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Kim Tae-jin Global Game Leap … Be sure to confirm the potential of Mr.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] “Yoon’s top goal is a more firm leap to a global game company. To this end, we will confirm the potential of EN in the world through a variety of new ones developed in a new way such as” Open R & D “. “

Kim Tae-jin said, on the 30th,

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Kim said, “He is creating an open R & D key to actively accept and reflects global customer needs from the early stages of development.” Opening R & D is a way that NCsoft offers a synergy through an external network, such as an external network, such as a user, expert,

Previously, the company has noticed that since last year, we recognize the crisis sensitively to strengthen the crisis and strengthen the market leadership through technology innovation.

The new ones under development in accordance with the open-formed R & D direction are also present in the market. In particular, ‘Tsuron Anti Bati (TL)’, aimed at global launch in the second half of this year, will be a leader. TL is a full 3D graphics-based massive multi-neoprocessing role that can play in PC and console as a game (MMORPG). In addition, “Lineage W”, who won the domestic and Asian markets, is expected to release in North America.

Recently, multiple projects released through teaser images are also globally directed. Previously, NCsoft introduced a video such as “Project E”, which had the same oriental color that TL and the world view. Unlike the previous part of the development of development, it is a strategy to show relevant information from the beginning of the development depending on the open type R & D keynote.

Kim Tae-jin said, “It is the development of various genres such as Action Battle Royal, Collecting RPG, and Interactive Movie, as well as” KRW Battle Royal, Cathering RPG, Interactive Movie, “said, I would like to make a big and spacious world. “

NCsoft emphasized that efforts have been continuing for the dominant structure transparency and shareholder value improvement. The company was the first ‘ESG Management Committee’ for the first time in the domestic game company in 2021. In addition, we also earned the most excellent evaluation rating from the global ESG evaluation agency.

The dividend tendency is maintaining more than 30% since 2014, and we plan to share 30% of net profit of net profit by 2024. The total amount of dividend this year is 121 billion won (5,860 won per share). In addition, it is not so separately from dividends, emphasized that he is also going to acquire his stock every time.

NCsoft also conducted a large-scale magnetic stock in Last year, and the total amount of 2021 dividend amounts and the amount of self-stock acquisition amount was about W300bn. This is the company’s lateral explanation of the highest level of shareholder reduction in the domestic and overseas homes and policies.

Kim Tae-jin said, “We will listen to the opinions of shareholders, customers, and organizational members, and will try to improve corporate value,” he said, “We will have a strong challenge and continue to be a more powerful challenge.” said.

On the other hand, at the general meeting of the shareholder, the commissioning of financial statements ▲ An approval of the financial statements ▲ Senior Non-Business Director ▲ Auditor’s election ▲ In addition, the number of five consecutive agendas is a total of five agendas.

Neptune, IP Game Development Competent Jiangsu Developer 3 Stake

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Neptune has done stake investment in three developers who have IP game production capabilities.

Investment companies are unique on, shifts, and unclogs, 19% of UNICEF and shifts, and the out log of 18%.

Union (representative Langmuir) was established in 2020 as a three-person who is 3 people from the web novelist. The mobile simulation game that utilizes the webtoon IP is the ‘corner knitting room with the corner knitted WITH café (corner knitting room)’ and the famous YouTube medical channel ‘Doctor Lens’ and the psychological treatment game for the collaboration.

We also launched the development of the webtoon-based learning game of the same name of ‘Rolan Lang’ as aimed at launching the second half of next year. The Unit On is a plan to spur for games that can grow with their own IP based on IP based game production capabilities.

The shift (Representative Choir, Hyung) was established in 2018, which is the average of 11 years of experience in the game development and business field. We have developed a PC-based sandbox logical genre and have a serving experience on the steam platform, and on May 20, 2020, after the Mobile Games of the Milk Global All rights of the Milk Global Polygraph, The Moving World-Fantasy Adventure is developing a healing development simulation game.

The Log (Representative Along In Young) is a developer that enhances awareness of the popular female beauty game ‘cultivated boy’ series. After the establishment of 2011, we have developed mainly developed games and collected games. Representative ‘Cultivated Boy’ is a character collection game beyond 7 years of service. We are developing the next work of ‘Boyd Soul’, aimed at the launch of the present year, and we have plans to create a variety of women’s edge games in the future.

Neptune is a high likelihood of a developer who has a high likelihood of female IP game development capabilities, Neptune is a high interest in developers with its own IP game development. There is also a great deal of ability to ability, and the desire for the Piping of the game, and there are already a company to prepare for its own IP game. I decided to invest in judging that I have the same directionally as Neptune.

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