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Craft explanation in Marauuders – how to create objects, weapons and armor

To create items in Marauuders, you must visit the Creat menu item, while in the center of the main menu. In the Creation menu, you can create several types of objects from medical products , weapons and armor . You can also make new ships as well as various turrets to equip them. But in order to create an item, you must unlock its recipe, complying with the level of level and having additional money in hand. Along with some quantity money and level requirement you also need a little skill glasses for free to unlock new craft recipes.

The number of skills you need varies from five to 12 points of skills . As soon as you have enough money, skills and you will reach the necessary level, you can unlock the recipe by clicking unlock, as shown below. After the recipe is unlocked, you can create an item using various materials that you can find during the robbery of various locations of the raid. However, some recipes will require the players to fulfill the contract from the main contract list before they can create it . You can determine which recipes require the implementation of the main contract by checking the presence of unlocking the contract instead of the usual *Blocking button .

where to find craft materials in Marauuders

If you want to find craft materials in Marauuders, you must rob raid locations , Ships-interceptors and merchant ships . All three types of locations offer enough resources inside containers, but with a slight risk. In most road locations, you will have to worry about the enemies of AI and other players wandering around the halls. Shipwriters and trading ships, as a rule, have more armed and security guards called guards and random players located in a camp in rescue capsules.

Despite this, you can find many materials such as scrap metal , cable and metal sheets robbing boxes and containers. We recommend that you make notes where you can find certain resources, and check the requirements for resources for any subject you want to create. You can view the requirements for resources by moving to the recipe in the Creation section and viewing the list of resources, as shown below.

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How to get an achievement / trophy bizarre but conscientious in The Quarry

In the 7th chapter of the career, the story returns by the moment when Laura was kept in a police station. When playing for the Laura, you can explore the area where you will ultimately find the computer Sheriff Travis Hickett. To unlock the trophy bizarre but conscientious, you will need to find out the device password, following some hints.

How to unlock the achievement / trophy Bad but conscientious in The Quarry

The computer can be unlocked by entering the sheriff’s birthday as a password. To find out the password, start with the exit from the camera and follow the stairs into the rooms upstairs. Go to the first room and you will see a congratulatory card on the ad on the board to the right of you. Having studied the map, Laura will learn the year of the birth of Travis.


Leave the room and go to the last room on the floor to find the next hint. In the left corner of the room you will find a calendar in which Travis would celebrate his birthday. This was the last step in opening the password.

Finally, go down to the office with a computer. As soon as you interact with the computer, Laura automatically enters the password and unlock the device. Let your character explore the files, and you will receive a pop-up window with a trophy bizarre but conscientious, and it will be added to the list of your achievements.

Although the goal itself is funny, you can skip it if you rush to pass a 10-hour game. You can also listen to Bizarre yet bonafide-The Podcast of the Pranormal Episode 1 below.

Stay with us in Pro Game Guides to find out more step-by-step manuals and guidance on The Quarry. In the meantime, look into our articles about how long the Quarry lasts and how many endings are in The Quarry?

How to become a reporter in Bitlife

If you want to become a correspondent in bitlife, you will first need to find a vacancy marked Jr. Reporter and apply for it. However, before you can apply, you must first enter the college and get a degree in English. After that, you can become a reporter in bitlif finding and applying for a reporter to the vacancy.

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Nevertheless, start by creating a character with a decent appearance, mind and health – you can improve the characteristics of your character by throwing or creating a completely new character.

As soon as your character is created, continue to grow up until you graduate from high school. At this stage, you will need to either apply to college and choose a scholarship option, or apply for a student loan.

how to become FAMOUS reporter in bitlife!

Any method is good, just do not forget to find a work on a part -time job to pay for a student loan route if you choose it. In addition, do not forget to choose English as the main subject, and as soon as you do it, grow old for several years until you finish the college.

When you finish college, find on the vacancy tab the one that says the “Junior Reporter”. You may have to update the tab, growing up once, or get out of the game, closing the application. In the end, having completed any of these actions, you must find the work of the reporter.

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Elden Ring Chrysalid

On your way to the castle Stormschlei, you meet someone named Roderica. She will tell you your story that seems quite normal ELDENRING . Roderica will talk about her followers, the dolls, who came with her to become part of a spider fusion. But Roderika got cold feet at the last minute and did not go with her dolls to become one with the spider. She will ask her what she’s suppose, and give them their second ghost ash, provided they already have the bell. She will ask you to give your dolls a message. Let’s see where you can find it in Elden Ring.

Where To Find The Little Chrysalids In Elden Ring

Where can I find the chrysalids for Roderica?

As you can expect from history that Roderica told, the chrysalides to which they are looking for in Elden Ring is dead. This means that they will not find NPC in Stormleil Castle with which they can speak. Similar to the quest series of Dung Eater, you have to fight some hard enemies to complete them. You will want to make your way through Stormleil Castle until you arrive at the Many Armed Key Master in the kitchen. He can be quite hard to kill, especially when they are at a low level.

