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The Mafia saga is on sale on Steam, along with other great action games at a ridiculous price

Although the Steam Summer Sale is over, it’s still possible to find exciting games below their usual price on Valve’s platform. Without going any further, the entire Mafia saga is currently on sale, in its Definitive Editions and even in the compilation that includes the 3 installments. Do not miss the best discounts.

Mafia: the entire saga with a discount on Steam


  • Mafia: Definitive Edition for 13.99 euros (65% discount)
  • Mafia 2: Definitive Edition for 9.89 euros (67% discount)
  • Mafia 3: Definitive Edition for 9.89 euros (67% discount)

Are you interested in all? Then there is an even better offer: Mafia Trilogy: Definitive Edition for 23.99 euros (60% discount). This compilation includes all the games of the franchise and when you buy them in a pack you can enjoy a saving of almost 10 euros.

A remake at the height of the legend

The first Mafia is a much-loved game among fans of action games and gangster stories. And the Definitive Edition saw the return of a true clMafiasic, with new graphics and various technical improvements. In our analysis (9 out of 10), we said that Hangar 13 hMafia known how to treat with affection and respect a work that wMafia engraved in the retina for many who experienced it in the early 2000s. The studio hMafia not only respected the script, but hMafia reordered certain elements. Tommy’s motivations throughout the 1930s are even stronger here. You can know everything it offers in this link.

Steam Deals on Action Games

Below we offer you a selection with other titles of the genre that are currently on sale on Steam. The sales for these games end next July 22.

  • Borderlands 3 for 14.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Control: Ultimate Edition for 11.99 euros (70% discount)
  • Red Faction for 2.49 euros (75% discount)

Nintendo deal on eBay: Switch OLED for excellent 315 euros!

_ * If you finish a purchase via the web links marked with a star, computer image receives a little compensation. Our requirements of openness and journalistic freedom can be located.

Are you always trying to find solid deals at a cost savings rate? You will certainly find strong bargains, discount rate projects and whole lots of hardware on the Galaxus coupon side at computer image at a low rate.


  • 7-inch OLED display screen; Anchoring terminal currently with a LAN link
  • Internal memory with 64 gigabytes (expandable through a microSD card).| best cost; Around 12 euros ** under the costs of the net competitors.

The Nintendo Switch OLED (quality 2.2 in the test at Computer Bild) Secure on your own on offer thanks to a price cut project for affordable 314.99 euros . You will get the benefit rate during the settlement process from the ebay.com voucherlvlup _. According to the Idealo cost comparison site, you finish up with the ideal rate and also hence around 12 euros listed below the rates of various other on-line stores. The distribution is free of cost as well as you pay either with PayPal, credit rating card or instant transfer (all prices and also information-as of June 20, 2022).

The most visible advancement of the portable console of Nintendo is the 7-inch OLED display-so far it has actually been played at 6.2 inches. The audio of the handy buddy is additionally improved in the test. The interior memory is 64 gigabytes, you can conveniently increase it by means of a microSD card.

a lot more offers for deal hunters.

Nintendo Switch Oled on Ebay.com available

You will certainly obtain the advantage price throughout the payment procedure from the ebay.com couponlvlup _. According to the Idealo cost comparison website, you finish up with the finest price and also hence around 12 euros listed below the costs of various other on-line shops. The shipment is free of fee as well as you pay either with PayPal, credit rating card or instant transfer (all prices and information-as of June 20, 2022).

Nintendo Switch OLED: Buy cheap now by discount code [display]

On eBay you can currently get the Nintendo Switch Oled at the cheapest price for the comparison platforms. If you use the voucher code PowerSpring22 , you will get 20 euros additional discount and only pay 333 euros. This means that Ebay is well in front of Lidl (349 euros) and Amazon (349.99 euros), which, according to Idealo, are currently the second and third most. However, the offer only applies to the white version of the console. Here you come to the deal:

Nintendo Switch OLED (white) for € 333 on eBay (use discount code!)

The voucher code only applies until May 2nd, i.e. until Monday. The Nintendo Switch Oled could also be sold out beforehand. Incidentally, the seller is the larger eBay dealer SBDIRECT24 with 99 percent positive reviews, which is more likely to be noticed by cheap deals from the gaming area. According to the product page, you can expect a delivery over the next week. The console is of course new goods.

What does the Nintendo Switch OLED offer?

As you can already read on the name, the Nintendo Switch Oled, published last year, is characterized by the OLED display, primarily through the OLED display, which offers a significantly better image quality thanks to perfect black and infinitely high contrast. In addition, the new console has twice as much memory (64 instead of 32 GB) and some other improvements such as the better stand, the LAN connection at the docking station or the better speakers.

Nintendo Switch OLED (white) for € 333 on eBay (use discount code!)

