A developer who previously worked in the series The Legend of Zelda in Nintendo has shared some worrying news with respect to a great rumor port of the Crepusculus_Princesa_ for the Nintendo switch. During the most part of last year, we continue to listen that Nintendo plans to bring the HD version of both wind waker and princesa del Creamculo of Wii u a switch. And although none of these rumors have proven true yet, it does not seem that such an ad can occur soon.

Speaking in the Podcast Framents of Silicon recently, the CEO of Tantalus, Tom Crago, was asked, whether or not I had asked the study that he carriedThe legend of Zelda: princess of the twilight_ to change. In the past, Tantalus was a third -party company in which Nintendo trusted the past not only to bring Princesa del Twilight heaven. In summary, Crago said that Nintendo has not asked Tontalus to carry Princesa del Creamculo to Switch, although the study itself would be very much at the height of the opportunity.

“No, and look, we would obviously love to do that, but that has not been a priority for Nintendo, or at least not in the conversations they have had with us,” said Crago. «The way in which it works with our friends is that we will take any opportunity we can to work on one of its titles. There is a constant dialogue between our two companies. There is often a little time between the titles, and there may be other ideas that are spinning, but in the case ofspared towards the sky, it passed some time and then the email arrives: ‘Would you be interested in considering bringing Spad towards the sky in switch? ‘What the answer is, of course:’ Yes, we would do it. ‘ And then we enter the conversations with Nintendo about how that could be and finally we start. So it was similar in many ways in terms of how Princesa del Creamculo (in Wii U) came to fruition ».

Obviously, what Crago has to say here is something worrying for those who expected to seethe legend of Zelda: princess of twilight_ landing on switch. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that, although Crago affirms that Tontalus itself is not working in that port, maybe Nintendo could have chosen another study to do so. And although this seems unlikely since Tantalus worked in the game of the game for Wii U, Nintendo could always have chosen to go in a different direction with a potential Princesa of the twilight port for switch.

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