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[Photo] This wonderful crown! Paul Guys Souvenir Box

Paul Guys, a party game that has been exploding since its launch in 2020, has recently been shifted to free, and is starting to run again.

It’s not just free. It will be released in the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, and now you can enjoy the Paul Guys on all platforms except mobile. There’s also an Epic Games account that allows you to experience cross play on all platforms from PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Like this, the Paul Guys has been upgraded to a real ‘party’ game.

And I visited Epic Games to experience the cross play of such a pole guys. After playing the game happily enough to forget that it was a work, I had a chance to open a limited gift box with various pole guys souvenirs. It was full of wonderful souvenirs that were so sad to see it.

Officially released with Dungeon search action “Rogue Legacy 2” Steam. Gained a high evaluation and promoted immediately

Developer Cellar Door Games officially released the dungeon search -type action game “ Rogue Legacy 2 ” on April 29. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The price of the Steam version is 2570 yen, and it can be purchased for 2056 yen, 20%off until May 10.

“Rogue Legacy 2” is a sequel to Rogue Legacy, a dungeon search type 2D action game released in 2013 and received a high reputation. Players become one of the clan aiming to save a certain kingdom and challenge the vast dungeon capture.

In this work, the Rogue Light Game, it is characterized by the fact that when you die, you will start over from the beginning, and at the same time, the protagonist baton touches offspring. In the player character class, assassin, knight, wizard, pirates, Gunslingers, etc. appear. The main attacks are different, and they have random skills.

In some cases, the player character may have a special setting and binding to the entire gameplay, and may have a characteristic. The characteristics that increase the difficulty are bonuses, such as getting more money. In this work, depending on these factors, even in the same class, you will meet characters with different usability.

The dungeon has a stage of multiple environments, and each is composed of a number of random generations. Fight the monsters and go through the various traps installed on the stage and aim for the stage boss. In addition, if you find a heirloom on stage, you can get new abilities such as aerial dash. It is a metroidovanian element of this work that leads to expanding the search range.

In the update performed in line with this official release, new stages and character classes are added, and balance adjustments are implemented. The addition of compatible languages was also added, but unfortunately, Japanese was not included.

ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay: Classic Roguelite Returns! (PC early access first look)

Rogue Legacy 2 has been developed through early access distribution for about a year and a half, and is finally completed. Looking at the number of simultaneous connection players in the Steam version of this work, it exceeded 3,000 at the peak immediately after the early access distribution started. After that, it has been almost three digits. And when the official release is reached, it has increased to over 10,000 at a stretch.

The previous work was popular, so it may have been completed by many fans at the end. Also, it is not irrelevant that this work has been highly evaluated. In Steam’s user review, 91%gained very popular “very popular”. In the Media Review, it has been very highly evaluated as 91 at metas score at Metacritic, a review accumulation site. It seems that the elements that were in the previous work were further depth, and a new element that further enhances the replayability, and seems to have been evaluated as successful to make it a sequel.

Rogue Legacy 2 is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Dungeon Search Action “Rogue Legacy 2” to the formal release on April 28th. In the Epic Games Store, the previous work is free distribution

Developer’s Cellar Door Games announced on April 8, currently in the STEAM / EPIC Games store, and announced that it will be officially released on April 28 about “ ROGUE LEGACY 2 “.. At the same time, the Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is also started.

“Rogue Legacy 2” is a sequel to the dungeon search type 2D action game “Rogue Legacy (Rogue Legacy)” which has been released in 2013 and has achieved high evaluation. The player will be one of the family members who aim to save a certain kingdom and challenge the vast dungeon capture.

The dungeon has a stage of multiple environments, and each configured in a large number of rooms. This work is also a work with a rogue element, and the stage configuration and waisting enemies, and items that appear, and the like are randomly generated each time you play. Aiming for the boss of the stage while fighting with monsters with various attacking styles and passing through various traps installed in the stage. If you died, it will be reed from the beginning.

