Pokémon Legends Arceus gives his players the opportunity to catch a variety of Pokémon, including the legendary Shorgigas of the normal type. Against this background and to make sure that you can add Shorigigas as soon as possible to your squad, we will now tell you where you can find SheGigas in the News and how you can catch Sheligigas Pokémon legends Arceus .

Where can you catch Sheligigas in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

You can catch Sheligigas in the Snowpoint Temple, which is located in Alabaster Island, but to access them, you must first complete the main history of Pokémon Legends Arceus. As soon as you have done that, go to the headquarters of the Corps, where you can trigger the Mission “The Researcher of Myths”. After that, you just have to follow the quest until you meet Cogita. If you talk to her, then you need to click on the option “The Temple Heaven”, which then triggers the mission “The plate of the snowpart temple”. After you have triggered the mission, just go to the Snowpoint Temple. Upon entering the temple, you can open the large door that leads to Regigigas after you have received the icicle plate, the stone plate and the steel plate. As soon as the door opens, just go inside and follow the path until you discover the Pokémon, then fight and catch Shorigas.

In order to summarize it again, here is what you need to do to unlock and catch Sichigigas in the newly published Pokémon Legends Arceus:

How To Get HEATRAN, CRESSELIA, and REGIGIGAS in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Legendary Encounter GAMEPLAY
* Complete the main history of the game.
* Solve the mission “of mythene researchers”.
* Solve the mission “The plate of the snowpart temple”.

  • Open the big door.
  • Follow the path.
  • Configures and conquered shelters.

Now that you know how to add shelters to your team, do not forget to look at how you can catch both Arceus and Giratina.

You can play Pokémon legends Arceus now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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