During among our check outs to Ankama, Wyze as well as Yawn consented to rely on us about the future tasks of the Dofus Touch team. In between balancing, new tasks as well as assumptions of gamers, several topics have been mentioned.

Based on variation 2.14 of the Computer version, Dofus Touch was formally birthed in the summer of 2016, after numerous months of beta. Today, it is Touch version 1.56 that gamers can test on beta server.

Harmonizing and brand-new class, a required yet hard selection

Recently, on update 1.56 presently in xélor, beta and also pandawa have actually gotten adjustments in this direction. Much like the IOP, the Enutrof as well as the Ecaflip on the previous update. It’s a long procedure, but that is progressing gradually. As well as, that knows, he may at some point bring about a new class. Whether the same to those of Dofus computer or not.

The factor for this selection remains in truth rational. Presently, the various classes do not all take advantage of spells and smoothed attributes yet. This hold-up in harmonizing leads to instability that would make it tough to introduce an extra course.

The question of a new class on Dofus Touch goes to the heart of the debates amongst the players. The mobile version of the video game only benefits from 15 classes, contrasted to the 18 of the computer variation. It is not always a job up to date.

The gamer experience at the heart of the task

The reduced degree items made by artisans are thus recycled in the higher level recipes. Extremely extremely high level recipes have actually come to be too complicated with the numerous intermediate stages.

Trades, full material.

In particular for low degree players as well as more specifically the brand-new gamers. The Dofus Touch updates of the time started with an overhaul of Incarnam.

Returning to the material supplied at the begin of the game is an objective in view. The redesign of the tutorial will be an important aspect of such an update, if it ought to occur. Once it is opened, the objective would also be to better present each attribute. Forgemagie, reproducing, kolizéum and also others could thus have very easy access to Dofus Touch in the future, along with everyday objectives. Without streamlining the web content

Included in this is the experience of the professions, which might also go through modifications in the updates ahead. It is not prepared to offer limitless degree 200 professions as on DOFUS COMPUTER. The purpose prefer to be to make changes, but remains to be seen which ones. Regardless, the economic climate as well as the occupations are at the heart of the thoughts of the game development team.

The professions could additionally be impacted by an update. On the one hand, by the abolition of lots of sources at risk. In enhancement, goes down rates are always the very same equal level, simplifying the decline system.

Time and its limitations

Based on version 2.14 of the PC variation, Dofus Touch was formally born in the summer of 2016, after numerous months of beta. Today, it is Touch version 1.56 that players can examine on beta server. The inquiry of a brand-new class on Dofus Touch is at the heart of the disputes among the players. The Dofus Touch updates of the time began with an overhaul of Incarnam. Forgemagie, reproducing, kolizéum as well as others might hence have simple accessibility to Dofus Touch in the future, as well as daily objectives.

This holds true, as an example, of the Kolizéum Intersrever. Technical research study has been executed, however it is still prematurely to consider it today.

You can additionally take the instance of particular locations of areas. Narrative arches in development are to be ended up (such as Pandala, or the second component of the Nimbos), postponing the overhaul of particular areas like Otomaï or Sufokia. However, they will end up, one day or another, by taking advantage of an actual overhaul.

Actually, there are several concepts for the future of Dofus Touch. But the limitation remains the same: time. Specifically on a mobile video game that needs new extremely normal web content. We have to for that reason function gradually on particular tasks which are often also time-consuming.

It should additionally be considered that a version of Temporis on Dofus Touch would still delay the enhancement of particular features such as Kolizéum Interserver.
That understands, nothing stops one day it can occur.

And also a temporis on Dofus Touch? It is in fact technically feasible, yet time sacrifice is as soon as again as well large compared to the retention of players that such a web server brings.