Today video game companies usually generate certain controversies, that is because the internet is stronger than ever, information of any kind does not take long to come to light.

And now, there is a fairly curious story that has happened with Nintendo, since it seems that there are people who are trying to intimidate those who work there.
According to what is mentioned in different video games, the arrest of a former temporary employee of Nintendo has been reported, a woman who is mentioned is 36 years old and has been threatening an executive of the company.
In fact, there is even talk of death, so the authorities did not miss the time to put it on as a warning.
It is mentioned that the threats were announced through a package that arrived with documents and incense, one of the attached messages included notes such as I will kill you and Nintendo dies!
There is also talk of a specific date.


Apparently, the suspect apparently never met the Executive and there really is no hatred.
For now, the company has not been reported regarding this incident, something very rare that happens, since Japan has raised for being calm in question with the temperament of its inhabitants.
Although the news has not been followed up, new data is likely to arise while the police release information to the different journalists.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: These types of stories make one work to work in recognized companies, because the person who receives an unfair treatment is never missing and tries to take revenge on the big heads.
Only there are people in the middle who have nothing to do.