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Guide for novice simulator of the Roblox gas station – tips and recommendations on the simulator of a gas station

Roblox Gas Station Simulator is an experience in which you work as an employee of the gas station in the wilderness. You work in various roles as a cleaner, clerk, refueling or manager to maintain the general maintenance of the business, while satisfying the requirements of numerous customers. Thus, many beginners or new players may have several questions, for example, how to quickly make money or what role to choose. In this leadership, we will analyze all the basic tips and recommendations that you must follow in order to get maximum profit in the simulator of the Roblox gas station.

The best tips and recommendations for beginners for the RobLox gas station simulator

To maintain a stable profit, you need to work quickly and diligently. This means replenishing the shelves, the purchase of consumables, washing windows, managing accounts and performing other tasks. If you are a newcomer in the simulator of the Roblox gas station or just want to conduct your business for as long as possible, read the following tips and recommendations!

How to receive the money

It is quite simple to earn money in the simulator. For each completed task, you earn some money that are added to your wallet. Tasks include refueling, scanning, replenishment of stocks and cleaning. If you want to make money quickly, do as many tasks as possible per day. You must also invest in character improvements to speed up your gameplay and get additional earnings.

how to pay bills

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a tab that displays the total amount of gas stations. Bank balance and total account amount . Your goal will always be that the bank balance number is higher than the amount of your account, otherwise you will encounter impending bankruptcy . If your bank balance is lower than the amount of your account, the game ends with the bankruptcy of your gas station. Fortunately, you do not need to complete a specific task to pay the bill, since it automatically comes from your bank.

how to reduce accounts

The reduction in the amount of your account is crucial for making profitable profit. To reduce the accounts, make sure that turn off in air conditioning as well as lights every night when there are no customers. AC and light switches can be found inside office . In addition, at the initial stage, do not buy too much electrical equipment, such as heated trays and refrigerators, as they consume electricity and increase the account amount.

How to save your game

In the simulator of the Roblox gas station, the skills and improvement of your character are automatically preserved when playing on an accidental server. The ability to save the game manually is available only on private servers. If you want to maintain your progress on a private server, just click on the button, save the game button in the lower right corner of the screen.

how to retire

Pension increases the commission and the experience that you earn for completing tasks in exchange for improvement and character levels. After reaching 20 level in any role (janitor, manager, refueling or clerk), you will get the opportunity to abandon this role to increase commission and experience you make money, completing tasks related to this role. You will also get the third unique attribute for each role that you abolish. After the 20th level, you will have the opportunity to retire every 10 levels.

How to improve your character

It is strongly recommended to invest in improving the characteristics of the character, such as scanning speed and the amount of daily wages. To improve your character, just go to the improvement stations located right at the pantry. Some of the most useful updates include the chance of a double charge , scan , daily wages and scanning speed .

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How to quickly make money in the simulator of Roblox refueling

The Roblox gas station simulator is an excellent cooperative symbol game in which you control a gas station in the desert, where there is no land, and build it from scratch. Painting the station for customers, help them refuel their cars and continue to modernize your station in an updated, successful business. Better yet, this is the perfect game for a party with friends! You can play with nine friends, working together to manage the station and earn money for business and in your own pockets! This is how you earn money faster and more efficiently!


perform working tasks

The easiest way to make money is to complete your working tasks at the station. The contribution to the business helps you receive a fair share of wages. You can complete several tasks to make money: register , refueling , stocking and cleaning . Be aware of these tasks, and you will see that your funds and funds of the station are growing steadily.

Get your bonus

You can also quickly continue to accumulate your funds by requesting your bonus. $ 5 Each 300 seconds . Although this does not seem so big, the longer you play the game, the more money you will continue to save. After some time, these payments in the amount of $ 5 can be a huge amount!

upgrade your character

Another great way to make sure that you will earn as much money as possible is updating Your character is sequentially. hanger down the station and right opposite the freezer you can update your statistics. The best upgrades that help with money are your daily wages and your The chance of a double charge . You will have to spend some money to get these updates, but they will help you achieve more in the future. Increasing the level of your skills through consistent work on the same task will also help increase these amounts.

To play with friends

Game with friends will help you get more money faster. Why? Because you do commission from each friend on the server with you! If you want to earn a lot of money, try to invite friends to join you by clicking on the Friends button button in the lower right corner of the screen and pressing the button button named User.

become a manager

Finally, you can also think about becoming a business manager. It costs a little robux or become a manager who once on the server or buy a gamepass who will automatically make you a manager forever and ever. Managers are responsible for the purchase of improvements, items and all important details for the station, but they also more money with each salary!

These are just a few ways of quick earnings in the simulator of refueling! What methods do you prefer to use to increase your earnings? Let us know in the comments below!

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