[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] All of the game laws will be held.

In addition, the Democratic Party shall be held in the National Assembly Culture Physical Tourist Committee Meeting Room (the “All Revisions of the Game Industry Promotion Act) of the ‘Game Industry Promotion Act (all below),

The amendment of all amendments to the executive of the Representative of the Representative The revision of the rating classification procedure ▲ Mandatory ▲ Probable item display ▲ Nonprofit game rating Classification ▲ Small and medium game funding ▲ Middling content ▲ And a domestic agency designation system.

In the meantime, the public hearing for the legislation did not open, but with Lee Jae-nam, the Ministry of Democratic presidential candidates, the “probability item probability of the” Probabilistic Item Probability of the “Probabilistic Item Probability Public” Committee, followed by the same content,

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Meeting
All amendment officers listen to opinions from statements consisting of stakeholders and experts in the bill, and have time to query the nominals.

In the meantime, the members of the game are known to recognize the importance of all amendments in the game system and requested to request a number of statements, but the time of time is recommended for the time of time. In addition to the game law, the control of the other was inevitable, as requested by the Korean power of the public.

As a result of the Democratic Party, Oji Young lawyer was selected as the Democratic Committee Policy Research Institute. The recommendation of the Kookmin is still in the meantime.

Lee Sang-consisting, said, “All amendments all of the game laws are a legislature that is significantly meaningful to the gamers and game users, as well as a young man. Various members of Korea game ecosystem, including users, academia, developers, and industry through various channels including public hearing “It is really sorry that” the number of statements is greatly reduced. “But it has been passed through the public hearing, so it has been able to pass the public hearing, because it is possible.