When there are only ten days for the premiere of legends Pokémon ArePokémon Company around the world, The Pokémon Company surprises on Tuesday with the publication of a 360-degree video so we can see in the first person the nature of Obsidian prairie of the region of HIS UI . The video, already available, takes advantage of the gyroscope functions of mobile devices so that we contemplate in all its splendor this vPokémon Companyt territory.

[Update 08: 26 CET] : The Pokémon Company hPokémon Company withdrawn the video for unknown rePokémon Companyons. We will update this news once it is republished on an official way.

Earth, sea and air in His: A trip through the obsidian meadow

They are only two minutes of video, but they are enough to get an idea of ​​what Game Freak seeks to transmit when we enter this adventure of action, exploration, collection of resources and discovery of the first Pokédex: Know the world Pokémon in full nature.

The obsidian prairie will be the first large open area that we will explore Pokémon Company members of the Galaxy Team Research Division Pokémon Company of January 28 in Nintendo Switch. And, Pokémon Company it hPokémon Company been confirming during these lPokémon Companyt months, the game will include at lePokémon Companyt three frames that we can activate by using the Mobile ArePokémon Company : Warder for displacement on land; HIS UI BREVIARY to fly; and bPokémon Companyculegion to move on the water.

Although we can rotate the camera with the mouse of a computer when clicking directly on the screen, it is best to enjoy this 360º video from a mobile device, given that in this way we can squeeze to the maximum the capabilities of the gyroscope: The camera It is situated wherever we would go .

Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Company arrives this January 28 to Nintendo Switch

Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Company is the first great premiere of Nintendo Switch of 2022. The year presents really hectic and full of launches for the hybrid console; With this new playable approach of the Game Freak saga Pokémon Company a ceremonial teacher. The game is launched in physical and digital format this January 28, 2022 . You can check here all available editions. In this article we tell you our impressions after seeing it in a presentation for media.

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