At the time of retry, it is one of the features of the main series to be baton touch to the offspring of the main character family. You can select from a plurality of character classes. Each character is randomly equipped with special skills and magic. In addition, the character may be characterized by the character. The characteristic is an element that affects the entire gameplay, for example, the stage is reversed and the operation is reversed, or the character may be reduced, and the effect is different. A bonus is added to the disadvantageous characteristics in the gameplay.

Also, as an element that was not in the previous work, he became able to find HeIroM (family treasure) in the stage. Discovered, it is transferred to a dedicated stage that leverages new abilities such as aerial dash, and can learn the ability by capture the stage. It is also an element that also leads to spreading the search range of the dungeon.

РАЗДАЧА Rogue Legacy & The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (ОБЗОР 2022) от Epic Games На ХАЛЯВУ✨

When I died, I felt over from the beginning, but the ability acquired by HeirloM can be handed over. In addition, the money acquired during the previous play can be carried forward, and it can be consumed for the purchase of equipment equipment at bases and permanent upgrades in the skill tree.

Early access delivery of this work is started in August 2020. Then update is performed regularly, and the addition of content such as character classes and stages, bosses, balance adjustment, bug fixes have been stacked. Details of additional elements at the time of formal release are still understood, but Las bosses and endings have been examined. In addition, although Japanese is not included in the additional language, it should be considered to respond to further languages in the future.

“Rogue Legacy 2” is delivering early access to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). And it is officially released on April 28, and at the same time Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is also distributed.

In addition, in the EPIC Games store, free distribution of the previous work “Rogue Legacy” is performed. Distribution period is until 0:00 on April 15. Play on this opportunity and check the sequel to the sequel. In the same store, mystery probability adventure game “The Vanishing of ethan Carter” is also free distribution (store page).

Wildcat Gun Machine: Dungeon

Daedalic Entertainment and Chunkybox Games today announced the release date of a prime example in Cartoon violence – Wildcat Gun Machine appears on May 4 for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Gog, as well as for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In this spherical hail dungeon crawler, the protagonist is not leaning for long – after all, with a whole arsenal of monster-disassembled weapons, she faces little hazardous mutations directly from hell.

In the action-packed trailer, a lot of lead flies through the air:

In Wildcat Gun Machine, players find themselves in labyrinth-like dungeons, which are fully fully with pretty nasty and at least as angry opponents.

H.P. Lovecraft would be proud to be able to free Gigantic Mech robots from the claws of ancient, demonic entities, players have 40 different weapon types available. Each of which is created, the cravings of hell with balls are pumped.

Super skills, the players unlocking players over character upgrades, put the fun of the icing. Wildcat Gun Machine is a classic bullet-light boss fight experience with the conscience something: the fights are designed by hand and require tactical thinking – there are no random fights.

Key Features

  • Ball Hail Shooter

Wildcat Gun Machine - Coming to PC and Consoles on May 4th!
* Over 40 gun types
* Epic boss fights in fixed environments
* Skill upgrades that fit your game style
* Unique 2D design

Monster Development RPG “Coromon” to Nintendo Switch / PC released on March 31st. Domestic release is also scheduled

Publisher’s Freedom Games announced on January 21st, Monster Development RPG “ COROMON ” to be released on March 31st. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. This work supports Japanese language display. When the magazine contacted Publisher Freedom Games, the Nintendo Switch version also plans to develop domestic.

“Coromon” is an RPG that captures monsters called colonomons and developing adventurous while fostering. The stage of this work is the Berua region where many Colomons live. The player belongs to the mysterious tissue rax Solis as a CoromoTrainer of the new US. He is appointed to a special team called Titan Task Force, and it will be a task to investigate six Titan who will look at the name in the Berua region. However, while promoting the survey, a certain crisis is found. It can be seen that the power of the universe brings a mysterious element to the planet and is disturbing the world slowly. The player will collect Titan and Essence and struggle to restore the core of the damaged planet.

There are six types of biomes in the Belle region. We adventure the frozen ice field and dry desert zone, high-tech city or deep forest, and stop the whereabouts of Titan. In order to proceed with the search, the mystery element also appears. Based on the information given from tools and Luxe Solis you got, it seems that various puzzles will be challenged. In the search, we will fight with wild colonomics and trainers. Scrip the enemy’s stamina, make a condition abnormality, damage with various techniques and aim for victory.