Normal Nintendo Switch also cheaper

However, the Switch Oled is not more efficient than the old Nintendo Switch. Games are just as good or bad on her as on the older console. If you mainly use the switch on the television anyway and therefore do not benefit from the OLED screen, the advantage is therefore not too large. You can also get the normal Nintendo Switch on eBay with the voucher code PowerSpring22 cheaper, namely for 269.90 euros:

Nintendo Switch for € 269.90 on eBay (use discount code!)

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Free Switch in the tariff with a new cell phone for only 29.99 euros a month [advertisement]

What could be nicer than a new console for as little money as possible? Then we have a tip for you: If you get the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in the tariff this weekend, you will not only get lush 20 GB LTE data volume in the O² network once 39, 99 euros and 29.99 euros per month . No, MediaMarkt even donates a brand new Nintendo Switch for just one euro **!

Kid STOLE DADS's Credit Card To Buy V-Bucks! (fortnite)
Smartphone, Nintendo Switch and 20 GB tariff in the O² network at MediaMarkt __

Work animal with a terrific display

The 6.5-inch Super Amoled display is definitely a highlight on the A53. On the brilliant and real-life colors that the display in FHD+resolution presents you, you will never see yourself enough. With a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz , you will also be able to enjoy your content in an extremely liquid reproduction. The strong hardware also ensures this, since the Exynos-1280 processor always makes a lot of steam together with 6 GB RAM .

With 128 GB of storage space you get pictures and videos in the hut, but if it gets tight at some point, you can expand your repertoire to up to 1 TB. The battery provides infinite power with a capacity of 5,000 mAh , which only flaps after an eternity. But it is also motivated in the idle state and again ready for use thanks to the quick charging function in no time. The quad main camera ensures the crowning glory, with which you can record videos in 4K resolution .

Galaxy A53 5G together with 20 GB LTE and Nintendo Switch in the __ tariff

Nintendo Switch for 1 euro there is not every day

One of the biggest advantages that the Switch has to offer is, of course, that you can take it everywhere and are not even dependent on a television. In handheld mode you simply hang your Joy-Con controller on the 6.2-inch LCD display and can therefore play on the beach lounger, at work or in PolarExpress.

If you are at home but do not start your television, the table mode will benefit you. Here you take the display as a replacement and place it on your table or other surface with the integrated stand device. In short: with the Switch you can be really finely tangled everywhere! And it’s worth it, because only here is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Luigis Manison 2 and so many good titles! For small, for large and everything in between – everyone gets their money’s worth at the Switch.

Galaxy A53 5G, Nintendo Switch and Top tariff for only 29.99 euros per month __

is the offer really worth it?

To find out that, a little more mathematics: the set -up of the tariff costs 39.99 euros, the switch costs with a whole half two piece and you pay 29.99 euros per month. That would be 760.75 euros in two years. But now 100 euros change bonus , i.e. 660.75 EURONIC DUBLONE. The switch costs something 279, the Samsung A53 around 233 euros. In total, you would only pay about about 160 euros for the tariff -20 GB LTE, Allnet-Flat, EU roaming, which would correspond to about 6.67 euros per month . And that is one thing above all: cheap.

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DarkNet page manage medications as well as your passwords – German authorities make you thick

A large Russian-speaking page in the Darknet has been turned off. There you had traded for billions of euros every year for billions of data, passwords and also euros.

Passwords and also data consistently enter the hands of fraudsters. So the lately a substantial hack had actually taken treatment of Nvidia for a stir. Such information is usually discovered in criminal networks, where the data and passwords will certainly after that be resold costly.

Among the sites that have been with such data for years has actually now been shut off. At least that reports the German Federal Criminal Police Office. Meinmmo clarifies what is behind it.

Russian-language system produced even more than 1 billion euros just 2022

What sort of system is? The system is “Hydra Market.” This was an illegal marketplace, where individuals can at least get numerous things at least since 2015:

FIFA: Fraudsters make use of 3800 ps4 consoles to ranch feed currency.

What occurs precisely with the taken bitcoins worth around 23 million euros, is not yet understood. A minimum of it would certainly not be the initial time that the state confiscated bitcoins marketed to interested individuals (using everyday mirror.de).

  • Illegal narcotics
  • Off-wide information and passwords
  • Counterfeit files
  • Digital solutions such as ransomware or money laundering

Proof That 5G Is Going To Make Us All Sick?

One of the web sites that have been with such information for years has actually now been turned off. Scammers oblivious gamers betrayed by 55,000 euros by assuring this bitcoins.

There you had traded for billions of euros annually for billions of information, passwords and also euros. Passwords and also information regularly enter the hands of fraudsters. Such data is frequently found in criminal networks, where the passwords and information will after that be marketed pricey.

In 2020 alone, the platform should have made 1.23 billion euros with such solutions. This suggests that “Hydra Market” need to be the largest prohibited market of this kind.

Currently, the headquarters has actually shut off the site to battle the Net Criminal offense (ACNE) and the Federal Criminal Police Office together with several United States authorities.

Fraudsters try with numerous methods ahead to the cash of the individuals.

