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Knack does not confirm new delivery, but Sony hMark Cerny renewed the brand

Since Knack 2 came to the market, Sony Interactive Entertainment hMark Cerny not announced any more video game in the series. Both deliveries went on sale at PlayStation 4 and can be enjoyed on the new generation machine thanks to retraction. Meanwhile, the Japanese company hMark Cerny renewed the brand in Japan . The record, dated this same March 28, includes the possibility of marketing a product “downloadable or installable in a domestic video game machine”.

Of course, the renewal of a brand does not necessarily imply that the company is thinking about designing a new video game, since on many occMark Cernyions these movements respond to an operational and routine reMark Cernyon intended not to lose rights over its intellectual properties.

Two games directed by Mark Cerny

Advertising VS Branded Entertainment

Mark Cerny, the architect of PS4 and PS5, Mark Cerny well Mark Cerny veteran video game developer (participated in Sonic 2 of Mega Drive), wMark Cerny the director of Knack and Knack 2 . Although the reception of criticism wMark Cerny not particularly satisfactory, the two deliveries have worked Mark Cerny a specific demo species: it wMark Cerny PS4 launch game, while the second installment served to show the PS4 Pro improvements.

The gender of platforms and action hMark Cerny had its representative in PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games, also creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, edited lMark Cernyt year Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension, Exclusive title of the new generation. PlayStation Studios, for its part, hMark Cerny expanded the Internal Games catalog with two large products in 2022.

After the launch of Horizon Forbidden West the following on the list hMark Cerny been Gran Turismo 7 , a game that despite having worked on international criticism hMark Cerny been very criticized because its gameplay hMark Cerny built on a “always online “. Polyphony Digital wMark Cerny forced to maintain the servers and practically all the game remained inaccessible for almost 24 hours. They have already promised compensation.

“Apex Legends” control mode is revived for a limited time. To the new event “Warriors Collection”

Respawn Entertainment announced the new event “Warriors Collection” at “Apex Legends” on March 25. The event will be held for a limited time from March 30 to April 13. During the event, the control mode will be resurrected in the 9-to-9 team match.

Control mode is the game mode that appeared in the season 12 “Defiism”. In a 9-to-9 team match, we will fight over the bases called control points. Unlike battle royal mode and arena mode, respanes and ammunition are unlimited. There is no shield cell or a shield battery, and the armor is automatically recovered by not receiving a predetermined time.

In this control mode, coasted processing facilities, which are areas in King Scanion, will appear as a new game map. Shields, zip lines, Skydhaba runacers and Hobby tanks are newly added, and it seems to be changing to the map that can move vertically and laterally.

Also in the arena mode, a new map drop off is added. Sounding Hammundro Botix manufacturing tower and a violent battle under the dark sky covered with smog.

[002.jpg] Also, in this event, various limited items are sold. Skins such as octane, horizon and lifeline appeared including an artificial hunter, a skin of Ash. At the same time, 24 types of decorative items are sold for a limited time. At the end of the trailer, the super legend of crypt and thought video. If so, super legend appears to be available by aligning all the event-limited items.

Furthermore, a reward tracker during the event period is provided this time. As ever, by achieving the updated challenge daily, the point is acquired and the tracker is advanced. In Warriors Collection, it is also possible to have long-term challenges that you can get four limited badges.

“Warriors Collection” event that controls that were in popular mode are resurrected. A new map will be added to the control and arena mode and you will enjoy a hot battle.

“Apex Legends” is currently being held 12 “Defiism”. Warriors Collection events will be held for a limited time from March 30 to April 13.

Cyanide and happiness game FreakPocalypse bringing its strange and dark humor to Switch and Steam

Today, during the Indie World of Nintendo, Kris Wilson of Explosm Entertainment announced that the first part of his next adventure game, _cyanure and happiness: Freakpocalypse, _ will come out this summer on Nintendo Switch, as well as on Steam.

CYANIDE & HAPPINESS - FREAKPOCALYPSE | Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary FULL GAME

Explosm Entertainment launched a Kickstarter for the game on September 5, 2017 and reached its full finance three days later. The game has been under development since, with new features added as funding increases.

FreakPocalypse is an episodic point-and-clic adventure game taking place in the cyanid and happiness universe, and will bring together the characters and stories of comics and videos in one place to tell a new story. This time, the game focuses on a high school student named coop after a bizarre accident causes Apocalypse. The game is written by the same team writing cyanide and happiness and should have the same extreme and hilarious humor as the one presented in the videos and comics.

During the development of the game, the Explosm team tried to remain faithful to the classic adventures of pointing-clicking as the secret of the island at the Singes_ while injecting the expected humor of a cyanide and happiness title. For screenwriters, move from comics to video in a game was a natural progression.

“Going to a new medium gives us more ways to make dark and bizarre humor that we tend to write and allows us to tamper your legs and try something new and interesting,” said Kris In an interview with Blockhead Gaming at Pax East 2018. “It’s a good support with what we are already doing with our animations.” Explosm team members are enthusiastic about the release of the game and look forward to developing more games and possibly embarking on the video game industry in the future.

PS5 / PC Ninja Exorcist Action “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” March 25 release decision. Details are tomorrows showcase

Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals that “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” is launched on March 25, and the program “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-February 2022 Official Showcase” will be introduced to the same work It announced that it will be released at 7:00 on February 4 Japan.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is an action adventure game. The corresponding platform is PS5 / PC. To develop development Tango Gameworks, who ranks Shinji Sanami. It is Tokyo to be the stage of “Ghostwire: TOKYO”. When there is a mysterious phenomenon, Tokyo has suddenly disappeared 99% of the population. The disappearing street of the people is calm, and instead, the crucible of the world will be broken into the city. And, in the shadow of the catastrophic occult phenomenon, a population of unidentified unidentified, which has covered the side of the unexpectedly young. The main character is hitting the spirit as a person who utilizes unknown supernatural power, and approaches the mystery of disappearance.

This work was scheduled to be released in 2021, but postponed to 2022 for securing and quality improvement of the development team. And this time it was revealed to be released on March 25, 2022. According to the “Ghostwire: TOKYO-February 2022 Official Showcase” summary field scheduled to be published tomorrow, it seems that there will be DELUXE EDITION in this work, so it seems that reservations will also be started on the same day. If you purchase DELUXE EDITION, you will receive a leading play right from 3 days before the release, and a maneous weapons, a streetware clothing pack, and the like. Also, as a reservation benefit, biker or a regular decorative item is attached.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5

Their details will be revealed by tomorrow’s broadcast. “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is scheduled to be released on March 25 for PS5 / PC.

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