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Microsoft: Overwatch, Diablo und Phone call of Obligation im Game Pass

Either the MMO does not fit right into an additional game pass registration with its abomodell, or Phil Spencer simply did not desire to discuss all franchise business when providing the games. The bargain between Microsoft and also Activision Blizzard has not yet been completed, because numerous authorities in different nations still check whether the bargain is ideal or whether Microsoft would certainly receive a syndicate in the video clip game location.

In a post, Phil Spencer (CEO Microsoft Gaming) discusses exactly how Microsoft sees the scheduled requisition of Activision Blizzard as well as what video games will certainly hike in the Microsoft Game Pass after the 70 billion buck offers were completed. The Microsoft CEO clearly discusses the Activision Blizzard Games Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty.

Neuer Game Pass purposes primarily on mobile gamers

Either the MMO does not fit right into an extra game pass membership with its abomodell, or Phil Spencer simply did not desire to point out all franchises when listing the video games.We broaden the choice for players in two methods: with the development of the Game Pass, which provides the players a registration alternative, and by bringing more games on mobile platforms, consisting of through our cloud game streaming modern technology. Subscribe services like Game Pass make video games more affordable and also assist players from all over the world to find their next favored game. We plan to make the popular game collection of Activision Blizzard-Darunter Overwatch, Diablo and also Telephone Call of Responsibility ** – im Game Pass readily available and also enlarge these video game communities.

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With the Microsoft Game Pass you do not simply wish to get to PC and also console gamers in the future. In his declaration, Phil Spencer mentions that the biggest and also fastest expanding segment in the Vide video game industry are the mobile platforms.We broaden the selection for gamers in two methods: through the development of the Game Pass, which offers the gamers a subscription option, as well as by bringing more games on mobile systems, consisting of via our cloud video game streaming modern technology. _.

Subscribe services like Game Pass make video games a lot more budget-friendly as well as assist players from all over the world to locate their following preferred game. Game Pass gives programmers the possibility to use more games for more players, not for less. We plan to make the prominent game collection of Activision Blizzard-Darunter Overwatch, Diablo and also Phone Call of Duty ** – im Game Pass readily available and also enlarge these game neighborhoods.


Sebastian Glanzer.

Source | Blogs.microsoft.com .

Mega price cut at Nintendo: 3 Switch

It is currently worth taking an appearance at the eShop if you need brand-new games for the Nintendo Switch. There you can presently dust three ready less than eight euros. The offer just uses to a brief time.

Nintendo Switch: Video game package decreased by 85 percent

_ Achn new on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the trailer for Cult of the Lamp: _

With the bundle you obtain 3 games that could barely be extra various. In the arcade combating video game Slain: Back from Heck you cope six Gothic empires in pixel optio influenced by Heavy Metal. The emphasis below gets on a demanding melee and magic system. In the eShop, the game markets that there is no degree or crafting right here. It’s everything about combating.

In the Nintendo Eshop, three Switch games of the Publishers Digerati are on offer. For 7.79 euros you obtain the bundle from the games Slain: Back from Heck, Snakebus and also Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition. This represents a discount rate of 85 percent **. The games would cost you even more than 50 euros at complete cost. Right here you can view the deal in the Nintendo eShop yourself. You still have time till September 7th to strike.

Cult of the Lamb: Gameplay trailer for the Switch


fantastic switch offer for three indie games

Snake Bus after that delivers a lot more arcade action. As the name recommends, it is the classic Serpent, however you drive a bus . The bus will get longer and also longer up until it twists with the entire city at some factor when you gather passengers. Your task is to drive as long as possible. It’s Video game Over and also you have to start over if you can not obtain any type of further.

Sunless Sea: Zumbarin versions are last a role-playing video game by commanding a ship on the high seas. It is very important to defend your own barge against lake bars ** as well as at the same time to keep the team pleased and also to keep it from chaos. Especially indie as well as arcade followers can truly not go wrong with the offer in the Nintendo eShop.

