Form case for Magdeburg? No! The leader had to settle against undertaking Havelse at the end with a lean 1: 1. And that, though Bell Bell had met early for the FCM. A dream expression of Damer caused a good 20 minutes before the end for disillusionment.

Speaking Freely: Bell Hooks

Seven-Tore Spectacle in Duisburg

The compensation almost also shiny the 1st FC Saarbrücken, which led 4: 1 in Duisburg. The MSV, who had a variety of opportunities in the second pass, but thanks to Joker Bouhaddouz, but again, who initiated the final offensive with his second goal (80th). But more than ademis hits to 3: 4 (88.) did not jump out because FCS-Keeper Batz responded twice to glossy. Saarbrücken remains at the front of the front, Duisburg in the table cellar with two counters behind behind the first non-absorbance place.

Meppen loses again

Meppen wanted to rehabilitate for the 0: 4 for the start of the year in the pursuit duel in Kaiserslautern, but the failed – 1: 3 ended the game against Zwickau. The FSV made all goals because Nkansah met at the interim 1: 1 into his own goal. The swans are made up of the descent ranks.