Once you’ve made it to kill him, you will want to find the adjoining room to the dining room in which the mini-boss was located, which contains a heap and contains two dogs. On this corpse is an important object called Chrysalids’ Memento. This is what you need to return Roderica to the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. You will thank you for you to find it, and tell you that you will go to the Roundtable Hold.

Once you’re there, you can talk to her to get a golden seed. You can then talk to blacksmith’s Hewg about you and help roderica to become ghost tuner. Next time you visit the Tafel Round, you will find Roderika opposite Blacksmail Hewg. If you are talking to her now, you can enhance your ghost ash and make it stronger.

If you want the hood you carry, find you where you found the souvenir of chrysalides after you have completed your quest series. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring Chrysalid Locations: Where to find small chrysalids for Roderica

Elden Ring: Where to use the Rusty Key in Stormleil Castle

While you stripes through the lands ELDENRING, you will find the opportunity not only to loot the wide landscapes, but also to move in past times and conquer castles. On their way through these towering landmarks, they will encounter objects that can only be used in them and who may grant them Runes and items that can help them on their way.

One of these elements, the rusty keys, can be found within the castle storm veil walls, and they may be scratching at the head and try to find out what his true use is and what it is useful for them. Well, in our guide we will give you the details of where you find it as you use it and what it unlocks in this big castle for you.

ELDEN RING – RUSTY KEY Use Castle in Stormveil

After you have entered the castle, you want to explore the interior and earn a little more Runes by turning off the enemies that stop inside the castle walls. The majority of guards here is weak, so it will help you to achieve a few extra kills to prepare for what is in front of you.

After their exploration has lost their fun, head towards the southernmost part of the castle, close to the backgoing entrance, the goalkeeper Gostoc suggests that they find after defeating Margit the evil omen * * And find a room with a luminous body in what signals that there is an item you can do from you. This article is the rusty keys , which will be used soon. While exploring the castle further, you will encounter a locked door that leads to the castle Walls and another place of grace ** to add you to your growing collection.

Especially with the later challenges that expect you to enter the castle, the more places of grace you can find, the better. You can visit these pages again at any time and spend their hard-deserved runes here to improve or change their clothes. They are commissioned with their first big challenge in this tower. So if you take the time to prepare yourself, it will be much easier for you in the long run.

Where To Use The Rusty Key - Stormveil Castle - Elden Ring

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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All locations Mokoko seed on the island of freedom in Lost Ark

Of all the items of collecting in Lost Ark, the seeds are wet. In the game of their more than 1000, hidden in each scallet. Find all small green seeds may be a difficult task.

On the island of freedom there is three wet seeds can be found. The Island of Freedom is a small island town that serves as the main exchange site of hyena coins. As soon as you find seed, just come to him and interact with him to gather it.

Lost Ark All Freedom Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

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Where to find all seeds mococo on the island of freedom in Lost Ark

All three of these Mokoko seeds are easy to see and get to them. There are no enemies on the island of freedom, which makes this island absolutely free for collecting seeds.

The most important thing that should be noted is that you need to jump onto the bottom platform, take the second seed and climb the elevator in the upper right corner to get to the third seed wet.

To learn more about madness of mococo seeds, check out all the locations of the wet seed on the island of Serenity in Lost Ark in the players on the game for professionals!

WhatsApp blocked: Tricks show if you were blocked

Whether you were blocked at WhatsApp, can be found out. These instructions provide answers.

Berlin – For months, WhatsApp messages remain unanswered? The suspicion can quickly get there, the other contact could have blocked one on WhatsApp . Whether that’s really the case, you can find out quickly with the following tricks, reports Merkur.de .

Blocked at WhatsApp: Find out if someone was blocked

At the Messengerdienst WhatsApp, there is no function * with which it can be determined by whom one was blocked. Nevertheless, there are ways to find out exactly. The consumer portal CHIP.de has collected signs that indicate it.

Suddenly the profile picture of a WhatsApp contact is no longer visible. Instead, only the standard image with the outlines of a person. Either this contact just has no desire for a profile picture or you were actually blocked.

Blocked at WhatsApp? Profile picture or status are no longer visible

How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp
Conspicuous and well-recognizable is a blockage from a contact that posts a lot and often in its WhatsApp status. Tagende wireless silence of this person in the status messages can indicate blocking (more Digital News at blocked).

Was you blocked at WhatsApp? Last online display and check mark

If you do not see the date and time at once under the name of the stored person, when they were last online, you can also be an indication that you’ve been blocked. However, WhatsApp also has a function that allows this display to be disabled manually. So it does not have to automatically indicate a blockage.

Do not disregard you should also make the check marks that appear after sending at the bottom of a message. If only one hook is visible, the message was not delivered to the other person. This can be beside a blocking but also on a switched-off mobile phone or bad reception. Only with two hooks has the message arrived. This new change is available at WhatsApp: It concerns the camera * function. _ * Merkur.de is like blocked a part of the reaction network IPPEN.MEDIA_

Category list picture: © K. Schmitt / Imago

Legends Pokemon Arceus: 8 things you could have lost you during your departure

More than two weeks have passed since the Pokémon Arceus legends were launched, and you probably have made good progress in the main story. However, you may have lost some secrets of the game.