If you require new games for the Nintendo Switch, then it is now worth taking a look at the eShop. There you can presently dust three games for much less than eight euros. In the Nintendo Eshop, three Switch games of the Publishers Digerati are on offer. In the arcade battling game Slain: Back from Hell you struggle via six Gothic empires in pixel optio inspired by Heavy Steel. In the eShop, the game advertises that there is no degree or crafting below.

[Interview] Cult of the Lam, the reason why the lamb became a bridge

A grotesque denomination led by a cute lamb. ‘Cult of the Lam’ is a game that has attracted quite a lot of attention with the combination of cute occult elements, cute graphics, and the combination of log-on genre and collonie simulation. The unique trailers and trial boards led to a good response, and the Lamb’s denomination has achieved good results with more than 1 million sales since its launch. Massive Monster also developed Cult of the Lam and paid great attention to the fusion of lock-like-collonie simulation, and he was devoted to the occult element and the ‘believers’ with emotions.

■ Cult of the Lam, ‘Lamb’ is the main character

Q. For users who are not familiar with ‘Cult of the Lam’ and Massive Monsters, please briefly introduce the game and developers.

Massive Monster is an independent game development studio based in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to create an explosive game with the focus of creativity and personality. We are trying to squeeze out all the monster-like works we created to the last drop of all fun and originality.

Cult of the Lam is a game that plays the amount of sacrifice to the ‘waiting person’, and it draws a journey that repays the debt to him by creating a denomination and developing strength to solve him in a heavenly prison. This game is a mix of loglike and colony simulators. Players must adventure the world, fight monsters, gather resources, and find new followers to inject religion. It is a process of creating a community, building a new building for followers, performing dark consciousness, and preaching to loyal followers.

Q. Cult of Ram has a unique material with the theme and concept, and there is a reason or reason for making games with this concept and material. Please introduce this.

= We wanted a combat-based rogue with a long flow of the colony simulator. We also love dungeons that are randomly generated in the Log Lake genre. However, in these games, there are often no progress in the long run. When the player dies, he loses everything, which is also the core of these logiciki games.

But we expected to play like Loglike and feel something progressing. So he returned with new resources so that the player could clean the foundation.

** Q. I wonder where the religious views in the unique game and the settings of the sealed gods were produced and designed with motifs. The bishops also appear to have been the motif of four articles of Apocalypse.

Many religious symbols, OCCULTISM, non-Christian beliefs and the myths of Wicka. We wanted the world in the game to feel like the world of cult. Although factions and locations seem different from reality, they expected to be intimately intimately reflecting the images in reality. So, while borrowing and repeating different motifs, it helped to create a cohesive world full of other religious denominations and religious views.

Q. Lamb is also a religious ultimate sacrifice and sacrifice. Why did you catch the main character as a lamb?

= We wanted the game to start by making animals as the main character, and the protagonist was sacrificed and resurrected. Lamb often appears as a religious animal, so I think it is a perfect choice for the game in that it causes its own denomination. Like the lamb of God in the Bible, the victims of the lambs have been resurrected to start religion.

Q. It is impressive that the characters of their cute designs are quite cruel and terrible. I would also like to hear the design and design of this consciousness and doctrine.

= I wanted to mix dark and scary themes and colorful and cute cartoon art style in parallel. Like the contrast between light and darkness, good and evil. The gameplay also contrasted two different parts. Rogue’s fast tempo and the colony simulator’s relaxation are also contrasted with each other. In addition, we studied many occult symbols, sacred geometric devices, and religious images for the consciousness and doctrine needed to build a cult.

Q. The expression changes and costumes of the characters are very impressive, diverse and occult feelings. There is a part that makes the player’s denomination feel evil and eerie. Is this intended?

= Various expressions and animations were added to the believers to make them feel more vivid and fun. They often talked to have a relationship with friends or enemies. Therefore, the player can confirm that his followers have emotions.

Followers had to be ill, hungry, and even rebelled against players, so they had to be able to check them visually when something went wrong. I chose to change my eyes at the end of my worries, which I think it was a very good way. If you see the opposition’s red eyes, you can easily realize that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Q. The subquests also seemed a lot of fun elements. Simply growing the denomination is not the end, but also affects the relationship with the followers’ community, but I wonder what kind of experience and feelings the player wanted to feel.

