The Nintendo Switch Online subscriber -only event “Ichizuki Trial” will be held from 12:00 on May 30 to 17:59 on June 6. The target title this time is the 2D action game “ Terraria “, which is deployed in Japan by Re-Logic spike Chun software. During the event period, you can play the product version for free. Furthermore, save data in “Ichizuki Trial” can be handed over to the product version.

“Terraria” is a sandbox -type 2D action game set in a world built in a blockable/installed block. Most of the visible objects can be destroyed, cut down the trees on the ground with an ax, dig the ground, destroy the stones with vine. It is also possible to use the supplies you have obtained to create a house or base, or create equipment and items using facilities. The Nintendo Switch version “Terraria” has a touch screen function and can play in table mode. Online supports up to eight multiplayer.

In this work, there are a variety of combat with various enemies, such as flocking monsters such as slime, zombie, and worms, and a terrible and powerful boss, such as the approaching meat wall, the eyes of Cthulhu, and the brain. In the case of battle, you can use blocks that can be installed. In order to make the boss fighting, it is also possible to take a unique sandbox -like strategy, such as installing long scaffolds and trolley rails in the air. In addition, a large free update is repeated, and a very rich element is implemented in the game. Occasionally, it is the real pleasure of this work to adventure in the vast world to update the equipment.

In addition, the large update Ver.1.4 “Journey’s END”, which had been long -awaited for console distribution, has been distributed on February 17 to the domestic PS4/Nintendo Switch version. In this update, a new highest difficulty “Master Mode” that exceeds the advanced mode has been added, and a new “Journey Mode” has appeared. In this mode, the researched items can be duplicated unlimitedly. In addition, players can always change various settings, such as world weather, time passage speed, enemy strength and spong rate. Therefore, it is a mode that allows the player to customize the game experience.

Other major additional elements include “Ikimo no Zukan”, which records enemies, friends, and Ikimono you have met during your journey, and “golf” elements that are ideal for changing your mind. Golf supplies can be purchased from NPC golfers. In addition, new NPC characters have appeared, and pet NPCs have been added. In addition, the NPC’s “Kofuku” system, which is determined where and who lives with, has been introduced.

In addition, a pylon that can be installed at the base and the like is added, enabling fast travel between bases. In addition, new weapons, armor, furniture, etc. were added, visual improvement, gameplay elements, and game balance adjustments were also implemented.

In addition, the latest update was collaborated with “Don’T Starve Together”, which was released on May 11, which was released on May 11. World seeds inspired by the constrant, the stage of the work, have been added. You can play by inputting “THECONSTANT” as a seed when the world is generated.

The Nintendo Switch version of “Terraria” will be held from 12:00 on May 30 to 17:59 on June 6. To play, you need to join Nintendo Switch Online. You can play Nintendo Switch Online even during the 7 -day free trial period.

In addition, from 12:00 on May 30 to 23:59 on June 13, the sale of this work will be held. It will be sold for 50 % off for 2090 yen. This work cannot be played at all in one week. However, it is possible to take over the progress of the game in the trial to the product version. If you like it, you should buy it on sale at a great price.