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Half-life: Alyx might arrive on PlayStation virtual reality

Half-Life: Alyx storm the world of video games. Sadly for console gamers, Half-Life: Alyx will certainly be an unique Heavy steam, which means that it will only be playable on PC.


Half-Life: Alyx will be an absolute feeling. Expanding the scope of their game is in the finest passion in Valve.

It seems that they will certainly not quickly see a console version of Alyx. Yet that could happen on a later day. Like Half-Life 2, he began as a PC exclusivity before being lastly released in the Orange Box bundle for console. If something ends up materializing, this seems to be the most likely method to comply with.

Half-Life: Alyx storm the world of video games. Unfortunately for console gamers, Half-Life: Alyx will be a special Heavy steam, which suggests that it will only be usable on PC. Like Half-Life 2, he began as a PC exclusivity before being ultimately released in the Orange Box bundle for console.

The valve designer, Greg Coomer, claimed throughout a meeting with Press Square that, also if they were extremely involved to guarantee that everything for the Steam variation of the game was first Fallen, that a PlayStation version of the game was not impossible. Sony’s virtual reality platform was a significant success for the media, as well as we assume that many Sony clients would like to find this brand-new Phase of Half-Life, said Coomer.

Schlappe for Sony: Nintendo Switch reached vital milestone

Even 5 years after the release, the Nintendo Switch still offers extremely well. The crossbreed console is now even ready to take a crucial action onward in the ranking of one of the most effective gaming consoles of perpetuity.

Nintendo Switch will certainly soon defeat PlayStation 4

Those responsible in the Nintendo head office can look ahead to. The switch continues to be console orders 5 years after the launch. In the meantime, she is also the most effective console that Nintendo has actually published whatsoever. With concerning 111 million copies marketed the hybrid console beats the Wii, which just involves around 101 million duplicates. In 3rd location is the Nintendo Entertainment System (resource: Statista).

One of the most effective video game consoles ranking looks equally as great. Right Here the Nintendo Switch of the initial PlayStation has now taken off the bronze medal. With the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2, Sony still manages the first 2 locations . Nonetheless, professionals think that the Switch will certainly reach 20 million copies worldwide this year and also hence meet the PS4 with 117 million copies from 2nd place (resource: Statista).

Nintendo Switch: Problems despite the course of success

The Nintendo Switch will stay the only present Nintendo console together with the OLED variation and also lite version for currently.

Success additionally comes with a decline of resentment. In the present quarterly report, Nintendo needs to admit that the sales of the switch have actually lately decreased . The game sales have actually additionally dropped. According to the author, however, the worldwide chip lack is additionally responsible. Nintendo might as a result not develop as lots of gaming consoles as they want to (Nintendo’s quarterly record).

Nintendo Switch: Hacker discloses secret features sign up for us
on Youtube

In the meanwhile, she is also the most effective console that Nintendo has actually released at all. In the current quarterly record, Nintendo must admit that the sales of the switch have recently declined . Nintendo might for that reason not build as several consoles as they would like to (Nintendo’s quarterly record).

The Nintendo Switch will remain the only existing Nintendo console with each other with the OLED version and also lite variant in the meantime. So no new hardware needs to be released in this financial year **. The wish for a Nintendo Switch Pro must consequently remain unfinished at the very least by March 2023 (source: Twitter).

When the Nintendo Switch will certainly be

The Nintendo Switch Lite at $ 200 is marketed even more than $ 300, while the Nintendo Switch, which generally markets at $ 299, goes up to $ 500, additionally the standard version. For individuals looking to get the console, there are great information since Nintendo has confirmed that production problems will possibly be fixed extremely quickly. In a setting up of shareholders, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, said: We might not manufacture (Switch) as intended prior to May, yet production has actually substantially corrected the alignment of because June.