As we felt that followers were alive, the player expected to have a different relationship with them. The quest given by the followers is a device that provides interesting little stories that can lead to a unique moment so that you can play the game in different ways.

The game has a lot of systems and things to do, and we’ve designed it to get to know this system through followers quests. These occur like a dynamic tutorial that feels like a part of the story, but it only occurs when the player actually needs to learn.

■ Rogue-Colonie Simulator is a key point

Q. The battle part, the temple, shows a variety of loglike elements, but the elements of the shooting feel quite small. I would also like to hear the development team’s thoughts on the worries and design of this temple part.

Mixing loglike and colony simulators was one of our great ambitions. Therefore, it was important to make the temple part to be fun as it was organically connected to the denomination simulator part. Since many log-like games, such as Isaac’s burnt offerings and entertainment, have a shooting tendon action, we have decided to focus on short-range battles using ‘knife’.

Of course, not only here, but I wanted the player to feel stronger as the size of the religious denomination became stronger. So I decided to add more diversity to this, and for this purpose, it was designed to introduce and enjoy curse attacks in the form of a second combat.

** Q. It is also noticeable that both plays are designed to show a strong connection with each other so that the temple and denomination operation is not felt.

= It was one of the biggest challenges of development that both sides of the game turned together. This seems to have required a lot of work and various designs. Loglike is usually like a long-distance run on survival, but while the day and night circulation, the believers wanted to spend their day.

So I was looking forward to seeing both parts of the game. When the player is on the expedition, you can find resources and new followers for the denomination. And when the player returns to the denomination, he can grow as a powerful corps for the next temple in the process of managing and preaching followers. When these two very different parts find a balance, I think there’s a factor that really falls into the game.

Q. The game was not just a one-time play, but had a variety of challenging difficulty. I wonder how the players want to enjoy Cult of the RAM through multiple play play.

The doctrine selection means that you can play the game again and unlock completely different consciousness and abilities. This suggests a different way that players interact with followers. The player can choose to be a monarch through the first play, and he can be a friendly and backborne leader in the next choice.

The game can also unlock several options that can be customized. It is full of various things that can decorate your base, and followers also have different animals. In addition, if you defeat the mini boss in the temple, you can send it to the denomination and brainwash. Then they can customize their form. As a result, you may have a religious group full of friendly monsters, or a religious group full of foods. There are so many kinds of denominations, so the players were expected to create a variety of denominations.

Q. As the game is unique, it seems that it was difficult to produce the game.

= As mentioned above, gently connecting LogLike and Colonie Simulation Side was the biggest challenge during development. And it seems that it was hard to catch a proper theme that could appeal to people.

** Q. I also want to hear plans for additional elements and updates.

= First of all, even after launch, the main update

Nintendo Switch: Do not miss out on these bargains in the eShop!

A great deal of deals for the Nintendo Switch await you this week too. As constantly, you can find all offers straight in the eShop, where larger sales with a selection of attractive deals routinely start. An impressive series of video games awaits you. Along with Triple-A productions , you likewise anticipate smaller indie titles and also expansions .

many switch video games more affordable!

Every week we offer the present highlights among the affordable Nintendo switch games in the eShop. You always maintain an overview as well as can save a great deal. When possible, we additionally connect the appropriate and tests ** to make sure that you can get a much more comprehensive picture prior to acquiring.

the very best imagine the switch

Right here you will discover a checklist of the existing switch highlights in the Nintendo Eshop in the KW 33:

You are big Nintendo fans and are you interested in whatever about the subject of Switch (buy EUR 300.00 currently) and the newest video games? You are simply right with our Nintendo podcast .

You are simply right with our Nintendo podcast .

  • Bioshock: The Collection (EUR 9.99 rather than EUR 49.99).