Hidden passages, characters that give rewards, mysterious references and other good Easter eggs. Let’s take a balance of all those things that may not have seen yet.

Beware of possible spoilers.

The people evolve, but it also does the music

You may have noticed that some buildings were under construction at the beginning of history. The higher you are in the Galaxy Team, the most manor assembly and more will grow jubilee . Thus, new houses will be accessible. The stores will also expand if you complete certain secondary missions (clothing store, merchant, hairdresser, photo hall, etc.). This is also the case of orchard where you can plant for a few Pokécuters.

In short, Jubilee and its businesses grow as you advance, and also the music! Listen carefully, you will see that Effectively several instruments are added for each gentlemen appeased. In addition, you will notice that the music present on the load screen (before pressing a) is not another than a soft and ancient version of one of the Anime OST.

A strong connection between Arceus and diamond Pokémon / pearl

Of course, you know that the two games take place in the same region but in two different times. Several ancestors of known characters of the Pokémon license are also present in Arceus. But other small secrets are well hidden in the two works launched with a few months of difference (we are talking here from Remake):

  • To complete the secondary mission the legend of the oceans in Pokémon Arceus, you should read a book that was present at the Library . Then we discovered that this book was already referring to the evolution of the Qwilfish of Hisui without anyone knowing.
  • Once Arceus is over, go talk to the people of the Galaxy team. One of them will tell you about a great painting that he is doing, representing the crack of time on Mount Corona. Then you can observe this cool in the city church heart in deps!

It is possible to capture Unown and Spiritomb again

Even when you have collected the 107 volutes of light to find Spiritomb , keep in mind that you can still find them later. However, your generation rate is less than 0.90%, so you will need good luck to find it in your normal version or even Shiny.

The same goes for the unown , who, even if they can be shinys when you look for it for your alphabet, you can find it in alpha version in the ruins, you finish your particular Pokédex.

It is possible to decorate your house

Nothing to do with animal Crossing New Horizons or the Sims, but you will see that it is possible to add furniture to your home by buying them at the merchant ginkgo. Actually, this will help you to change the shape of your Rotom!

Hidden NPCs give you rewards

How to Get Space-Time Distortions to Spawn in Pokemon legends Arceus
Exploration is very important because you will often find rare Pokémon or useful resources in hidden corners. Going at the end of the areas, on the edge of the edges, it is ideal if you want to find you with some interesting NPCs:

  • In all areas, for example, you can find the bandits to overcome them. They will give you beautiful nuggets that you can sell for 10,000 Pokécutes.
  • A man will give you the recipe to do Piece choice to the right of the crown hillside.

  • Damper will give you the recipe to do old cakes, in Pantanal Crimmes.

You can unlock new passages blocked by rocks

During your exploration of the different areas of Hisui, you will often use your Pokémon to collect pebbles of a rock, a tree berries or a chest or box materials. But did you know that some caves and other game tunnels were blocked by large rocks that could be destroyed?

A little as in a Zelda, for example, these piles of rocks symbolize the entrance to a cave and can be pulverized in a few blows simply by sending a Pokémon over them. There is no need for pumps.

A DLC announced at the end of the game?

As we have seen, the recent datamining of the game seems to indicate the presence of a future DLC. Not so illogical when you look at the end. If we talk to some NPC about the game after finishing it, we can see the change made by the player during the adventure. Some talk about building a second village, others starting the Pokémon battles mode, and even others of using creatures to help them much more like Alala Pokémonturas.

We will definitely have to wait for the usual Pokémon Presents in February to know more!

some anecdotes and references

  • Pikachu of your rival refers to the moody pikachu of anime Pokémon that, at first, does not let himself be carried away and it is hard for him to accept his collaboration with Ash,
  • The mission 16, alludes to the game detective pikachu launched in 3DS. Maybe an advance for a nearby release of his switch version that we are still waiting for?
  • Your character is 15 years old. Various theories of fanatics explain that this is the same character as in the remakes. Dreaming of traveling around the world in search of all the Pokémon (which would have taken him 5 years), he then he would have met Arceus that he would have sent him back in time.
  • The favorite Pokémon of Junichi Masuda , the mission 32 with the psyducks is obviously a reference to the same creatures that block the diamond and pearl pass.

  • Clefairy and Mission 67 is also a reference to Pokémon Gold and Silver and its famous Moon Dance,

  • The Torn Journal You get from Mission 82 Probably be related to images found that were published for promotion.
  • Bidoof those who helped in one of the secondary missions at first will now be on the roofs of houses in Jubilee.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so do not hesitate to share your own findings in the comments! We will return in more detail, for example, all the ancestors present in the game, in another article, as well as the mysterious paintings.

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