azil had a phase of groups of ups and downs in the Six Invitational 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup in Montreal, Canada.
This weekend were defined the 16 teams that will compete in the final phase of the competition, and although all four azilian teams have passed the phase, only Los One and W7M advanced by the top key, while doing CLAN and Team Liquid has campaigned below
expectations and will need to row through the lower key.
On Saturday (11), W7M, which was leading in group A, lost 2-0 to KOI, Europe, with 7×5 partials in skyscraper and 8×6 in border.
The result made the team fall to third position, with a record of two wins by 2-0, a 2-1 win and a 2-0 loss.
Despite the fall in the latter, the buffalo advanced by the upper key and will compete for the upper acket round 1.

Already KOI took the lead of the group and advanced directly to the round 2. In the next phase, W7M faces France’s Team BDS, current Six Major Linköping champion.
Los One confirmed the campaign of 4 wins in 4 games and the first place in Group C of SIX INVITATIONAL.
Also on Saturday, the azilian team surpassed Oxygen 2-0, in a very fierce game and decided in a double 8×7 in the border maps and Safe Dostoevsky.
Los One finished the campaign with 13 points, with three wins by 2-1 and a 2-0 win.
The azilian team advanced directly to the Round 2 of the top of the playoffs and awaits the winner of the duel between G2 eSports.
And Wolves.


Team Liquid, in turn, advanced to playoffs for group B, but winning only one game in four disputed and losing the other three.
On Saturday, the cavalry lost a decisive confrontation to Wolves 2-1, with 4×7 bank partials, 7×4 in Oregon and 6×8 in Mansion (Villa).
The confrontation was worth the 3rd place of Group B, and with the defeat Liquid ended only in 4th place.
In the next phase, the team of Neck, PALU and Company faces the loser of the duel between W7M and BDS.
Finally, FAZ Clan got its second win in four games on Saturday, but the performance was not enough to prevent the team from ending in 4th place.
Despite the 2-1 win over Team Secret, with 7×2 partials in Clubhouse, 6×8 on border and 7×2 in Safe Dostoevsky.
However, Dark zero’s victory over the M80 made the azilian team stay fourth with 8 points and a 2-0 win, 1 2-1 win, a 2-1 defeat and 1 loss 2-0, while Dark zero, while Dark zero,
With 9 points, it secured 3rd place and the playoff spot on the top key.
With the result, the star team, Cyber and company faces the first round of Lower acket the loser of the confrontation between G2 ESports and Wolves.

Results of the 4th round of the group stage

A group

  • Space station 0 x 2 G2 ESports
  • KOI 2 x 0 W7m

Group B

  • Songs 2 x 0 right wolves
  • Wolves 2 x 1 Team liquid

Group C

  • Los One 2 x 0 Oxygen
  • BDS 2 x 1 Astral is

Group D

  • Team Secret x Do CLAN
  • Dark zero 2 x 1 m80