* Cuphead (EUR 13.99 as opposed to EUR 19.99).
* Darkest Dungeon (EUR 7.47 instead of EUR 21.99).
* Doom Everlasting (EUR 14.99 rather than EUR 24.99).
* Jurassic World Development: Full Version (EUR 20.99 as opposed to EUR 59.99).
* Olliolli Globe (EUR 20.09 s rather than EUR 29.99).
* PGA Excursion 2K21 (EUR 14.99 rather than EUR 59.99).
* Sid Meier’s World V i (EUR 8.99 as opposed to EUR 29.99).
* Subnautica (EUR 14.99 as opposed to EUR 29.99).
* This Battle of Mine: Full Edition (EUR 1.99 as opposed to EUR 39.99).
* Wolfenstein 2: The New Collosus (EUR 7.99 as opposed to EUR 39.99).
* XCOM 2 Collection (EUR 7.99 rather of EUR 49.99).

A lot of bargains for the Nintendo Switch await you this week also. In enhancement to Triple-A manufacturings , you also expect smaller indie titles and also extensions .

Every week we present the current highlights among the affordable Nintendo switch games in the eShop. If possible, we additionally connect the best and also examinations ** so that you can get an extra detailed picture before purchasing.

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more Nintendo?

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Switch games available: 10 special hits affordable at Amazon and also MediaMarkt

At MediaMarkt and also at Saturn there are presently an entire array of unique or a minimum of console-exclusive switch games available. The bargains are not part of an unique action, yet spontaneously and also individually showed up. You have to rummage a bit via the variety to find them. This is specifically what we placed and did together a listing with 10 offers here:
| Pokémon legends: Arceus instead of EUR 59.99 for EUR 39.99 | Mario Golf: Super Rush as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 34.99 | Hyrule Warriors: Time of devastation as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 29.99 | Beast Hunter Increase as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 24.99
Paper Mario: The Origami King rather than EUR 59.99 for EUR 24.99 | Bravely Default II as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 19.99 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword HD 59.99 EUR for EUR 39.99 | New Pokémon Break as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 34.99 | Big Mind Academy: Head at Head instead of EUR 29.99 for 19.99 EUR | Nintendo Switch game studio rather than EUR 29.99 for EUR 19.99 **

All video games discussed are provided at no cost. The rates can change once again any time. You can discover a lot more economical switch games at MediaMarkt below:

Games for Nintendo Switch at MediaMarkt __

Incidentally, you can likewise find some, yet not all of the offers stated on Amazon. There are additionally a few various other Switch over special hits more affordable there, so that we will also concern a list of 10 decreased video games here:

Some web links built into this page are associate links. Depending on the supplier, Nintendo Switch receives a small compensation without an effect on the rate when purchasing on these web links. A lot more details.
| Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 39.99 | Fire emblem warriors as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 17.99 | Xenoblade Chronicles 3 rather of EUR 59.99 for EUR 46.99 | Mario Golf: Super Rush as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 34.99 | Hyrule Warriors: Time of destruction rather of EUR 59.99 for EUR 29.99
Paper Mario: The Origami King as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 24.99 | Bravely Default II as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 19.96 | New Pokémon Break rather than EUR 59.99 for EUR 34.99 | Nintendo Switch game studio rather of EUR 29.99 for EUR 19.99 | Pikmin 3 deluxe as opposed to EUR 59.99 for EUR 24.99 **

At MediaMarkt as well as also at Saturn there are presently an entire range of exclusive or at the very least console-exclusive switch games on deal. You have to search a little bit with the array to find them. This is precisely what we did and also placed with each other a listing with 10 offers below:

All games stated are delivered totally free of fee. You can locate much more affordable button games at MediaMarkt below:

A girl who loves games solves an incident! Super Bullet Break will be released on August 12th at the same time in the world and on multiple platforms.

BeXide announced that it will release Super Bullet Break worldwide on August 12, 2022.

In this work, a turn-based rogue where three game-loving girls, Akari, Sumire, and Hikaru, set out to investigate the cause with the mysterious girl Nayuta and a black cat, because an error of unknown cause made it impossible to play games all over the world. Like strategy. Players collect bullets with over 160 newly drawn illustrations. Build a deck using Barrett and face turn-based battles that require strategy. It is also possible to add carts with unique effects to the bullets to enhance them.

