A game system called ‘Father of PlayStation’ Kan Outrage revealed a skeptical gaze for the new keyword Metabus, which is attracting attention to the first half of the society.

UTA Ken is a former chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment and CEO, PS2, PSP, and PS3. After retiring from Sony in 2007, it is currently being served as a CEO of Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup ‘Ascent Robotics’.


He said to the ‘Metabus’ keyword in the interview with the US Economic Media Inn Bloomberg. He says that they are not to integrate reality and virtual areas, as they are common, as they are often talking about met abuses. It is the claim that it is not important to root the real world than anything else.

Then, if you want to be a sophisticated virtual avatar, not really yourself, this is essentially different from an anonymous bulletin board, It is not different from an anonymous bulletin board site, and Using a VR headset to interact with the meta bus will be different from the real world I can not agree with it, he said.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s CEO, Merton Marcus, agreed to the interviews with UTA Ken and Bloomberg, and Great Wisdom) was also a flat. Merton Musk CEO also said, There is no contextual example of the use of the VR of VR, and it does not meet the expectations of the users, he has revealed a negative gaze for the metabus.