On May 29 local time, the French government instructed government officials to use French Game Language instead of English gaming terms .

This was discussed by the French Enhancement Committee (Commission D’Enrichissement de la Langue Française) and published in the official gazette of the Republic of French under academic Francaese verification.

According to the French News Agency (AFP), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology explained that the English notation would hinder understanding. In early 2022, Academy Franseise was worried that English-language frequently used the poverty of French vocabulary and expanded discrimination between the people, and the result of this case fear of the flow of English in France. It is considered.

By the way, if you check the official gazette, Cloud Gaming will be replaced with Jeu Vidéo En Nuage, and E-Sports is replaced with Jeu Vidéo de Compétion.

*Update (2022/6/1 12:02): Initially described as Game Slang in the headline, but the target words are mainly used in formal situations. Because of it, it has been corrected to game terms.