In addition, there are also elements such as seven missions with the motif of nostalgic retro games such as romance games, rhythm games, shooting games, and a scout system that draws bullets. A trial version is available on the Steam page, and a trial version of PS4 and Nintendo Switch will be released on July 21st.


Super Bullet Break will be released on PC (Steam) / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / iOS on August 12, 2022. Nintendo Switch will start accepting reservations from July 14th with 10% off.

Rockstar, GTA 4 and Red Dead Remastered Remastered?

Can you see the remastered work for the time being? Rumors are steadily coming out that the remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 have been suspended.

On July 5, ‘TEZ2’, which has specialized in internal information related to Rockstar Games, said, According to a strong source, a remastered in the GTA 4 and was discussed a few years ago, but now This is not going on.

TEZ2 explained that Rockstar Games originally tried to continue working as a remaster of GTA: GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption after launching GTA: Trilogy-Definity Edition (hereinafter ). However, the plan was suspended as GTA: Trilogy received a bad response from consumers.

The GTA: Trilogy, which was released on November 11, 21, through the outsourcing development studio ‘Grove Street Games’, is a remastered pack of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. It was expected by many fans as much as the old work that made the GTA series famous, but after launch, the evaluation was terrible.

This is because the overall game completion was so bad. The image of Rockstar Games has dropped significantly despite the high sales due to the breakdown of character modeling, new bugs that were not in the original, and expensive prices. Rockstar Games also promised to improve the game by exceptionally apologized, and provided the original game for free to consumers who purchased GTA: Trilogy.

Rockstar Games seems to be focusing on the next work of GTA. Rockstar Games said in February 2022, The development of the new GTA series is progressing smoothly. We will release new news as soon as we are ready.

[Photo] This wonderful crown! Paul Guys Souvenir Box

Paul Guys, a party game that has been exploding since its launch in 2020, has recently been shifted to free, and is starting to run again.

It’s not just free. It will be released in the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, and now you can enjoy the Paul Guys on all platforms except mobile. There’s also an Epic Games account that allows you to experience cross play on all platforms from PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Like this, the Paul Guys has been upgraded to a real ‘party’ game.

And I visited Epic Games to experience the cross play of such a pole guys. After playing the game happily enough to forget that it was a work, I had a chance to open a limited gift box with various pole guys souvenirs. It was full of wonderful souvenirs that were so sad to see it.

New games of the week offer PS And also News for Shooters

In this regular release introduction we will certainly tell you which games will appear from July 4th to 10th, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and also Nintendo Switch. This week there: a brightly tinted Hero shooter in which we have to keep an arcade shop from failure.

Focus: We acquire the release data from the publishers, which can transform at short notice for different factors.

The emphasize of the week: Arcadegeddon

That’s what it has to do with: To save his game in front of a huge group, Gilly connects all games into a single, huge video game. This is haunted by an infection, which is why we gamers have to show ourselves: turn off enemies, discover mini games, full manager levels as well as much more.
| Launch: 5. July| category: on-line shooter| Systems: ** PS5, PC

The vivid hero shooter can be played alone or cooperatively as a team of 4 in the PvP or PVE. If you wish to know even more concerning Arcadegeddon, which is additionally included in July as a PS And also reward video game, appearance in the following article. There we describe the video game to you once more:

Release schedule for Nintendo Switch: Which games you anticipate for the Nintendo Switch have summarized this in a summary.

one of the most vital new PS4 as well as PS5 games.

the most vital new Xbox One and Collection X/S games.

2 1.

a lot more on the topic.


PS And also will certainly bring you a completely new video game in July 2022, which is best for you and also your pals.

  • 5. Juli-Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.
  • 5. Juli Arcadegeddon.
  • 7. Juli-Qubyte Classics: Zero Tolerance Collection.
  • 7. Juli-Matchpoint: Tennis Championships.

* 8th. Juli-Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series.
* 8th. Juli-Madison.
* 8th. July-Eternal Hope.

Release schedule for Xbox: Which games 2022 still stand for Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X/S, you can review in our review.

