The Korea -US Industrial Cooperation Council is upgraded from the director -level ‘Industrial Cooperation Dialogue’ to the minister’s supply chain and industrial dialogue.

Lee Chang -yang, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, on the 20th, on the 20th, the US President, Korea President Ramondo Visitors, Ramondo Minister of Commerce and Commerce Minister, Korea -US Commerce, Korea -US Business Round Table, Supply Chain and Commercial Dialogue (MOU) MOU (MOU) The company decided to strengthen the supply chain and advanced technology cooperation by exchange. The two countries have decided to develop into supply chain and technology partnership beyond traditional economic cooperation.

In particular, Gina Ramondo is the only minister to visit Korea with President Biden, and shows that the United States is important to cooperate with Korea in key areas such as semiconductor and secondary batteries.

■ Following the meeting of the Minister of Commerce and Secretary of Korea, the supply chain and industrial dialogue MOU exchange

At the meeting of the Korea -US Secretary of State, Lee said, “Semiconductor is the core field of supply chain, technology and economic security cooperation. We will also pay special attention to the support of SMEs. ”

The Semiconductor Partnership Dialogue (SPD), which was agreed in November last year, and the ‘supply chain and industrial dialogue (including semiconductor work groups)’, which is upgraded to the ministerial level, suggested to close the semiconductor supply chain and technology cooperation closely to discuss semiconductor supply chains and technology cooperation. did.

In particular, the company proposed to actively discover the necessary cooperative points in the field of system semiconductors such as artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductors, power semiconductors, and advanced sensors, and develop specific cooperation programs.

The two ministers of the two countries agreed that cooperation between allies is urgently needed, with the global supply chain crisis and high -tech competition intensifying and the weakening of traditional global supply chain (GVC) in the past.

The two countries have maintained their security alliance for decades, and the potential to respond to the supply chain crisis with the combination of Korea’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and US technology capabilities has been so great that it will continue to strengthen mutual cooperation.

The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that not only the supply chain and technology cooperation, but also the Indian -Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), Export Control, and Investment Cooperation.

The Secretary of Commerce and Technology sympathized with the response of the global supply chain crisis that it requires close cooperation between the nations and the role of the human -tae region, which is one of the nuclear -similes of the world economy. The IPEF, which is about to be launched, includes a wide range of agendas such as stabilizing the supply chain of core items, digital economy, clean energy, and bulletproofing, and it will be a center of future -oriented cooperation in the region. We decided to actively build together.

The minister emphasized that Korea plans to participate in the discussion as it has strengths in digital, supply chain, and clean energy.

Lee also said, “This year, it is the 10th anniversary of the Korea -US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and Korea’s investment in Korea has tripled and the US investment has doubled compared to 10 years before and after the FTA. “Let’s work together for the sustainable expansion of mutual investments, and to expand cooperation between the two countries.”

The two ministers of the two countries discuss in -depth economic and security issues such as high -tech industries, supply chains, digital, and export control, and upgrade and expand the existing director -level industry cooperation dialogue to ministerial level to establish future -oriented relationships in the high -tech industry. MOU (MOU) exchanged.

The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will hold the Korea -US supply chain and industrial dialogue once a year to discuss the industrial cooperation and economic security issues such as the digital economy, the high -tech manufacturing and supply chain recovery (semiconductor, etc.), the healthcare technology, and the export control. In addition, we decided to discuss R & D, smooth business, and other industrial policies to strengthen the global competitiveness of the two countries and to create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

The two ministers will contribute to the development of the US -ROK -US relations to the advanced industry, and form a consensus on the supply chain and industrial dialogue as a core platform for supply chain and industrial dialogue in the future.

■ Hanmi Business Round Table… Discussing cooperation measures such as semiconductors, batteries, and clean energy

The two ministers co -hosted the “Korea -US Business Round Table” at the Hyatt Hotel following the “Secretary of State”.

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The round table is designed to strengthen the economic cooperation partnerships that the two countries have continued and expand the supply chain cooperation. Major businessmen in the sector, including semiconductor, electric vehicle batteries, digital, and clean energy, attended and discussed mutual reciprocal economic cooperation plans such as expanding trade and investment.

Lee said, “This year, the Korea -US FTA is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it is significant to hold a business round table with the entrepreneurs of both countries as the relationship between bilateral relations is developing into a supply chain and technology partnership beyond trade and investment cooperation. “As the global economic environment is changing, there is an urgent cooperation and joint response between the government and the company to strengthen the supply chain cooperation and enhance industrial competitiveness. I need it. ”

The two companies exchanged opinions on practical practices for cooperation with the US -ROK supply chain in the fields of semiconductor, battery, electric vehicles, clean energy, and digital. In -depth discussions were conducted on the current situation diagnosis of supply chains, measures to respond to the rapid increase in demand for semiconductor equipment, to expand clean energy supply, and digital economic cooperation.

The two companies also agreed that the expansion of US -ROK investment cooperation is very important for responding to supply chain and advanced technology cooperation.

■ Exchange of memorandum of understanding with Thermo Fisher Cyan Pick

Ahn Deok -geun, the head of the Trade and Negotiation Division, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) related to Thermo Fisher Science Pick, a global company in the sector of life science and science equipment.

Under the exchange of understanding, Thermo Fisher Scientific Pick considers Korea as a major investment destination for the construction of a bio -raw material production plant, and the government has decided to actively work for the project.

Ahn said, “Thermo Fisher Scientific Pick’s cell culture box is a very important raw material for producing biopharmaceuticals. We will do our best to attract this investment project in the future.” Then, if Thermo Fisher Scientific Investment is made, it will contribute to fostering Korea as a global vaccine hub. ”

Ahn said, “In particular, attracting foreign high -tech industries will continue to be interested in the government as the core of the stabilization strategy of supply chain.”