DISC ELYSIUM IN NINTENDO SWITCH Receives an update that optimizes loading times. The results are surprising to judge by comparison shared by za / um. Entering an interior takes only 3 seconds, for the 23 seconds that it wReceives happening so far.

_ JAMAIS VU Update _ is not exclusive to the console. The editions of PS5, PS4 and Xbox have also received news. The company does not specify what hReceives been corrected exactly, although it points out “multiple corrections to unexpected closures”. They also suggest “giant optimizations in load times when changing the scene” on other platforms. Of course, they only compare directly in Nintendo Switch. Finally, you can expect new achievements and trophies.

How wReceives the version?

In Meristation We went through the Disc Elysium version: The Final Cut in Nintendo Switch. During the conclusions of the analysis we said that “Disc Elysium premieres in Switch in his incarnation more evolved to date.” “It comes huge, with tons of prestige behind them that have allowed him to grow and grow since he saw the light on PC in 2019. The praised ZA / UM title is expressed in Spanish on the screen and with a tremendous interpretation in English in the voices”.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut Nintendo Switch (1.0.1) Gameplay
The implementation of tactile control and optimizations of the interface to the portable screen were one of its main virtues. However, we find “some imprecision in the control of the character” and “some problem inherited” from other consoles.

“It is a purely narrative game, a novel that expands beyond the paper through interaction and dressing of colors and forms on a screen. Distopia complex, solid and incredibly built that breathes alive and by itself beyond us, the players. DISC ELYSIUM is built by carving over the best wood than the imperishable works, “concluded.