Release schedule for PS4 as well as PS5: Which games 2022 still appear for present Playstation gaming consoles, we have summarized this in this introduction.

  • 5. Juli-Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.
  • 6. Juli Quintus as well as the Lacking Fact.
  • 7. July overrogue.
  • 7. Juli-Forklift Extreme.
  • 7. Juli-Railways-Train Simulator.
  • 7. Juli Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master.
  • 7. Juli-Color Breakers.
  • 7. Juli superduck!
  • 7. Juli sticks collection.
  • 7. July below ground stand.
  • 7. Juli-Japanese Nekosama Retreat the Local Train.
  • 7. Juli-Qubyte Classics: No Resistance Collection.
  • 8th. Juli-Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series.
  • 8th. Juli-Madison.

  • 8th. Juli-Ai: The Somnium Files Paradise Effort.
  • 8th. Juli-formula bit auto racing dx.
  • 8th. Juli incredibly disobedience.
  • 9. Juli-Gangsta Magic.

  • 6. Juli-Rush Rally Origins.

  • 6. July-Cursed Island.
  • 7. July overrogue.
  • 7. Juli matchpoint tennis championships.
  • 8th. Juli-Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series.
  • 8th. Juli-Madison.
  • 8th. Juli-Ai: The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative.
  • 8th. Juli-formula bit auto racing dx.

the most vital new Nintendo Switch games.

neglect PS Plus and also the Xbox Game Pass!

| PS And also .| Xbox Game Pass .| Xbox Games with Gold **.

The games in the services are generally not all new titles, but you can play them for free away from the subscription prices at no additional charge. They change every month, so they frequently consider the digital stores and also on Xbox Game. We keep you approximately day with the service games.

In enhancement, subscription services provide us a lot more games. We broke up which these are for July 2022 in the adhering to articles:.

Is there something for you this week? .

The vivid hero shooter can be played alone or cooperatively as a group of 4 in the PvP or PVE. If you want to understand even more concerning Arcadegeddon, which is likewise included in July as a PS Plus bonus offer video game, appearance in the complying with article. There we discuss the game to you again:

The games in the solutions are normally not brand name brand-new titles, yet you can play them for complimentary away from the subscription expenses at no added charge. We keep you up to date with the service games.

Unwell joke: Elden-ring players troll the vapor

Hard to believe, yet true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Steam as one of the finest video games for leisure.

Elden Ring comes to be a leisure game

Vapor is a capital for PC players! In the sea of big smash hit titles as well as tiny indie games, however, it is not so simple to maintain a summary. Consequently, Steam introduced the tags time ago. This function allows customers to designate different terms to the games so that interested gamers can much better evaluate a computer game unknown to him.

The custom tags for The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim are, as an example, Open World, RPG, Adventure as well as Solitary gamer. There are also extra unique tags. These include female major personality or excellent soundtrack.

Now click on such a day or go into the search bar, Then you get all games from Heavy steam with a matching tag. And now we pertain to the real gag.

you can not trust the neighborhood tag

If you proactively look for to unwind , after that you enter enhancement to soothe games like The Sims 4 or Stardew Valley, also from-software Elden Ring:

It was specifically this reality that leads the players to the crisp RPG in rows with the day leisure. ** Certainly, someone shouldn’t really approach this wrong day, however that wasn’t the objective behind it.

Instead, such a procedure represents the regular Web wit **, as is exercised on pages such as 9gag or Reddit everyday. Whether this gag has actually succeeded or otherwise, everybody can determine on their own. The reality is strange.


The customized tags for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are, for instance, Open World, RPG, Adventure and also Solitary player.

Hard to believe, but true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Heavy steam as one of the finest games for leisure. For this factor, Vapor presented the tags some time earlier. ** This function allows individuals to appoint various terms to the video games so that interested players can better analyze a video game unidentified to him.

The soulslike is anything but relaxing as well as, many thanks to its high level of difficulty, is thought about a real obstacle that calls for a certain level of aggravation resistance. Or to place it another way: fanatic as well as broken controller are not unusual at Elden Ring.

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