If you want to add pretty much the pain, you should make sure that you have a stacked team Pokémon Go . If you find these specific Pokémon, you can put together the best available teams, and if you follow our guide, you can find out whether your favorite pokemon is on the list.

We will talk about who is the strongest in addition to some honorary mentions, with the main highlight to the winner. Let us get started without further ado and find out who the best attackers in Pokemon Go are and which trains you should concentrate on!

Beetle type – Mega Beedrill

We start Mega Beedrill under first place for the bug type Pokémon.

MEGA-BEEDRILL statistics

  • Max CP 3.383
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 303
  • Defense: 128
  • Endurance: 163


If you want to fully exploit this Pokémon, you should make sure that you have both beetle bite or infestation as Fast Move and X-scissors ready for your charged attack.

With places second and three we made it Shadow Pinsir and Shadow Scizor. If you have one of these three in your team, you can quickly and painlessly secure a win.

Dark type – mega absolutely

To be a light in the dark, you will find mega absolutely The wildest attacker for the dark Pokémon .

MEGA-ABSOL statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.301
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 314
  • Defense: 130
  • Endurance: 163

If you want to use mega absolutely to your full advantage, you should growl with couples as your almost move and dark pulse as your charged movement. The use of this Pokémon can quickly cause massive damage while it is punished.

We rounded off second and third place Mega Houndoom and Shadow Tyranitar. Both are great options if you have them too!

Drachentype – Shadow Salamence

If you want to show the power dragon type you just have to bring with you Shadow Salamence to the party!

Schattensalamence statistics:

  • Max. CP: 4.239
  • Maximum HP: 183
  • Attack: 277
  • Defense: 168
  • Endurance: 216

If you really want to demonstrate the strength that Shadowalameal on offer with which you want to combine it dragon cock for your quick move and Draco Meteor for your chart move. You will also find that shadow dragonit and mega-glurak x in this situation will be your second and third strongest Pokémon of the type dragon!

electrical type – Shadow Raikou

At the top of the pack is the mighty legendary Pokémon shadow Raikou . With this Pokémon you will find a quick and effective attacker with impressive statistics.

Shadow Raikou-Statistiken

  • Maximum CP: 3452
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 241
  • Verteidigung: 195
  • Endurance: 207

In order to make full use of your speed and attack power, you should have your paddock Schadten-Raiku on with Donnerschlag for your quick move and wild load for your charged train. Second and three for the electrical type We have shadow electrovir and shadow zapdos . Some great options all around you can choose from!

Feentype – Shadow Guardevoir

A fan favorite Pokémon since its foundation, Shadow Guardevoir is not only one of the coolest design, but one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, especially in this shadow form.

Shadow Guardevoir statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.497
  • Maximum HP: 145
  • Attack: 237
  • Defense: 195
  • Endurance: 169

You will find yourself with a more capable Fairy type Pokemon with this choice and pair them with charm for your quick move and clairvoyant for your charged move you can do the competition Sweeping the floor. You will find that Shadow Granbull and Togekiss come to second and third place, but you will have a great Pokémon with each of them!

Kampftyp – Shadow Machamp

For our battle type Pokemon, you will find that Shadow Machamp is the strongest in the group. With some great movements and a lot of attack and endurance, it will be almost impossible for you to overtake them.


  • Max. CP: 3.455
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 234
  • Defense: 159
  • Endurance: 207

Pair this battle type with switch as your Fast Move, and dynamic blow For your chart move you will find that you are almost unstoppable against every opponent. We rounded off second and third place Schatten-Hariyama and Lukas which are both impressive!

Feuertyp – Mega Charizard Y

With the new revisions to mega development you will find that Mega-Glurak rounds off the package at the top of its class.

MEGA Charizard Y-Statistics

  • Max. CP: 4.455
  • Maximum HP: 158
  • Attack: 319
  • Defense: 212
  • Endurance: 186

Pairing Mega-Glurak Y with Feuer-Spin for your quick move and explosion fire For your Chart Move, you give you a Pokémon that can destroy pretty much everything. With places second and three we made it mega-glurak x and shadow Ho-oh, who also have some rather impressive statistics.

flying type – shadow moltres

Come to the top of the game for flight types, shadow moltres is not only another legendary Pokémon, but also one that is caused by Shadow.

Shadow Moltres statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.917
  • Maximum HP: 175
  • Attack: 251
  • Defense: 181
  • Endurance: 207

Pairing Shadow moltres with the movements wing attack for your quick move and overheat Because your charged movement will bring you to the top in every fight you face. To round off this, we have mega pidgeot and moltres make the list again in non-shadow form .

ghost type – mega Gengar

Mega-gengar fights hard for first place, but his place here is well-deserved because they are extremely powerful, but also versatile.

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mega-gengar statistics

  • Max. CP: 4.902
  • Maximum HP: 134
  • Attack: 349
  • Defense: 199
  • Endurance: 155

An absolute monster in attack, pairing Shadow claw for your quick move with Shadowball As Charemt Move, you win almost everything your opponents can counter you. The package is rounded off by the legendary Giratina and chandelier.

grazing type – mega venusaur

It is once Big Boy season Mega Venusaurier comes out to play, offers some amazing statistics and is a welcome addition to every team


  • Max. CP: 4.181
  • Maximum HP: 162
  • Attack: 241
  • Defense: 246
  • Endurance: 190

Pair this mega Evolved Pokemon with wine whip for your fast attack * and * wild plant for your charged attack you can record it with everything. This list is rounded off by shadow vusaurier and Schadten-Tangrowth which are both quite capable of themselves.

soil type – knawrack

Bring the pain to land and sea, Knawrack takes the cake when it comes to being the strongest Bodenart Pokémon.


  • Max. CP: 4.479
  • Maximum PS: 201
  • Attack: 261
  • Defense: 193
  • Endurance: 239

It is crazy how powerful this Pokémon is and how it is paired with it kite tail for your quick move and outrage for your charged movement you survive everything out there. We rounded off the pack in places two and three Shadow Mamoswine and Demeteros (Therian Forme) .

EISTYP – Shadow Mamoswine

While it was not the first place in the type category, Shadow Mamoswine it takes it available for the Eistyp ** Pokémon in the game.

Shadow Mamoswine statistics

  • Max. CP: 3.763
  • Maximum HP: 203
  • Attack: 247
  • Defense: 146
  • Endurance: 242

A powerful ICE type is a great thing that you have and paired powder snow for your quick move and avalanche because your Chart Move will bring you to the top almost every time. Second and three in this category we have mega abomasnow and Schattenweavile.

poison type – mega beedrill

Not only take first place once, you will find that Mega Beedrill is also excellent poison type also Pokémon!

MEGA-BEEDRILL statistics

  • Max CP 3.383
  • Maximum HP: 140
  • Attack: 303
  • Defense: 128
  • Endurance: 163

If you want to use your poison type for your full advantage, you should use toxic floor as your Fast Move and mud bomb as your charged movement to ensure that you can bring the pain. We have occupied places in two and three mega-gengar and shadow victreebell.

mental type – shadow…