As an example, landed your passwords or gain access to data in the hands of hackers, then you might be certain that at some point also used on the “Hydra Market” for a whole lot of money.

Actually ridiculous it will certainly be only when people come to specifically insane concepts. In Eastern Europe, a couple of people with old PS4 consoles started to collect the ingame money of FIFA FIFA.

Even aside from the Darknet lots of fraudsters are on the means. Scammers ignorant gamers betrayed by 55,000 euros by promising this bitcoins. The cash of the user was in the end as well as truly bitcoins were additionally not offered away.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller only today on offer at MediaMarkt [Display]

Only today the MediaMarkt Club Days are running, during which members discount on numerous products such as televisions, laptops and smartphones gets. Also many gaming products are included, here is usually 15 percent discount. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is already available for 50.14 euros instead of 58.99 euros.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller instead of 58.99 € for € 50.14 (€ 45.14 with voucher)

If you are newly registered with the MediaMarkt Club and also logs in for the Club Newsletter, you may even be able to save 5 euros in addition to a voucher, so the price drops to 45.14 euros. Whether and when the voucher appears in your account, but is not sure. That you get him in time, so it is not guaranteed.

Nintendo Switch | MediaMarkt
By the way, Amazon is at least with the 15 percent discount for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Although the usual 58.99 euros are still displayed on the product side, but at the cash register, however, 8.85 euros are deducted, so that it also lands at 50.14 euros. We assume that this offer will also disappear when the club days end at Mediamarkt.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller instead of 58.99 € for € 50.14 at Amazon

More Club offers at Mediamarkt

Of course, you can get many more gaming products cheaper from the Club discount at MediaMarkt, for example, the Joy-con controllers for Nintendo Switch, whose price drops from from 65.99 euros to 56.09 euros. Also controllers for PS5 and Xbox Series are cheaper. There are also a few bargains under the TVs. Here is a small selection:

  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con 2 Series Set Instead 65,99 € for 56.09 €
  • Sony DUALSENSE PS5 controller instead 69,99 € for 59,49 €
  • Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 instead of 144,99 € for € 123.24
  • WD Black SN850 1 TB SSD for PS5 with heat sink instead of 189,99 € for 161,49 €
  • LG OLED 55A19 (4K, 55 inches) instead of 888 € for 799,20 €
  • Philips 65OLED856 (4K, 65 inches, HDMI 2.1, Ambilight) instead of 1.999 € for 1,799,10 €

The overview of all offers of the MediaMarkt Club Days can be found here:

Mediamarkt Club Days: Among the offers

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Switch Pro supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

Nintendo Switch – Now on eBay to Toppreis on offer [Advertisement]

On Ebay you just get the Nintendo Switch in the version from 2019 in the offer, for 264.90 euros. Of course, these are new. According to comparison platforms, the console is now nowhere else so cheap. For comparison: At Amazon , the Nintendo Switch currently costs 277 euros, with MediaMarkt and Saturn you currently get them for 295 euros. The shipping is free of charge at the eBay offer.

Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) for 264,90 € on eBay

Supplier is the larger eBay dealer SBDirect24, which is more common by cheap gaming deals and also the Nintendo Switch has already offered good prices. The retreats of the dealer are too 99 percent positive. SBDirect 24 does not currently specify how long the offer still applies. If you order now, you will probably get the console on Wednesday or Thursday.

Incidentally, the deal is part of the so-called WOW! Offers on eBay, in which you get many more products such as 4K TVs, laptops or smartphones cheaper. The overview can be found here:

Wow! Offers on eBay: To overview

Nintendo Switch: Edition 2019 or OLED?

The fact that the Nintendo Switch gives so cheap is also because Nintendo has lowered the recommended retail price for version from 2019 last year to 299.99 euros. This in turn has to do with the appearance of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which is characterized by the standard version, especially through the better screen, but also a few other advantages like more memory (64 instead of 32 GB) and provides a better stand. However, it is not more powerful than the normal switch.

__371 __0

more on the subject

Nintendo Switch OLED: All information about the new model


Nintendo Switch OLED on eBay: The Nintendo Switch OLED also finds you in the WOW! Offers on eBay, at a price of 399,90 Euro (RRP: 359 Euro) is not exactly a favorable Special offer. The special feature here is that the console is even available, because with almost all other dealers, it is sold out or can only be ordered to even higher prices. In our opinion, the benefits of the Nintendo Switch OLED are not worth the current excessive prices. If you see it differently, you will find the eBay offer here:

Nintendo Switch OLED for 399,90 € on eBay

Nintendo Switch OLED at Otto: If you have a lot of patience, you will find a much more attractive deal at Otto. Here you can get the Nintendo Switch OLED together with Pokémon legend Arceus for 389 euros. In this case, the surcharge would be more worthwhile compared to the normal switch. The problem: Otto can only deliver at the end of April, according to information on the product page.

Nintendo Switch OLED + Pokémon Legends Arceus for 389 € at OTTO

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Ebay supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

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