 steps, and can be used for various purposes, such as His Animal Crossing and Passing MII Square.

The upper limit that can be collected a day is 10. A simple calculation is a very conscientious setting that reaches the upper limit if you walk 1,000 steps a day, but there are many days when walking is troublesome.

What to do on a troublesome day to walk- Shake 3DS . I was able to earn 10 coins while sitting on 3DS or shaking while sleeping.

Many people should have waved 3DS in order to accumulate coins. Speaking of which, I was shaking… it is a good memory now.

◆ Get a coin beyond the upper limit

As mentioned above, there are up to 10 game coins that can be collected a day. However, honestly, there are 10 coins a day, and there are quite a few difficult parts to play multiple soft and passive MII square.

The method was devised there was shifting the time of the 3DS body . For example, if you save 10 coins on January 1, 2015, you can get 20 coins beyond the upper limit by shifting the main unit time on January 1, 2016.

Perhaps some people have collected dozens of copies a day with the repetition of saving by shifting?

◆ A large amount when you go to a commercial facility / station! Passing communication


Passing communication that people with 3DS can pass nearby. In Dragon Quest XI and Monster Hunter Double Cross, there was a function to obtain in-game items through passing communication.

It is such a great passing communication, but it is not easy to communicate around your home **. So, if you go to a place where people gather, such as commercial facilities and stations, it will be passing as much as you can say that it is a big catch. Many people have visited places where people gather just for passing communication.

By the way, I am from the countryside, so whether it is a commercial facility or where it is, there are at most about five people who pass each other. I can’t forget that when I went to the city, the 3DS lamp was constantly flashing green.

◆ 3D function that I do not use very much

At the beginning of 3DS, the 3D function was a reputation for groundbreaking and fun! . In the CM, 3D DS that does not need glasses was sold, attracting public attention.

However, when I used it, I was able to enjoy the excitement and freshness of 3D images at first, but the 3D usage gradually decreased. One of the major causes is tired eyes . Nintendo side also announces how to use 3D images as much as possible, but those who use the 3D functions have no longer seen over time.

The good old days when the eyes were shining in 3D video. It may be good to start 3DS after a long time and enjoy 3D video.

◆ Transportation IC card

Did you know that 3DS supported payments with ** Transportation IC Card (hereinafter referred to as IC cards), such as PASMO and Suica? If you hold an IC card over the 3DS screen, the balance will be deducted from the IC card, and you can purchase software.

When I was a student without a credit card, I guess there was a secret to buying software using an IC card that can be easily charged.

Such IC cards are closed at 9:00 on January 18, 2021, together with the credit card **. The only method of adding the balance is the Nintendo Paid Paid Card. There is no good memory now.

Each person has a thoughtful element in Nintendo 3DS. If you read the article and miss it, take this opportunity to take a look at 3DS again.

Yu -Gi -Oh! What kind of deck is the new theme Exorcistor full of girls?

PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/STEAM/Nintendo Switch/Smartphone Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel **. In this work, we will explain the new theme added from June 10, Exorcistor.

Exorcist is a theme with an exorcist sister as you can see from the name. It is characterized by the development of religious girls who are religious to the demon exorcism, transforming into a ex-istor that wears a sacred gear by summoning Xyz.

The first appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG is Deck Build Pack Grand Creators released in August 2021. In addition, this theme has been further enhanced by Dimension Force in January 2022. It is one of the most popular themes in recent years, and I think it will be easier to fight if the dealers know roughly the outline.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the main features and development methods of Exorcistor that will appear in the new pack Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel pack Bravely Wings.

◆ Xyz in the sister’s contract! ? The card is separated from the graveyard is a trigger

Exorcistar Ellis
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): It can be activated when there is an exosista monster in your field. Special summon this card from your hand. If you have an exosistar Stella in your field, you will recover 800LP. (2): It can be activated if your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent. Special summon 1 Exorcist X-monster on this card in your field and treat it as an X summon.

Exorcist Stella
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): Can be activated in your main phase. Special summon one exosista monster from your hand. After that, if you have exosistar Ellis in your field, you will recover 800LP. (2): It can be activated if your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent. Special summon 1 Exorcist X-monster on this card in your field and treat it as an X summon.

