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Nintendo Switch Sports shows his soccer in a new video

Nintendo Switch Sports You arrive at the stores next April 29 Exclusive for the console that gives name to the game. A new collection of up to six sports in which we actively participate thanks to the controls by movement of the Joy-Con. And in the absence of a few days for his Etrel, Nintendo hSports shared a new video focused on football , an unprecedented sport in the saga that will be one of the main attractions for many people.

In the video you can see several goals from outside the box, Sports well Sports the fun celebrations after the achievement of the goals. The teams are formed by 4 players and the ball is much larger than a real one, similar to the Rocket League ball. The most interesting thing is that, in addition to using the joy-with a traditional way, too we can place it in our leg Thanks to a kind of bracelet to simulate the shots Sports if we were playing real football.

We have already played it: What sports do you include?

In Meristation we have already had the opportunity to try all the sports that Nintendo Switch Sports is. Chambara, tennis, football, badminton, bowling and volleyball meet to evolve the original proposal that unleSportshed an authentic mSportss phenomenon on the day of the launch of Nintendo Wii. In this new version they also highlight the possibilities of personalization and, above all, the bet for use the joy-in different ways and take advantage of the controls by movement more than ever . You can check our full impressions, in which we give a review of the keys of each skill, in the following link.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Sports will put on sale the next April 29 . A title called to become the king of parties at home, and also to exploit all the possibilities of the console and their controls.

Russias football “a sinking ship”

Trainers quit their jobs, half teams leave the clubs, international is exempt from all competitions – the invasion of Russia in Ukraine has far-reaching consequences for Russian football.

Was still celebrated a good three and a half years with the World Cup in his own country, now the insignificance threatens. The league continues despite a short discussion about a demolition.

“It was very hectic. First, the coaches went away, then the foreign players wanted to go away. It felt like a sinking ship,” said the Swedish international Viktor Claesson.

With his wife, the 30-year-old needed one and a half days to reach his homeland from Krasnodar. The club not far from the Black Sea caught it the most violent. The German coach Daniel Fark triggered his contract after a few weeks, nine players went as well.

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Special transfer window for foreign players

Grimsby Town Football Club is a sinking ship and here’s why...
It should only be the beginning. On Monday evening, the World Association FIFA approved a special transfer window for foreign players in Russia and Ukraine. However, a spongy counterpart, because the contracts of the professionals with their clubs are not dissolved, but only exposed until the end of June.

The fact that a lot of realistic sense has lost in Russia shows the reaction of the association to FIFA intervention. “Everyone who has to do with football is indignant about it. This is pure politics and has nothing to do with football,” said Mikhail Gerschkovich, member of the executive committee. In addition, the association is in front of the International half teamss Court Cas against the exclusion of the Women’s European Championship in England and the Men’s World Cup in Qatar.

The fact that football and politics are not separated from each other, illustrate the words of Andrej Voronin. The former Bundesliga professional and Ukrainian national player was co-trainer of Sandro Schwarz at Dynamo Moscow and dissolved his contract. “If I see the photos from my home, then that happens so unreal. It’s like in a horror movie. We live in 2022 and not during the Second World War,” said the former striker. In the English Premier League, the Ukrainian professionals Oleksander Sintchenko and Witalij Mykolenko take advantage of the stage football to get the public for the terror in their land and demand peace.

In the home, the game operation has long been set. Nobody knows when and how it can go on again. In Russia there is not only incomprehension due to the reactions and sanctions, but partly despite. “The rats leave the falling ship. We do not need such people here. The number of legionaries in the league should be reduced anyway so that our guys no longer warm the bank,” said the former National Torwart Ansor Kawasaschwili. There were even claims that Roman Abramovich had to buy Roman Abramovich Sollen Spartak Moscow as soon as he sold the FC Chelsea.

Russian football “falls back to the 90s”

But there are also realistic-looking voices. “Russian football falls back to the 90s,” said the player consultant Wadim Schipnew. “We need high-class legionaries so that our players can learn from them and gain experiences. Let us hope that there are positive things at all negatives.”

It will not give it first. Even more well-paid foreign professionals will leave the country, as the clubs may not pay them anymore. The ruble has increased dramatically to value, banking transactions are restricted and sponsors could also fail through sanctions. In addition, players do not want to be in a country that attacks another military.

half teamsy is a World Cup for Russia to cope with. In the long term, the exclusion from the European Cup and the absence of strong foreign players will have the most serious consequences, as Russian football will not hold the development in the remaining Europe.

MB cape shoots PSG for the last minute

With a last minute hit, Football World Champion Kylian Mbappe has shot the rodemble of Paris St. Germain for the 18th win of the season in Ligue 1.

The Frenchman achieved the heavily fostered 1: 0 (0: 0) against Stade Rennes the Victorator in the 2007 (90. + 3).

The leaders from Paris has thus at least 16 points ahead of Olympique Marseille. After all, the pursuer has completed a game less.

For Paris, it was ultimately a successful dress rehearsal for the eighth-finishing leg in the Champions League on Tuesday (21.00 clock) against Real Madrid. In the duel with the Spanish record champion, a much more difficult task is waiting for PSG than in everyday life in the league. Paris hopes to support his fans after protesting on Friday with posters and banners against the club leadership.

Julian Draxler was on Friday night in the starting elf and was replaced in the 66th minute. His national team colleague Thilo Kehrer was initially sitting on the bench and came into the field only in the final phase (84th).

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MBOppe had already met in the 64th minute, but his goal did not count after sighting of video images due to a timeout. When everything turned out to a draw, Lionel Messi decisively put on for mb cap. In the first round, PSG had lost even surprisingly with 0: 2 against Rennes.

ZDF reporter Neumann: “The female quota does not hurt”

“ZDF” Port Reporter Claudia Neumann has again pronounced a female quota in German football.

“Before I’ve been intensively dealing with it, I also found the female quota rather negative. But: Quote does not hurt,” said the 58-year-old in an interview of the “Augsburger general”. Instead of introducing women’s lack of expertise, in their opinion, it has to come up with the insight that women can be a profit for football – a female quota is essential for the entry phase.

The football is “far away from equality,” Neumann said after being addressed to the new managing director of the German Football League, Donata Hops. “This will show whether the announcements, for example, at the German Football Confederation, in the future, in future involve women’s more strongly, are only symbolic policy or actually filled with life,” Neumann said, which in social networks criticized for their use and their performance at the microphone had been. Because it does not simply go “for the existence of women, but about acceptance, recognition and a matter of course.”

Jordan Peterson Confronts Australian Politician on Gender Politics and Quotas | Q&A

Neumann admitted that she had pushed the topic “women in football” for 25 years. Now they have obtained the topic: “I am very happy about it, because I am now an important task in and in cooperation with other women is able to deliver added value.” Her benefit was that, like all her male colleagues, she had been soccerized. However, this is no longer a prerequisite today. “I would like to encourage young women to stay totally with themselves and do not have to be the expectation of others,” Neumann said.

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