Beyond a Viking etching of hack-y-slash, Vinland Saga is, in essence, a story about how to find peace at a time when the war queen supreme war.


Leif’s stories about a land that has not been touched by man’s disputes, a Valhalla on Earth, give Thor’s and Throwing the hope of new beginnings after their revelations against violence, but also have many questions: ¿
Is real Vinland in Vinland Saga?
We sail the seas in search of the answer so that you do not have to do it.

The truth about Vinland, explained

The idyllic and Vinland utopia described by Leif is very real., But as everything in life, it comes with its own complications and warnings.
Vinland is a treacherous oceanic trip of weeks in a land without established resources, a world of distance in an unexplored territory with its own dangers.
In his now legendary explorations, Leif ran into a giant earth mass full of ripe fruits and wavy plains.
Here, he built a cabin for himself and discovered that he was not completely intact, but was home to the native tribes known as the NU.
Leif, being the diplomatic traveler who is, became friends with the inhabitants and returned to Greenland with stories and goods as proof of his expedition.
Vinland itself is what we know today as Terra nova and Labrador de Canada, the most northeastern province in the country and the first natural landing point for any traveler who sailed from Greenland, as did the Nordic explorer of real life Leif Erikson around
year 1000.
More than a chimera, after meeting with Leif, the search to establish a new life in Vinland becomes the driving motivation of Throwing and his partner in the last parts of the manga and opens a completely new chapter of redemption for the once Fer oz Guerrero
as struggle to accept his violent past and his Pacific future.

That is the answer to whether Vinland is real or not in Vinland Saga.
As season 2 continues to develop, be sure to see more about this anime in the links below.
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