This work can choose difficulty from easy, normal, hard, and berry hard options. Also, in addition to four different difficulty levels, you can use a randomizer to create your own gameplay. This work is also equipped with an online battle, and it is possible to fight friends and colonom. It seems that there is an element that aims for the rank of the world’s best CoromoTrainer. There are 120 types of colonomics that appear, and there will be a way of enjoying as a collection element. In addition to customizing your own trainer, you can allocate a specific status freely to customize Colomon.

Working with “Coromon” developers based in the Netherlands TRAGSOFT. This work has been developed since 2014, and it seems that “Pocket Monster” is affected by “Golden Sun” and “Zelda Legend”. In addition to collecting and fostering Colomons, it will be focused on search elements.

“Coromon” will be released on March 31 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. It is planned to be released in Japan for Japanese language. In the future, it seems to be released on mobile platforms.

Exclusive Nintendo Switch now for free for limited time

An old exclusive Nintendo Switch is now available free of charge for a limited time, but there is a trap. It is very rare for a game to be 100 percent completely free at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch Oled. Therefore, it should not be surprised that this ancient exclusive Nintendo Switch has not been done for free in Switch, but in PC, courtesy of Epic Games Store.

More specifically, and from this morning, all Epic Games Store users can download Demonium x machina free. Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep it and play so much or as soon as you want. There are no ties to this offer. However, there is a parameter to take into account. The game must be downloaded before next Thursday because next Thursday it will be replaced with a new free game or, more specifically, _yooka-lalylee and the impossible lair, another game that is also available in Nintendo Switch, although not as the exclusive console.

As for the game itself, it debuted on September 13, 2019 through Nintendo Switch and only Nintendo Switch. A year later, on February 13, 2020, he arrived at PC. The game has not yet reached the PLAYSTATION or XBOX platforms.


“You are an outer, a new generation of human beings that appeared after the calamity of Moonfall,” is read at an official launch of the game. “As a mercenary of the Orbital Organization, you are in the first line of a war desperate for the survival of humanity against the corrupt of the immortals that have rebelled against its human creators. By piloting a completely customizable mechanism known as arsenal, you must join with mercenaries like you and complete missions to defeat immortals once and for all. But be careful: in a war freed by mercenaries, today’s allies can become the enemies of tomorrow. “

For more Nintendo Switch coverage, plus PC coverage and everything related to games, including not only the latest official news, but also the latest unofficial news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be published on March 1

Return Digital has announced the release date of Shadow Warrior 3 , the new delivery of the _shooter series of Flying Wild Hog. As we are told in the new trailer (about these lines), the game will be available at Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store) on March 1.

Shadow Warrior 3 | Release Date Trailer - March 1

Like the previous ones, this Shadow Warrior 3 is a firm bet by the frantic and leftover, in which weapons, violence and mobility always seem to be a point above what we normally expect from them. The new trailer is mocked from all this and avoids using images of the game, but it is worthwhile to take an eye on some other video in which it is seen gameplay; For example, this down here, a bit old but that helps get an idea of ​​what you can expect from Shadow Warrior 3. It is a much stronger and big game of what might seem.

Shadow Warrior, the original, is one of the classics of the first Person Shooter Novierto; It is not Doom or Duke Nukem 3D, but it is in that immediately lower step in which some of the games that with more affection are remembered from that time. In 2013, Flying Wild Hog and return digital recovered the brand to launch a reboot celebrated by its freshness and its carefront; It is not as forceful, but it does many things that I would then do Software with your 2016 Doom. The sequel, from 2017, brought the bet one step further, playing with the structure and experiencing a little more with its formula.

Those first two deliveries, by the way, are one of the reserve incentives of Shadow Warrior 3 in consoles: Booking it, you take the other two on the side, in case someone is interested in getting a good strike binge (or 60, which are Those who, with Sarna, promised the game for those who would like to reach the controversial mark of 500 hours).

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