The feature of exosostar is one of the sentences written in the effect, It can be activated when the card of your opponent’s graveyard leaves the graveyard by your opponent.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, where the cemetery is also called the second hand, it is necessary to release the graveyard card from the graveyard to activate the graveyard effect. The theme of exosista can be summoned monsters as a trigger, and even in the opponent’s turn, Exorcist Michaelis can be put on the board.

Exorcist Michaelis
Rank 4/Light attribute/Warrior
Level 4 Monster x 2
The effect of (1) (3) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): You can activate one card in the opponent’s field / graveyard in your opponent’s opponent’s turn that succeeded in summoning this card with the exosista monster as a material. Exclude that card.
(2): This card is not destroyed in combat with monsters specially summoned from the graveyard.
(3): One X material of this card can be removed and activated. From the deck, add one magic / trap card to your hand.

For example, Exorcist Michaelis can exclude one field / graveyard card in a successful turn. Even if your opponent resuses the graveyard, you can interfere with it with a returned sword. The dealer will need to play in mind that if you play with the graveyard, you will be summoned.

In addition, the exosistor has a story set in which two people have signed a sister (sur) contract. The bond is a glimpse of the effect of recovery from 800LP if each partner is in your field, in Exorcist Ellis and Exorcist Stella.

◆ Wide Exorcistor deck development power! Introducing a compatible card

Quicky Kababari Kitium
Star 4/Wind attribute/Beast tribe
Special summoning by the method (1) of this card name can be done only once per turn.
(1): This card can be specially summoned from your hand.
(2): Activate if a special summon is successful in the method of (1) in this card. The opponent can select one level 4 monster from your or opponent’s graveyard and specially summon your field.

In the fast-paced Kababalikitellium, it can induce Xyz summoning with the above-mentioned graveyard effect trigger. The other party needs to ride 1 level 4 monsters from your or opponent’s graveyard and special summon to your field. 。

Even if it is passed through, this card is a star 4 monster. If there is an exosista monster in the field to aim for the above effects, you can summon Exorcist Michaelis as it is.

The great sage Zoroa
Star 4/Flame attribute/Wizard tribe
The effect of (1) (2) of this card name can only be used once per turn.
(1): You can activate one Magistos monster in your field. Select one Magistos monster from the EX deck and equip the target monster as a equipment card.
(2): It can be activated when this card is equipped with a Magistos monster card. From your hand / graveyard, select one magician monster of level 4 other than Great Sage Zoroa and special summon with defense display. The effect of the monster specially summoned by this effect is disabled.

Zoroa is one of the Magistos theme. In the pack Bravely Wings, the Major Majin of the Eraser, which seems to have become a synchro monster, has also appeared.

The theme of Magistos is a theme that has a variety of effects by equipping the Magisto slope of the EX deck. In Exorcist, they can also be used as a standing position to special summon from hand and graveyard.

One of the options is to call Magistos related monster cards from the EX deck. (1): This card can be activated when S-summoned S to Megane Zoroa. Equipped with one Magistos monster from the EX deck as a equipped card. (2): The opponent cannot activate the effects of monsters of the same type (fusion / S / X, link) as the Magistos monster card in the magic & trap z1. It has the effect of , and you can limit the effect of the opponent’s effect by the type of Magistos (although the EX deck is compressed).

If Zoroa appears from the Exorcist deck, which I thought was all girls, be more careful.

◆ Tenju Ageus is, of course, ant!

Of course, there is also a turn of the general-purpose Xyz Monster Tenkai Ageus.

In the past, as Exciting Arzeus, the cute Xyz Monster Waku Waku Melfies has been talked about in the Arzeus cockpit ……..

By the way, according to the collection of set materials, Azeus is the final weapon that kills God , The lightning burns the sky, crushes the stars, kills God .

Whether or not the rescue maiden who serve the gods will be on the Ageus will be left to your discretion… at least the side who dealt with should pay attention to various developments, and the deck will have a very high degree of freedom. Yes.

The theme of the exosista that finally came. Please check it.

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