For those that can not wait for rates to be standardized, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a good purchase at the cost. He might not have the bells as well as whistles of the Nintendo Switch, but it is constantly a relatively strong console al1. With the only downside of not having the ability to play on your tv, you will eventually save virtually $ 200, according to current prices, so it’s nearly justified. Since new stocks at market prices run out fairly rapidly, the purchase of a Nintendo Switch Lite appears to be the very best deal currently.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually resulted in an enormous shortage of Nintendo Switch, as well as Nintendo Switch Lite. There are numerous factors for this. The obstacles come across in the supply chain preventing the production of the console, as well as second of all, the substantial rise in the console need due to the appeal ofanimal Crossing: New Horizons _. It’s been a while given that the shortage began, and also although the situation has actually enhanced a little bit, lots of gamers still have trouble obtaining a console for themselves.

Competition for the PS4: Nintendo Switch blows a chase

Nintendo has again published current Switch sales figures – and they are impressive. The company has to post a decline in sales for the first time, but the handheld console seems to compete slowly but surely.

Nintendo Switch was sold almost 108 million times

Nintendo Switch Pro LEAKS...Again????

The switch has been around for 5 years and is technically far behind the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | s, but Nintendo’s handheld console continues to sell surprisingly well. How good, the current numbers that the company presents on its official website reveal this.

All Switch models have now been sold 107.65 million times . In the last fiscal year alone, a little more than 23 million went over the counter – and that, although many fans have long been longing for a real Switch Pro (source: Nintendo).

If the Switch continues this sales trend in 2022, it will even overtake Sony PlayStation 4 during the year. The last-gene console has so far sold 116.97 million times -Nintendo is putting the competition properly.

The PS4 has not yet been officially on the siding, but since the start of the PS5, the sales figures on the load gene console have gone into the basement. Sony has also rapidly shut down the production of the elderly model, which leads to absurd high prices on the market.

Watch OLED switch at Amazon

_Diese Switch games were a real misinestment: _

Switch crisis: Not only PS5 and Xbox Series X are affected

Although the Nintendo Switch slowly but surely become one of the most popular consoles in the world, there seem to be problems. Because not only Sony and Microsoft’s Next-Gen-Konsolen makes the semiconductor shortage to create, Nintendo has already seen that the switch production is impaired .

Reading tip

Switch deficiency: Nintendo expects severe consequences

Gregor Elsholz

The company currently does not seem to be able to produce as many handheld consoles as originally planned **. In addition, the Switch’s production price is expected to increase. In other words, Nintendo earns less money per console sold.

It remains to be seen whether these additional costs will be passed on to customers in the future. At the moment, however, no price increase seems to be in discussion – especially since you only lowered the RRP in the autumn of last year. We will keep you up to date.

Console nominated for the Xbox Losing Prize for PlayStation and Nintendo next week

Xbox will lose an exclusive game of nominated console to awards for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch next week, or more specifically, in four days on January 25. In 2021, Xbox launched two large exclusive console games in the form of infinity and Fora Horizon 5. While this pair of games are the exclusives of the Xbox 2021 console that everyone knows, they were not the only exclusives of the console for the brand last year. EN 2021, The ingenious escape was thrown through PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and now finally reaches the PlayStation and Nintendo consoles mentioned above.

Developed by Beethoven & Dinosaur and published by Annapurna Interactive, the latter best known for games such as lo that is left by Edith Finch, exterior cons, Condo de donas, and The without pathThe ingenious escape originally launched on September 9, 2022 to 80 in Metacritic. It is not clear how the game was sold, but at the end of the year it was nominated for a better direction of art, Best Indie game debut and best soundtrack and music at The Game Awards 2021.

Next, you can read more about the game and also see recent progress:

On the eve of the first performance of him, Francis Vendetta fights with the legacy of a dead popular legend and the cosmic wanders of his own imagination, is read in an official commentary on the game. Francis, a teenager prodigy of the guitar, undertakes a psychedelic and multidimensional journey to inspire the scenic personality of him.

In the PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, the game will cost $20, as in the Xbox and PC consoles. At the time of publication, there is no news of a retail release, and considering that there was no retail release in September when the game was originally launched, there is no reason to expect this trio of ports to obtain physical issues.

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