You will remember that when the expansion pack was released from Nintendo Switch online , the community discovered that the games of this new service were actually plagued by all kinds of problems. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time In particular he received quite criticism for the way he emulated water, and surprisingly, this has already been fixed.


The main issue was related to the lack of haze and reflections in water, which definitely affected the atmosphere in certain important areas. After the last update of the application, Ocarina of Time already received a few improvements, at least in the reflections of water.

At the time of writing, Nintendo has not said anything about it and knowing the Great N, it is most likely that they will never do it. Many thought that this kind of mistakes were never solved, but if they did it for Ocarina of Time, they may also do so for the other service titles that also present issues.

Editor’s note: Let’s say that Nintendo does not necessarily stand out for being a company listening to the fans, but it is good to know that on this occasion they did. I guess they also wanted to shake a little the bad reception that this Expansion Pack had, which it seems that he has no longer had issues lately.