Gianni Infantinos World Cup plans meet with his IOC colleagues on resistance. Three members of the International Olympic Committee spoke on the 139th session of the Rings-Organization vehemently against the project of the FIFA President, to develop the World Cup every two years. Infantino, according to Ioc President Thomas Bach, canceled his journey to Beijing, Bach wanted to give him the “forward comments”.

Mustapha Berraf, President of the National Olympic Committees of Africa, said, Infantinos Plan “would cause immeasurable damage and endanger the sport overall”. Nenad Lalovic, President of the Ringer World Association and Ryu Seung-Min, Table Tennis Olympic Champion of 2004, criticized Infantino. “The football should work solidarically with other sports and international associations,” said South Korean Ryu.

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The Swiss Infantino had recently taken care of outrage when he defended his plans for a World Cup in the two-year rhythm in front of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. “We have to give the Africans hope so they no longer have to come across the Mediterranean to find a better life or, more likely, death in the sea,” he said. The FIFA declared later, Infantino was “misinterpreted”.